American Idol power rankings

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    These are the rakings according to polled TvGuide readers, NOT the actual votes. The following is copied and pasted from the tvguide website:

    This could become like a ping-pong match, folks. The lead in's Idol Power Rankings changed again this week, as Davids Cook and Archuleta traded places. Fueled by his show-stopping delivery of "Billie Jean," Cook commanded 48.1 percent of our readers' votes, while Archuleta slid back to a mere 18.7 percent. But has a third horse entered this race? Making significant strides this week was Michael Johns, who at No. 3 hit his highest spot in a month.

    Among the ladies, it's **BAU, with Brooke and Carly at Nos. 4 and 5, and KLC, Ramiele and Syesha occupying the bottom three spaces.

    Top 9 Idol Power Rankings

    48.1% David Cook
    18.7% David Archuleta
    11.1% Michael Johns
    9.2% Brooke White
    6.1% Carly Smithson
    4.2% Jason Castro (his lowest ranking to date)
    1.1% Kristy Lee Cook
    0.8% Ramiele Malubay
    0.6% Syesha Mercado

    **I had to google BAU. It stands for business as usual.

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    I love trivia like this and don't have a clue how to find it about American Idol..My favorite show!
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    I loved the song that Michael sang and thought he did it well. He is so good looking he could land a film star job ditto for Kristy. David reminds me of David Cassidy of years ago, but has a far better voice.

    David Cooke is really brilliant but one wonders if he is most comfortable as a lead singer as he fits that bill so well and clearly loves his guitar.

    They are all so talented, but I wonder if Brooke is a little anorexic as she looks very drawn. She seems to have lost a lot of weight since this started out.

    This is the first year I ever watched any of this regularly, and have become quite intrigued, but wish Chekezi had stayed in last week as I think he has a good voice and is so decent.

    Well I guess tonight will show. Being older, I am of the thought that not all singers should have to "belt out" songs to be "good" it is nice to get a crooner now and then for sure.

    Love Annie and thanks for doing this.