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    Greetings and salutations my fellow Idol watchers. It's down to the final three, and at this point, your guess is as good as mine. One of our local papers had three so called 'experts' predict who will go home. One said David A., one said Syesha, and the other guessed it, David Cooke!! And this publication will probably pride itself on being right on Thursday morning--LOL....

    Anyway....and awaaaay we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan opened the show by saying hi to the judges, and I must say, Paula looks particularly pretty tonight. Each judge chose a song for the contestants and they in turn will perform a song of their own choosing. They will each perform a third song of the producer's choosing. The three emeged onto the stage, and I must say, the boys look adorable, but Syesha looks amazing!! Holy cow!!

    Paual selected the song 'And So It Goes' by Billy Joel for DAVID ARCHULETA to perform. From the first note, he owned this song, in an ethereal, Josh Groban-like way. It literally brought tears to my eyes. This kid really evokes pure,unadulterated melancholy when he sings. What an amazing power for one so young.

    I absolutely cannot count commercials tonight--got a little bit of the fog tonight. Suffice to say--there's alot of them. But I love, love, love the new Old Navy commercials!!!!

    SYESHA performs next, singing 'If I Ain't Got You' by Alicia Keys, chosen for her by Randy. This is definitely Syesha's kind of song-- starting out slow, building momentum and then bringing it home. But she didn't slam it home--I was waiting for the wow!! from her and it didn't quite happen a la ALicia Keys. Simon was right though, she does look gorgeous!!!

    DAVID COOKE up third, performing Simon's selection for him, Roberta Flack's 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'. When he hit the word 'your' I knew this performance would be kickass!!! And then his famous spin took this song and soared with it!!! He even smiled, because he knew, he just knew, knew, knew!!! Homerun, out of the park, baby!!!! I loved, loved, loved it!! Boo Randy!!!! This is what makes David Cooke who he is--a fantastic, individualist spin on every song he touches.


    DAVID ARCHIULETA next, choosing Chris Brown's 'With You' as his personal selection. Once again, our little David turned in a very respectable performance, but he seemed a tad nervous--I hope that father of his isn't spooking this kid too much. He seemed to relax toward the end of his performance, and of course delivered a wonderfully solid close to the song. It was young and precisely where he's supposed to be. BTW, Simon's tiger/chiuaua(sp?) analogy was borderline ridiculous.

    SYESHA MERCADO up next, chose Peggy Lee's classic 'Fever' to perform-- with a chair no less. She was outside her box with this one, having lots of fun with it. And fun she had!! This was an eclectic choice for her, and she sang it with class but I don't think it totally showcased her range. There were definitely better choices for her.


    DAVID COOKE up next, performing his personal selection, Switchfoot's 'Dare You To Move' and this song is David rocker personified!!! He did his rocker thing to perfection...and I think Paula was right on this one, it just wasn't enough time to showcase his vast rocker range. But I loved it anyway!!

    DAVID ARCHULETA performs Dan Fogelberg's 'Longer' --the producer's choice, and I think it's just a little too sappy and quite frankly, old farty. A pretty song, he did a lovely job..but just too syrupy for me, and then.. we're off to..more commercials!!!

    SYESHA MERCADO sings next, performing producer's choice of Gia Farrell's 'Hit Me Up' and truthfully, I thought it was a poor, frenetic choice--reminded me of a dance recital song. I didn't like it at all. Just too silly. Paula then mentioned that it was from the movie 'Happy Feet', thus explaining the relative silliness of it. Bad choice, plain and simple--but was that Syesha's fault?

    DAVID COOKE sang last, performing producer's choice of Aerosmith's 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing'. I really, really love this song and of course, in typical David rocker style, he knocked it out. I wanted him to slam it out though; I was waiting for that final, insane hit OUT OF THE PARK and it didn't quite happen, but I still have to give David Cooke props as the best overall of the night!!!

    Well, that's it for me kids. Vote!! Vote!! Vote!! Time for bed and I'll see you all tomorrow!!!

    Stay tuned---


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    I watch the show every week but it doesn't hold a candle to your commentaries. I love the way you get right to the point and you have a way of expressing the details that I don't pick up on.

    Keep up the great editorials!

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    I thought the best song of the night was Archuleta's first song, "And So It Goes." Just beautiful! I thought the little guy seemed a lot more relaxed tonight. No heavy nose breathing after the songs... no looking like he was on the verge of tears or loss of consciousness. I think Daddy-free is a good thing for him. The second song was well done, but an odd choice for this late in the show. Not impressive enough. And I agree with Laura. Although the Fogelberg song is nice, it was too old fart, especially when the whole season had been one old fart song after another for all the kids. But he sang it perfectly.

    Syesha looked beautiful as ever! And I thought she did good on all her songs. I thought they were too hard on her, as usual. I wonder how much of that is the judges/producers wanting an all David finale. I thought "Fever" was cool, and a brave choice. And "Hit Me Up"...I liked that too. She is such a performer, with all the moves and the perfect wardrobe to accent her song choices.

    I was shocked when I heard the song Simon chose for David Cook. Beautiful song - always loved it. But how did he ever come up with this for David? Roberta Flack? But DC did a great job with it. By the second song, I was reminded that I am becoming a little bored with him. I still like him....but he is becoming very predictable. Slow seductive start, building to a rocker finish, every time. (I will admit though, I am torn between Davids at this point, and am becoming extra critical.)

    His last song was pretty good, up until that last note. Am I the only one who can hear that that last note, the long one he held out and finished on, was completely off key? I don't know the proper terminology, but the last word, "thing"... started off key, then he slurred it up to a higher note, which sounded better. The "slur" (I'm calling it) was intended, but the first half of it was miserably off pitch.

    But the dude has been flawless all season, so I can dismiss one note. And as usual, he did a good job on all his songs tonight.

    I am just thankful that the choice is NOT up to me. I could never pick. No one has totally blown me away this season. But on the other hand, all 3 of them are great. And with them being so close last week, only a million votes apart, anyone could go.

    I hate the waiting. I am anxious to see who will remain for the final two. I expect Syesha to go next, just because the judges were more critical of her, and she has been in the bottom 2 most of the way here. And the Davids have ruled in the top two spots most of the season. But I am preparing myself to be shocked if it isn't her.

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    David C. has been steadily good, in my opinion. I think he's earned his way to the finish line. And he had the advantage of the final, big number at the close of last night's show. Impressive.

    However, I must admit I just love David A,'s songs. The child can really sing a love song. He has no rocker appeal, but for a kid to sing those beautiful old sentimental songs the way he does shows talent. He is memorable and we will see more of him, I believe.

    That's the opinion of this old fart. :)

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    I loved David C's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". He sang it to his mother which could be why he was so emotional. I thought it was a bad choice until he started to sing!

    Laura, even I didn't watch I would have all the details just from your descriptions!

  6. 4everkid

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    True Kina. It's apples and oranges at this point It will come down to song choice's, fan base size and fan dedication. If it ends up with the 2 Davids, either could win, and either would be deserving.

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