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    Greetings and salutations my fellow Idol fans!!! The final five compete tonight performing Neil Diamond tunes. This should be really interesting since Mr. Diamond's library of songs is vast and varied in style. The contestants will sing two Neil songs each, with two seperate phone numbers to dial for each contestant.

    Ryan Seacrest opens the show encouraging people to Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

    The top five soon emerge from backstage to perform while Ryan goes into a brief narration about Neil Diamond and his music. And I must say, the five contestants are an absolutely adorable group.

    The contestants are to each be judged after their second songs.

    JASON CASTRO is up first, performing 'Forever in Bluejeans' and I thought it was--sweet. Mild. Powerful it was not and I don't think it's a 'keeper' performance. But he is absolutely adorable.

    DAVID COOK sings next, performing 'I'm Alive' and from the first note of his guitar, I know his spin is killer!!!! I love this guy!! He has the totally right voice to bring home a Neil Diamond song. This kid is going to soar--I can feel it!! I'm alive from this one, baby!!!

    BROOK WHITE sings 'I'm a Believer' and I kept waiting for Shrek to run on to the stage-- IMO this song is just a tad too goofy for this competition. But her performance is respectably solid and upbeat. This is probably the right kind of song for Brook. She looked much more relaxed and in her element on this one. And I think the guitar works better than the piano for our Miss Brook.

    DAVID ARCHULETA up next, singing 'Sweet Caroline' and I think the song, was a little too grown up for our little David. He actually reminded me of a lttle kid imitating an adult. I thought it was a little pitchy, and frankly, it was my least favorite David A. performance of the season.

    SYESHA MERCADO selected 'Hello Again' and I think she performed it very sweetly. She controls her instrument beautifully; she knows precisely when to hold back and when to give it her all. And she looked stunning.


    JASON CASTRO up again, singing 'September Morning' and again, it's a mild, sweet performance but not strong. There was no kick it up moment, and a tad dull. Snoozers for me on this one.

    DAVID COOK next, singing "All I Really Need Is You ' and from the first note, his spin is amazing, especially if your familiar with this song. And once again, he hits one out of the park. He is the only one in this competition who is consistently turning in GREAT performances. It will be a travesty if he doesn't win this competition. And Paula says, "I feel like I'm already looking at the American Idol" and all of a sudden... I like her again!!! She's not so stupid after all!! And Simon declares this performance brilliant! Bravisimo David!!!!!

    BROOK WHITE sings her second song,performing 'I Am, I Said' at the piano. And I think this song was a nice choice for her--sweet with a little power, and overall she did a very respectable job with it. This particular song has alot of highs and lows, and is difficult to perform. She did it justice.

    DAVID ARCHULETA next, singing 'America' and this poor kid seems to be losing a little steam tonight, especially in the in the beginning of the song but then he really, majorly turned it around and brought it home!! It was a great selection--almost tailor made just for him. Once again Simon's candid advice resonates-- it is all about the song choice.

    SYESHA MERCADO closes the show, performing 'Thank the Lord for the Night Time' and I thought she started the song too fast. But then she got into the gospel sounding, soulful edge of the song, and I really liked it. She was having a great time and sang it powerfully, but with ease at the same time. Randy is dead on right, Syesha belongs in this!!! It's funny, but Paula mentioned Corrine Bailey Rae, and I was thinking of her when Syesha was singing.

    Keep in mind that even though Neil Diamond songs are mainstream and pop, they are VERY difficult songs to sing. But just remember, if you didn't pick up on one of the 62 million plugs, us kiddies can download our favorite performance of the evening from ITunes!!!

    Well, that's it for me kids, time for bed! Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!

    Stay tuned, and I'll see you tomorrow!!


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    First of all, forgive me for being 100% wrong in my preview post. I assume now I must have been reading someone elses choices for the contestants.

    As for the actual songs, this whole show was way too rushed. The songs seemed more like clips than songs. Not enough of any song to really get a good feel for how they did them. The songs were rushed, and there was no breather time between them. I would rather see each contestant sing one full song, than two clips.

    Tonight I am giving out grades. But I am grading on a curve. No one really blew me away tonight.

    Jason -
    "Forever In Blue Jeans" was a good song choice for him, but there was nothing spectacular about the way he sang it.(C)
    "September Morn" was nicely sung, and his voice is pretty, but he hit a lot of sour notes.(C) He just sounded like any average guy getting up and singing a song. And at this point in the game, he needs to be better than that.

