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    Greetings and salutations my fellow Idol fans. I can't believe we're down to the David/David showdown. It's going to be a tough competition, but isn't that just what it should be in the home stretch? Afterall, nobody likes a shoe-in. And without further ado.....and awaaaay we go!!!!

    Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved the introduction of our two contestants a la Rocky. What a fun, imaginative, upbeat way to open the show!!

    Ryan Seacrest/Kermit (I never tire of saying that!) welcomes the crowd and explains the format of the show for the evening--three songs each. At this point, after interviewing Jim Lampley, I'm not sure if the boxing format is going to be tired and overdone by the end of the show. I hope not...

    When the two contestants emerge onto the stage, Ryan begins bantering with each David, asking them how they prepared for the evening's show. I'm glad Paula suggested to the boys to enjoy the process. And in reference to Simon's comment that they should hate each other as much as possible in order to win, I do not think it is humanly possible for these two guys to hate each other. No way. Never.

    DAVID COOK (I finally got the spelling right--nobody ever mentioned that!) performs first, singing U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'. His initial spin was hauntingly mellow and he initially held back, and picked up momentum, in true Cook style, in the latter part of the song. But he saved his typical WOW factor til the very, very, very end of the song!! Talk aboout on the edge of my seat!!

    DAVID ARCHULETA up next, singing Elton John's 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'...and it's a masterpiece from the first note, and I heard Elton John himself sing this song in person last year!! Believe me, little David did it justice. Flawless. Velvet, baby!!!! And once again, like a broken record, I'm going to say it....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SONG SELECTION!!!!! Leave it to a master like Clive Davis to select the 'master piece' for our little David. And you've just gotta love this sweet kid..

    The boxing theme is getting tired...okay, now..

    DAVID COOK returns to the stage, performing 'Dream Big' and right out of the gate, he's in true rocker mode--totally at ease with his own performance. He knows he's in a good place with this one, and he soars--hitting all the right notes in all the right places with perfectly timed precision and bringing it home like a true rockstar!! I loved it! Paula was so right, he took a song many of us didn't know and made us really like it. Isn't that the true essence of a perfect performer? To make us love that which we are not familiar with?

    DAVID ARCHULETA returns to the stage next, performing 'In This Moment'. I really don't like this song at all, but little David performed it very nicely--did the most you could do with this song. It displayed his range, but to me it's a bit of an old farty/cowboy song. Innappropriate, in my opinion, for our little youthful David.

    At this point, I am a little upset with Simon announcing, once again, "This round goes to David Archuleta too." I think such announcements should be reserved for the end of the show, because David Cook has to perform after Simon's announcement, and it could throw his confidence. Not fair and unnecessary. Maybe that's him just covering his a**, since he so bluntly declared on Leno last night that David Cook should win, will win this competition. Anyway, back to the show...

    DAVID COOK onstage to perform his last song of the competition, performing 'The World I Know' by Collective Soul. I love this selection!!! Boy can he sing this song--I feel lost in his words, and I love it!! I know this song, and I'm waiting for the slam out of the park, and here it comes....HE KICKS FINAL ROUND A**...and he never once gave up who he was...never once through this whole competition... and I love that about him. His beautiful eyes say it all. BOOO SIMON...........and I loved David's response to Simon, when he suggested that David should have done something like 'Billy Jean' again. David said something like, "This competition was about personal growth, why do something I've already done?"

    DAVID ARCHULETA out for the final performance of the night, performing 'Imagine'. Before I even hear it, I just feel it may be a good selection for him, and he just might soar with it. But in my opinion, he did not. I thought the beginning was a little pitchy and uneven, and I thought the arrangement was weaker than it could of been. Overall, it was a respectable performance, but in my opinion, not great.

    The show closed with a quick recap of each contestants three songs and a final performance by the original teddy bear himself, Ruben Studdard singing 'Please Celebrate Me Home' and a film montage of the two David's as well as the other contestants of the season. What a beautiful, upbeat way to end tonight's show.

    Well, this is usually where I sign off, but before I do, I wanted to just let all of you know, based on some research I did today, prior to tonight's performance, approximately 75% of polls project David Cook as the winner. And there were numerous reasons given for this but I think what needs to be strongly considered is that AI and the powers that be do not want to go down AGAIN a la Daughtry. They can't change the actual votes (we think), but they can attempt to sway HOW people vote--and they've done this in a number of ways, among them giving Cook the so called 'pimp spot', preferable producer's song selection, etc. Cook is in a more formative position to go out, record a rock album, and win some Grammys (and thus adulation for AI) a la Daughtry. I don't so much see that in the immediate future for Archuleta. And because he's a minor, I can't see the AI powers that be wanting to deal with the likes of Papa Archuleta for the next year. Can you blame them for that though?

