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    Good Evening my fellow Idol watchers. I really am on the edge of my seat tonight--tonight's elimination truly is anyone's guess this evening. Fantasia is scheduled to sing, and no doubt, we will all be in for some surprise tonight. So without further ado.....and awaaay we go!!!!

    Ryan Seacrest/Kermit the Frog opens the show with his usual charmed enthusiasm and our three beloved contestants lined up on stage. I really like a little something about each of these three, and seeing one of them go tonight is going to be rough.

    The top three performed 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' and I loved it!!! Reminds me of my college days!! All three individually showcased what they do best with this song--I particularly loved the way Archuleta opened the song. But did anyone else detect a microphone problem, especially with Syesha? Oh, and David Cooke could work a little on his dancing!!!!!

    COMMERCIALS..snoozers for me, except the Old Navy Commercials..I just love them!! I also enjoyed the Ford 'How Far Is Heaven' commercial a la Cribs.

    Ryan reports 56,000,000 votes last night and then recaps last evening's performance--and I am reminded how much I enjoyed David Cooke's rendition of 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.' I think he owned the night last night, but I won't get too cocky yet-- after all, I do remember our man Daughtry at this point in the competition.

    Fantasia Barrino came out and sang a frenetic, high energy performance of a song which I unfortunately did not catch the name of--sorry guys. She really has come a long way--I was never a huge fan of hers, but I did enjoy this performance--so high energy that Simon actually looked dumbfounded as they cut to......commercials!!!

    Back to the show, DAVID ARCHULETA is called out first. A little flick of hometown, reminding us of how beloved this little cutie is back home. His smile is contagious--how could you not absolutely love this kid??? His brief tearfulness makes him the most endearing kid ever and I am certain quite a few voter's hearts are melting for him. Ryan does a quick recap of David's last evening performances and his AI journey and with long-winded, dramatic flair, after a series of COMMERCIALS (GRRR..) eventually declares our little DAVID ARCHULETA...seated on the sofa....

    SYESHA MERCADO is called out next to recap her visit back home to Sarasota. She was so excited--in her own words, living her dream--to see all of the town's people out there rooting for her and visiting her family was overwhelming for her--you could just tell. She is such a sweetheart--who wouldn't love her??? Ryan continued with the recap of her last evening performances and a retrospective of her AI journey because..she just may be going home tonight...and she too is sent to the sofa..damn, I hate the sofa now....

    Guess who, DAVID COOKE is called out next (see how easy this gets)!! He banters easily with Ryan, and they even bring his brother Andrew up to the stage. The flick takes us back to David's hometown of Blue Springs, Missouri to welcome their favorite son home. And favorite he is--just crazy for him!!! He seems to take it all in his stride, with a natural ease and humility--as if he's really no big deal. Oh, David we know better!!! And I so love the fact that his beloved brother is along for the ride!! A quick recap of his last evening performances and his AI journey because..he may be going home tonight as well, and then Ryan dramatically announces that DAVID COOKE is the sofa as well...Grrr.. hey wait, they're off the sofa and standing in the middle of the stage...and then it's off to... COMMERCIALS!!!

    Excruciatingly, finally, with only five minutes to spare, they're back, and Randy quickly firmly praises all three of them for their talent--ditto for Paula. And Simon wishes for a hum-dinger next week!!

    Without further ado, it's announced that DAVID ARCHULETA will go up against DAVID COOKE next week, and that SYESHA MERCADO is going home. All Syesha could humbly say was 'Thank you' and she graciously sang us out with Alicia Keys 'If I Ain't Got You.' This girl has stage presence, and even though we say goodbye to her tonight, I have no doubt that this is only a great beginning for our 'Last Lady Standing.'

    Anyway, that's it for me kids. Time for bed!!!

    Stay tuned and I'll see you all next week--


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    Now I don't have to watch and suffer thru the drawn out suspense!!

    No surprise to me that Syesha went home, but I think you're right...she'll end up on broadway or somewhere fitting.

    This has been my least favorite season of AI so far. Sounds like the ratings are saying the same thing.

    Good night all..:)
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    Well, here we are with the David/David finale, pretty much as I expected. And I still can't pick my favorite David!!! Guess I will just have to see who moves me the most next week.

    Being from KC, I got a little caught up in the excitement for David Cook back home. I really enjoyed seeing those clips - seeing them each realize first hand just what huge idols they already are, whether they win or not.

    Wow, Fantasia worked up quite a frenzy with that song, titled "Bore Me" of all things. She is as amazing as ever! Not your average sing along song by any means. It wore me out just watching.

    I got the feeling from the start tonight that Syesha knew she was going. She looked kind of down. But she is so sweet and gracious. She got the news and managed to sing that last song still smiling. It makes it easier for me not to cry if they don't.

    Funny how neither David showed their excitement. David Cook remained stoic, while Archuleta looked a little shocked and overwhelmed. But I bet that once the two of them got back "home" to Idolville, and it all soaked in, they both did the Final Two Happy Dance!

    If David Cook wins, he will be the first "rocker" to win. Bo Bice made it to second place. Chris Daughtry made it to fourth. There have been some good rockers over the years. I always wondered if the powers that be frown upon the idea of a rocker winning. But this year, I don't get that feeling. They have really been positive about Cook all the way through.

    I think these two have an equal chance of winning, and either one would be deserving of the title. I love them BOTH! David the apple and David the orange. I am so conflicted right now!
  4. kellygirl

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    I think that was the best part of the evening....I just love her!

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