'American Idol' Is Target of Devious Plot

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JLH, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Serious fans of "American Idol" are nervous. Very, very nervous. Sanjaya Malakar might win! And that thought has others salivating with joy. Sanjaya, who made headlines last week for his fauxhawk made of seven pony tails, can't sing any better than your Aunt Betty. But he has a fun personality and talks back to irascible judge Simon Cowell. And now Sanjaya has become the darling of a movement spearheaded by shock jock Howard Stern to vote for the worst contestant.

    Since viewer votes control who walks each week and who stays, the idea is to skew the vote so the worst singer is eventually declared The American Idol. Simon is so mad he's threatened to quit the show if that happens. (Yeah, right. And walk away from that gigantic paycheck he gets?)

    The New York Post and USA Today report the campaign is an unprecedented attempt to influence "Idol's" voting system. Sanjaya, who is only 17, is regarded as one of the worst singers in the group of finalists. (But his hair is quite entertaining.) Hardcore fans worry Sanjaya will ruin the chances for someone else who is really talented. Stern says he has masterminded the "vote for the worst" campaign because "Idol" is ruining the music industry. So Stern wants to ruin the show. "Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe says he isn't worried. "People with talent have always won it. We've lost really good people a little too early, and sometimes the Sanjayas, Chicken Littles and John Stevens have lasted a little longer perhaps."

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    Howard Stern is such an idiot. How does Idol ruin the music industry??? There have been some very talented winners of this competition. If he succeeds with this I will be really angry!!

    I haven't been voting, but I think I will tonight. Maybe we need lots of folks who don't usually vote to get on every phone line they have and vote for who they think is most talented! Except most of us will never get through! How long can this madness go on!!!

    And why did Simon and the other judges let Sanjaya in the top 12 to begin with? They need to accept some blame for this too.
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    I hate to see people trying to ruin a show that has changed the lives of a lot of really great singers that may have never gotten the "break" they needed without it.

    I think Sanjaya is one of the worst of the finalists and, unfortunately, will probably be there til the end. He's young, cute and endearing, but he isn't star quality. Even if he wins, when his contract is over I don't think his fame will last. He doesn't have the voice to do live concerts, but CDs might sell because of the remix they can do in the studio.

    Aside from that, the other finalists, the ones who are really good and have that stage presence they need, will be ok anyway. Look at Chris, Elliot and Clay, they got that big break from the show and are doing really well. So you don't have to be an "idol" to become and idol!


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    Sayjaya is just a kid and he really is adorable. It's not fair that he has been subjected to this. But it seems like he is handling this pretty good so far. I like the lip he gives Simon.

    Even if he doesnt' win, we will be sure to see more of Sanjaya. I think he would be a great sitdom star if not a singer. HE's just too cute!!
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    I'm disappointed that Sanjaya is hanging on. I know there is something up. Evidentally there are a lot of young girls out there that like him.

    I think it would be a shame if he won though, because it's really not supposed to be a popularity contest, it's a talent contest. I just don't see how me could be a recording artist. I want someone with real talent to win.

    Well, that's just my 2 cents worth.