    Cook -
    "I'm Alive" started off in too low a register for him. His voice had a dead quality about it in the beginning. As the song picked up, he sounded better. But overall, not that great.(C)
    His second song, "All I need is You", was much better, and more within his range.(A)

    Brooke -
    "I'm a Believer" was too low for her, but her attitude was great. She was like the forgotten Brady sibling! (C)
    "I Am I Said" was very well done!(A) Good job Brooke and no pouty face!

    Archuleta -
    "Sweet Caroline" Great job. Not as good a Neil, but good.(A-)
    "America" Another great job! (A-)
    I am not a fan of the runs. Every song doesn't HAVE to be R&B. Why do so many of the contestants think that more runs makes it better? Without the runs, I would have given him A's.

    Syesha -
    "Hello Again" Excellent! (A)
    "Thank the Lord for the Night Time" Pretty good but kind of boring. (B)

    Paula - (F) Tonight she proved just how out of it she is! Judging Jason before he even sings the second song! I am pretty sure she can't see the future - she can barely see the present clearly. So was she basing her critique on his rehearsal? That was embarrassing for her and miserably uncomfortable for everyone else. "Good try" to Simon for attempting to bail her out with the suggestion she pick a favorite. Too bad she continued blabbing her opinions. Hey Paula, no one's listening anymore, since you just proved to us YOU are not even paying attention. And you cheat!

    Someone needs to put in a call to Judges-R-Us and order a replacement. Paula is broken and no longer functioning properly.

    I imagine Syesha, who can do no right, will be voted off this week. I don't think she deserves to go, but she seems to have no fans to back her up. I think Brooke and Jason should be the bottom 2, but they also have fans to vote them through. I hope this isn't one of those weeks where the voters think the good ones are safe and focus all their power voting on the lesser ones, causing the wrong one to get voted off. I am thankful at least, that we don't have to wait a week for the results.

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    ...hey what was it with her-I mean that was so off the wall and Simon rushed in to cover for her-was she high or what?

    OK yes the songs were not as discussed, but I wanted to say that I feel Syesha also gets a bad wrap. She is lovely looking a solid singer, great dress sense and apart from wearing no shoes, always looks great. I think she is underrated.

    Brooke did do the second song justice-but playing the piano and doing the Carly Simon/Carole King thing is really her style.

    I thought David Cooke's second song tonight was excellent and could actually be recorded right now it was so up to date.

    I feel that IF the people could actually chose their own songs they would be able to showcase themselves more consistently.

    I wish Jason had chosen something a little more suitable for his style - Play Me, or You don't send me flowers would have been better choices.

    I agree that David A, although brilliant really for 17, looks more like a musical actor type-I could see him doing "Oliver", but he has a great voice.

    I too thing Syesha will probably be the one to go, but who knows? It actually could be Jason,depends on the fan club,he could make money just standing there let's face it, he is so nice to look at! although he is cute as cute but others have gone who were good too.

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    was Syeshia. But, I'd have liked to see her wearing shoes.
    She's a beautiful, talented girl.

    Paula's predicament was soooo embarrassing for everyone involved. She really made such a fool of herself. I hardly feel sorry for her. Maybe she should call it a day.

  5. kjade

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    Everyone has their own opinions - if we all liked the same person, it would make for a rather boring show, right?

    I did not think ANYONE was any good tonight (even Jason)....they were all very boring - I did not feel they did those songs well at all!

    That said....that IDIOT Paula SERIOUSLY needs her walking papers....NOW!! She made such a complete fool of herself - she is a TOTAL joke!! What she did to Jason (& I am not just saying this cause I love him) was TOTALLY unacceptacle, and the people running that show did a HORRIBLE job of covering up her drug-induced stupidity!! Did you see her eyes? HELLO......

    I know no one here likes Jason like I do ( one in my circle does either - except my children) but he did NOT deserve what happened tonight! He has more CLASS in his pinky finger than Paula or Randy have between the 2 of them!!

    Simon was right......Jason was not himself (& I know why but I cannot say) - but Idiot's big FLUB needs to be explained and she must make an apology to Jason.....totally uncalled for!! I now truly believe the show is rigged. (but I still voted like a mad woman on a mission!!)
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    You are right Kjade! That had to shake Jason up to some degree, hearing a negative judgment before he had even begun. Paula should apologize to him. She should have already, right on the spot!