    However, based on tonight's performances, it's still anybody's guess. Oh, and one other thing I noticed--Cook seems so brotherly like and protective of little David, I think he would actually be almost relieved to lose so he won't have to comfort a distraught little David. And that innate kindness is one of the many factors that makes our man Cook as great as he he conveys emotion into song.

    Anyway, that is just a few of my ideas on the subject..I could go on and on. And now I am really exhausted!! Time for bed kiddies and please remember to tune in tomorrow night. Til then, I'll be on the edge of my seat!!

    Stay tuned!!! VOTE!!!VOTE!!!VOTE!!!


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    I thought the whole boxing theme was cheesy from the git-go...except for the opening announcement. These two are not rivals, in the "I'm gonna take you down" sense. I imagine they are more like best friends at this point.

    I have been dreading this moment for half the season. I like BOTH Davids, each for their own style. They are both equally mega-talented, and both equally deserving of the winning spot. Yet so very different. While Cook is loaded with charisma, Archuleta is irresistibly adorable. Apples and oranges, steak and seafood, Coke and all comes down to a matter of personal taste and number of dedicated voting fans.

    Based on tonight alone, if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to make a choice, while dangling my firstborn off a cliff, I personally think Archuleta had the edge tonight. That's based entirely on how I thought they did (and not on Simon and Randy's remarks.) But I love Cook too!!!! No matter what happens tomorrow night, I will be both thrilled for the winner and crushed for the second place winner. (there are no losers here!)

    Can there be a tie? Say they both got within 1000 votes of each other... Could we just have two winners?

    I ask this because I believe Cook has more fans. He has been ahead in the polls for quite a while. But now, with Randy and Simon declaring Archuleta the winner, it may level things out. It's going to be a very close race!

    And speaking of that..... I feel that at this point in the competition, the judges should follow Paula's example (yes, you read that correctly) and just congratulate the boys for making it to the final two, and tell them what a great job they did. I think the viewers should be allowed to listen and judge for themselves, without having their thoughts tainted with the judges opinions. I felt it was wrong to declare anyone a winner of a round, or the best of the night. It's ok to think it, but not ok to voice it at this point, not even at the end.

    When you watch the Miss America contest for example, you would NEVER see a judge stand up in the middle of the swimsuit competition and declare, "Miss Vermont is smokin' hot! She's the winner!" Both Davids deserve a level playing field when the phone lines open up.

    May the best David win!

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    been reading your posts - we get the programme behind you in UK.

    I like little David but I do think David Cook has the better voice. However little David scores on 'cute' points and may win because of this.

    It's been good reading your take on the programme.

  4. Kathleen12

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    Though they are both fantistic musicians, I am hoping that Archuleta will win this. I think he has a more natural and puerer voice. I like Cook's music style and choices better, but I can not bring myself to like him as a person. He appears to be friendly to Archuleta, but I feel it is more of a condesending tone. Cook thinks he has this wrapped up and that he is already the winner. He is trying to be humble but I think he is falling short there. Just my humble opinion....

    But if I were putting money on this, I'd put it on Cook. The judges should keep their mouths shut about winning the rounds. That by itself is going to sway alot of voters. Who knows.....we'll see tonight, though.
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    …that the winner will be…..


  6. Greenbean7

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    My fav is Cook but I think David A will win based simply on his appeal to the younger crowd who probably spent last night bruising their dialing fingers.

    I don't believe David A is picking his own songs and even though he sings them well I think he needs confidence in himself to pick the songs he wants to sing. I understand he is only 17 but he is about to step out into the big wide world and he needs to be prepared. His voice is beautiful but even when he sings more current songs he gives me the impression he is singing them "older", more like Sinatra.

    I think Cook is more marketable and original and should win on talent. But since at this point this is actually a popularity contest, not a singing contest, David A will probably take it.

    BTW loved the boxing theme!

  7. tandy

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    Those judges were cruel again last night!!

    I love both guys/singers, but for me,... its cookie~
    I just like his syle of music/looks a little better.

    It was tough getting thru the phone lines last night!
    I'm anxiously awaiting the results in the finale :)
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    Did anyone notice how Simon reversed his opinion about Cook's singing???? He apologized to Cook earlier in the program prior to the results being given.

    I think Simon KNEW the final results, and Simon knew that Cook was going to win. Simon was trying to backstroke.

    The minute Simon apologized to Cook, I thought to myself, "Cook is going to win".

    I was surprised that Archuletta didn't win. It is a shame that Archuletta's Father already has such a reputation. I think no one will do any big negotations with Archuletta until he turns 18.

    Archuletta is just a sweet kid; I question whether he would have been able to handle everything that goes along with touring. He has a beautiful voice and we will be hearing it again---that's for sure!

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