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    Last night was 'Idol Gives Back' which aired from 7:30 PM (EST) THRU 10 PM. I am sorry kids, but that's just too long for me--I caught bits and pieces of the program, but did not watch the complete show. I must say, David Beckham is quite good looking and Jimmy Kimmel, as usual, was a rip roaring riot. And the amazing Heart, need I say more?! Fergie should do cartwheels that they even let her stand on the same stage as Heart. Hey wait, she did!!! I'm going to see Heart in August, I'm so excited!! Anyway, back to the show. I just loved the rendition by the contestants of 'Seasons of Love ' from 'Rent'--saw the play TWICE!!! And they raised over $60,000,000!!!!! Now, let's move on to tonight's show.....

    Opening performance with the accompanying choir was...sweet. I feel bad saying anything negative about something that's supposed to be uplifting, so I won't. And Michael Johns is just so good looking. Have I mentioned that before???

    LOVED the 'I'm a Believer' bit!!! Just adorable--especially Dr.Phil and Rob Schneider!!

    BROOK WHITE was the first person called out by Ryan/Kermit the Frog. She looks better tonight, and, to her huge surprise and relief, she's SAFE tonight;

    DAVID COOK seemed so nervous, but he and Ryan joked about Simon's pompous remarks and Ryan quickly let him off the hook--not surprisingly to me, he's SAFE tonight;

    DAVID ARCHULETA is just the sweetest kid ever. I look at his innocent, adorable face, and pray that the accounts of his dad being mean and harsh with him are not true. I am so happy, and totally unsurprised, that he is SAFE tonight;

    The film clip narrated by Forrest Whittaker was sobering and so, so sad. The parental death toll is huge--hard for Americans to imagine children living alone, fending for themselves, without a childhood. It's unbelievable that that just a few dollars here and there can change a life.

    Jordan Sparks looked and sounded wonderful. It's amazing how much she matured inside of a year!! And what a great song!!! Chris Brown sang great too, what an awesome duet.

    I really loved the 'Celebrate" commercial for Ford. The kids looked like they had a great time doing it. Isn't that what it's all about?

    But let's get back to the results, shall we?

    JASON CASTRO was called out next. He seemed very calm and collected as he joke about his recent ukelele purchase. And Ryan quickly deemed him SAFE for tonight;

    KRISTI LEE COOK looked shocked when Ryan quickly declared her SAFE and quite frankly, I was shocked that she wasn't in the bottom three--not necessarily that she should go home. I am shocked that MICHAEL JOHNS is in the bottom three..he's just so good looking. Have I mentioned that before?

    SYESHA MERCADO, CARLY SMYTHSON, and MICHAEL stand together in the bottom three tonight. During the commercial I ponder, and it's my guess that SYESHA will be going home. Let's see if I'm correct tonight...

    Back from commercials-- an appeal for donations by Bono, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, and even John McCain who made a funny joke about everyone's vote counting-- even people in Florida!!!

    Back to the bottom three--and they look so nervous, and Ryan announces ANOTHER commercial break. Grrrr!!!

    And then the big announcement comes and I'm FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JOHNS is going home!!! It can't be!!! Please, somebody say it's a huge mistake--somebody say it isn't so!! Michael seems dazed, shocked. I'm shocked. He's so talented. And he's just so good looking. He was surprised and sad. And tonight I think I just might hate this can this be?????????????????? He's just so good looking. Have I mentioned that before?

    I so wish Michael was staying. I think the judges were disappointed that he's leaving. Can you believe Kristi Lee outlasted Michael? What is the world coming to???

    I have to sign off now kids, so I can cry...but hey, that's just me.

    Sadly staying tuned--

    Laura :( :( :(

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    Nancy--my sentiments exactly.

    As soon as they announced Michael going home, I immediately thought of Daughtry and how advantageous it was to his career to NOT win. I hope the same success is in store for Michael. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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    You hit the nail on the head regarding Michael, he wasn't the best, but it wasn't his time. EXACTLY.

    And he's just so good looking...

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    But I did not vote, I can't believe america voted him off. I thought Carly was going home.

    I think it is safe to say it will be a David C vs David A now.

    I enjoyed last nights show and LOVED Jimmy Kimmel- too funny. I have seen Heart 3 times and did not know they are doing tours again. It was pretty cool to see Fergie do her thing with them.

    Ok going to watch The Office - any one else-Carla
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    Heart is going on tour with Journey and Cheap Trick. I am so psyched for this show but the ticket prices are astronomical--$228 each!!! I don't care--I told hubby HE HAS to buy them for me since the concert is 8/14 and that's the thirtieth anniversary of our first date so we HAVE to do something special anyway. I'm not sure if this is what hubby had in mind but I sat through his Eric Clapton concert--he can do this one for me!!!

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    Iam STUNNED!!! Who the heck is voting?!?! Michael Johns is so talanted and goodlooking, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Paula was right he is the whole package. They really need to reformat the voting process....this is just nuts! In my opinion he and David Cooke are the ones I could see as "Stars", the rest of them...... eh...
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    Oh Man, I hate this! Michael Johns should not be going home.

    Every season I swear I will not watch Idol next season. But, I always do.


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    Wow, what a shocker! I kept thinking Ryan would reveal that it would be a non-elimination round - "we're just kidding." But the punchline never came. Poor beautiful Michael. It was not his time yet. He seems like such a sweet and fun guy, and he did so well in the votes last week. TVguide had him at the #3 position just under the Davids, with their voters.

    This is probably one of those situations where the young voters thought, "Oh Michael's safe, I will vote for (insert__underdog __here) to insure they don't get voted out." Or they vote 100 times each for 5 different people - basically canceling out all their votes.