    I want to clear something up, for your sake. I like Jason. I always have. He has a unique style and has had some exceptional performances. Unfortunately, he has had some not so good ones too. I just don't think this venue is right for him. I prefer his style over the others, but I think there are some more talented at singing live. Cook is a natural and seems to lack any sense of nervousness. The stage in front of millions is his friend.

    I mentioned last week that some of these kids will do well in the studio where the setting is more laid back than this. I just listened to Jason's studio versions of Over the Rainbow, Michelle and Memory on youtube, and I was right. They were beautiful and flawless. I would buy his CD right now!

    I don't think he will win this thing, but I believe he will be another Clay Aiken, in that he will be super successful on his own. This guy has WAY too many fans to fade away into oblivion. The record companies would be idiots not to cash in on this ready-made idol! Girls and women around the country are ready to stand by him even when he doesn't do so well. Could you imagine the money that could be made when he has a CD of studio polished songs?

    I have also made fun of Brooke a lot here. But everything I said about Jason applies to her too. She has a beautiful voice and probably has great studio versions too. She just isn't comfortable in this setting.

    Today I came across an article about how the AI people are getting viewer comments about what should change. I filled the thing out and really held back nothing. It felt good. Then there was some kind of malfunction and there was no way to send the thing!

    But one of my suggestions was to get rid of Paula and replace her with someone who is actually willing to give an honest critique instead of an ego pumping. She's spaced out, takes up too much of Simons portion of the time, makes no sense, and is just generally a joke.

    Tonight was unforgivable. I can only compare it to The Wizard Of Oz, when we saw the man behind the curtain. Did she have her comments prepared in advance???? I certainly hope not! Was she reading ahead to David Cooks comments? If so, that was a an unprofessional screwup. Either way, she needs to be let go and replaced by someone who is drug free and willing to do the job of judging - good or bad.

    Its a talent competition, not a fashion show. We don't care if she thinks they look good. That has nothing to do with it. I personally don't want to hear about colors and rainbows, and "being you". I just want to hear a professional critique of their singing. If they suck, I want to hear that.

    Now I feel better that someone heard my Paula rant.

    But you're right. Jason did not deserve that. And I agree that this was not a good night for any of them. I expected more, especially this close to the finals, but it was just kind of blah on everyones part.

    This has been a good year of contestants, but I am waiting to be blown away. Like when Fantasia did "Summertime"... that brought me to tears! I am ready for someone to make me cry!
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    After thinking about this some more, I think the only fair thing to do is have a non-elimination week. Paula's screwup may have effected Jason's performance. If he gets sent home, for any reason, his fans will be furious and the show will lose a lot of viewers. It will be blamed on Paula and viewed as unfair.

    This may be one of those times they use their powers as "the keepers of the secret voting results" and make a few alterations. They can't let Jason go after Paula's major screw up. So will they change the votes if he comes in last? (Nobody would know. The votes are secret.)

    But we would suspect.

    That wouldn't be fair. And people are already discussing online the possibility of them changing the results. No matter who goes, it will be blamed on Paula. Which brings us back to my first statement.

    The only fair thing to do, and the only way for AI to save face, is to declare a non-elimination week. The only one going home should be Paula.

    In any game, sport or competition, a blunder like this would be considered a foul. AI is in the final stretch and this is a pretty serious competition for millions of people. Especially those 5 kids on stage! I hope the producers choose to to the fair thing.
  8. tandy

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    I did'nt watch last nights show.
    I went to the casino to see Englebert Humperdink~

    Love that guy!!

    Idol will show enough clips of last nights performenaces on tonights show.

    as long as David Cooks safe,... I'm happy.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member I said and this coming from an "oldie" he could stand still in a glass boothe and still be great!!! He is the most unusually charming/good looker.

    Someone mention Paula is in pain. She looked rather drugged up. Did you see Simon restrain her and take over?

    She is trying to be nice but the whole idea of the panel is to be constructive, and she just babbles.

    One of the things I think is all wrong is making these kids sing songs that were written 20 years before they were born-I enjoy them, but the people who buy popular singers these days are mainly 10 to 35. Maybe we need a younger panel?

