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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    HERE IS another humor thread. We may be sick all day, but we can try to take a little break now and then.

    Post a limerick, joke, riddle, whatever...

    Mounted Musician Meets Musical Mishap

    A star-struck young thing thought it vital,
    To appear on American Idol.

    She rented a horse,
    To do tricks with, of course.

    But her trombone got caught in the bridle.

  2. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Sha Na Na

    Is that the group you're looking for?

    Also, the answer to your riddle. Me

    God Bless.
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nah, Nah, Nah, this isn't a thread about American Idol. It's just a thread for funny stuff.

    Thanks for the riddle. I remember it from my childhood. Forgot the answer tho. Unicorn, you remembered; or figured it out.

    Sha, Nah, Nah often shows up in crossword puzzles. I didn't know they specialized in cover songs. They, or some group like them, was in the movie "Grease"

    That movie came out the same time as "Star Wars". My son was 7 years old. He loved both. We must have seen each of them 20 times.

    What a change a few decades makes. Haven't talked to him since a phone call last December. Oops, guess that's not too funny, is it.

    Well, that's life. Sometimes it's funny and sad at the same time. Like the old custom where everybody would get drunk at the wake and prop up the guest of honor in a chair.

    Keep 'em coming, Folks.

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