    I have always felt the voting procedure needed a lot of work. They should only allow 1 vote per person. Pick a favorite, cast one vote - simple! They should open up voting to the online community, to draw more adult voters.

    Or maybe they don't want our votes. Maybe they want the contestant chosen by the kids - the CD buying crowd.

    We are down to 4 girls and 3 guys. I never thought that would happen.

    Whatever. But it was a shame to see Micheal go before Kristi, Syesha, Brooke and Carly. Carly looked devastated. This must tear those kids apart each week. Can you imagine the stress??? Crushed each week to see another friend fall, but at the same time, happy to be still standing.

    But Michael will do okay. I'm sure the record companies are already bustling to get at him. I know I am!
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    The way Ryan said...last yr on this show we didn't send anyone home, everybody was safe..................................but not tonight! IDIOT!

    I thought Brooke would be going, she has been such a basketcase the past couple of wks.

    I'm not hooked on any of them this season, I haven't voted yet. Maybe when it's down to 4 of them I'll get a bit more involved.

    lgp, was it you that thought Michael was SO GOOD LOOKING? Seems like I heard that somewhere before....hmmmm. LOL
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    Hermitlady - Ryan WAS a jerk! He is so lousy at that part of the show. He knew it was shocking news, and no one was ready to see this sweet guy leave. Ryan just made it even more painful!

    I wish they would bring back Brian Dunkelman and fire Ryan Cheesecrest!

    I couldn't believe Brooke wasn't in the bottom 3 at least.

    Contrary to what my previous post said, I think Carly is one of the better singers. But I thought she would go before Michael. I think her tattoos and her harsh makeup is a turnoff to the viewers. All the previous winners have had a wholesome quality that she lacks. Nothing against tattoos personally...I just think there are a lot of people who don't like seeing someone with their entire arm inked.
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    Some may not like what I have to say, but Michael really made himself look bad by singing Aerosmith's "Dream On." He really did damage that song. No one can sing that better than Aerosmith and it was a bad choice of song for him. However, when he say Queen's "We will Rock you" and "We are the Champions," he did a great job! The main thing that got him voted off is the damage he did to the "Dream On" song. I do not mean to step on any toes. He's good as long as he does not try to copy cat, and/or damage a really good song, and that's what he did with the Aerosmith song. He should've chose a U2 song, as he has the perfect voice for that.


    P.S. I was more shocked to see Chris Daughtry voted out than Michael voted out.

    Both are hot!!!!

    Michael will go on singing songs for sure!

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    The money spent on the commercials during American Idol is outrageous!!!! The people who charge them millions to have a commercial during the times of American Idol should give a whole lot of that money to those who need it, such as vaccinations, schools, etc.

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    I know why Brooke is acting like a basket case. It's because she just is not as good as the other singers. Her looks and playing like she's fragile helps her get through to the next week. She should have been voted off before Michael, but Michael picked a bad song choice.

    She picks bad songs and sings badly yet continues to stay.


    P.S. I do agree that Brooke should've left before Michael.

    I would've loved to hear Michael pick a better song next week, and blast them all to shame.

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    I'm pissed at that Idol show!!

    Its being ruined by stuff like this.
    Keeping people/singers that should go home.

    Remember last yrs Sanjaya?? look how long he lasted and he was horrible~ sorry to say.

    I think too that they should limit the number of votes per household. People calling to vote for their favorites 20-30 times or more is ridiculus!!

    If and when I DO vote,... I've never called more than 2-3 times. (but I can't control what my 11 yr old does) LMAO
    i'm kidding~

    I'm just so surprized Micheal went home.

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    Fighty - You've got an opinion and a right to voice it! I guess Aerosmith should be on the forbidden list with Whitney, Mariah and Celine.

    Michael was not that great Monday night, and sounded karaoke. He would never have made it to the final 2. But I think there were others worse than him who should have gone first. But that's just my opinion.

    Michael Johns was strictly a visual experience for me. I don't even care how he sounded! Was he singing? I just expected to get to WATCH him a little longer.

    Lets just blame! They are supporting Kristi Lee Cook. To her they say, "Your redneck tactics make us proud. You embrace your bottom 3 position. And your survival helped eliminate that Aussie douche. We like you now. Go Kristi!"

    Last year they claimed responsibility for keeping their poster boy Sanjaya in the race for so long.

    Somehow I wonder if VFTW are as powerful as they think. But lets blame them anyway!
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    DREADHEAD!! Sorry, I haven't been here lately. I went and joined an AI forum and became a certified "Dreadhead"! I have a # and everything! I have been having so much fun at that site! The people there are just as insane about Jason as I am! We talk about his beauty, his music.....we exchange pictures....SO much fun!

    I actually have been free of FM symptoms for a week now! It's like I am in a remission of sorts. Geee....I ought to write a book and call it "How I Was Cured of Fibromyalgia.......I Fell in Love With Jason Castro"! LOLOLOLOL!!! But really, I think it might be the fun, silly feelings I have that are causing "good" hormones or whatever to be released into my body.

    Anyway, I agree with all of you about Michael!! THAT was such a SHOCK!!! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I was so upset, because he was one of my faves! The only thing I can think of is that his fans (they are called the "Aussie Possie" on the AI board) didn't vote so much because they assumed (as did I) that he would be safe. It is such a shame. I really did want an all male final 4.

    He will do well though.....Daughtry left early too. And I did think of Laura and 4everkid when he was singing his song, feeling bad that they cannot enjoy his beauty anymore!!

    And once again Laura, your play-by-plays were very entertaining! Do you write for papers or magazines?? You SHOULD!!

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    I didnt know how much I liked Michael Johns until he got voted off. Pah! The shows kind of lost its charm for me now. I wish Carly woulda gone.

    If David Arheletor goes now, I am NOT watching AI anymore. And we all know, with AI ANYTHING can happen.

    God Bless