    I suspect Syesha will be the one to go although I think she has a talent and star quality about her. I think Brooke really is uncomfortable except behind the piano and she lacks the poise of a star. Surely the star quality has to buy in to the whole pic-there are tons of great singers out there, but it HAS to be the whole package to make a star.

    Love Annie
  10. joyfully

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    Jason relies waaaay too much upon his looks. I also noticed LAST week that the guest judge made a comment about Jason is going to do what he wants no matter what someone suggests that he should do. That comment from the guest judge told me alot about Jason. I think record companies are going to have some head-butting with him. This is not a good thing.


    DAVID ARCHULETA. The wardrobe people need to help him come up with clothing a little less "gee golly whiz" Mayberry RFD.

    When he chooses a song that he is able to really hold onto some of the notes, that young man has a real quality in his voice.

    It just concerns me that he is genuinely innocent and doesn't have the life-experience how to handle the recording business yet. It is a tough dog-eat-dog business.



    I can see this happening. They are given one sheet of paper. I'm guessing there weren't separate sections for each of the remaining contestants. She wrote down everyone's critics in one box. That is how she managed to give all 5 contestants critics to the first contestant.

    Life happens. How many of us have FM fog. I could see me writing all the comments in one box too. That was a grueling pace last night. We all make mistakes. Boy, I know that I sure do. The difference is, I don't have a million people see me make the mistakes.

    I think she tries hard and is obviously suffering from some physical diseases. The woman sacrificed her body for her career, and now she is paying for it. Yeah, sometimes she is a bit spaced out, but that adds an extra layer to the show. None of us are perfect.

    I just think that she gave all of the comments for all 5 contestants to Jason, the first contestant. Then she realized that she had made a mistake, got nervous and tried to think of an explanation. That is where she took the shovel and dug herself in deeper. (I've done the same thing myself on occasions). You make an error and only make it worse by opening your mouth. Been there, done that, bought the Tshirt, and learned the theme song.

    So she is human. Would you rather have some dried up retired professor who taught music theory at some university sitting up there? Boring.
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    Well, I'm not much of a Neil Diamond fan so I didn't care for most of the songs. I thought David Cook was the only one who did original versions of the songs.

    I actually feel sorry for Paula sometimes, people give her such a hard time. She is known to have physical pain and takes meds. Some days are rougher than others. Could you imagine being in a bad flare and having to look gorgeous and speak coherently on national live television?

    Also, they were so ridiculously rushed last night, it was bad TV. I was wondering if she might have seen the rehearsals and remembered Jason's performance from that, who knows. Anyway, I do think they could have someone more credible as a judge than her....a person who is more specialized in singing, isn't she actually a dance person?

    I'm not very enthusiastic about AI this season, nobody strikes me as being original. David Cook is great and cute, but reminds me of the same style as Daughtrey. David A. seems like he'd do well in musicals....he's like a Clay Aiken clone to me. The voting is a joke, I've never gotten thru this yr.

    I tend to like the singers who are unique, not cookie cutter performers. My 2 favorites from past seasons were Fantasia (altho her style of music she recorded after the show didn't appeal to me) and Taylor Hicks (my #1 soulful fav) who didn't do well after the show. His CDs are really good tho.

    I do have to give them all a ton of credit for performing and rarely seeming nervous. If I had to speak in front of 10 people, I'd be a nervous wreck!!
  12. Cromwell

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    Paula was dxd in 2004 with RSD caused when she was 17 and cheerleading. It is a chronic pain syndrome. However she said she had a lot of surgeries, but is doing fine as of 2004 as all she takes is Embrel now for it.

    I am sorry she has a pain disorder, but I also think that Embrel should not produce spaciness, so who knows maybe it stopped being effective and she is on methadone, which many people with this take. This would explain some of her gaffs.

    Thought I would look around for an answer. She does swing about and move a lot though if she has a lot of pain.

  13. Gingareeree

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    I think her slip up last nite just magnified her detachment from the whole judging process. She gives the same generic critique to everyone every week. Maybe that's why Simon overcritiques, to balance things out! My guess is Syesha will be gone tonite...not that I agree, but she doesn't seem to have the huge fan base as the others.....
  14. tandy

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    my 11 yr old Idol fan says "word is" that Brooke will go home.
    He's usually right. (key word, usually)

    unless Vote for the worse keeps her in.???

    night all :)

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