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    Ryan opened the show with his perverse joy about sending someone home tonight. His gig is getting old...

    Ryan then announces that Mariah Carey returns tonight (big freakin' whoop) along with my old personal favorite, Elliot Yamin!!

    Jason opens the collaborative singing, followed by Kristi Lee, and the rest of the gang. David Archuleta is becoming a personal favorite of mine and, I HATE to say it, but the girls are really starting to annoy/bore me....I am not a huge fan of Mariah's so I find this collaboration a bit dull. NEXT!!!!

    Reiiteration of Tuesday's highlights--reminded me how great David Cook's performance was last night. As Randy would say, "You were the bomb, man!!!"

    JASON CASTRO is called out first and Ryan sends him to his left not saying what his status is, and then calls out--

    DAVID COOK and sends him to the other side of the stage, so now there are two groups forming:

    CARLY SMYTHSON is called out next and takes Simon to task over his criticism. She is sent to join Jason on his side of the stage;

    KRISTI LEE COOK is called out next and is quickly sent to join David on his side of the stage;

    Loved the gang in the 'Break Free' Ford commercials. They must of had a great time doing it!!!

    Elliot Yamin sang 'Free.' Isn't his transformation amazing? He sounds and looks great and seems like a truly nice guy--it definitely shines through in his performance. I've seen him perform live, and he is consistently wonderful. Ryan sadly announces that Elliot lost his mother several days ago. She was such a formidable presence during his AI days, and Elliot's loss is shocking and palpable;

    SYESHA MERCADO is called out and told to join Jason and Carly and the two groups start to become readily apparent;

    BROOK WHITE is called out and asked to join David and Kristi, and then finally, we wait for the dealbreaker--but no, back from commercials, and it is that ridiculous Q&A sessions with callers. To me, this is a totally boring time filler. Please, please, oh please AI god do away with it next year!!! And by the way, all the Simon bashing is ridiculous--essentially, he IS the show.

    Mariah Carey comes out to sing a song from her new LP E=MC2 and I swear, no kidding, my cat started crying and ran out of the room!!! Uneqivocally I know I'm not running out to buy this one anytime soon. I feel like her whole appearance has been one big annoying plug for her potentially dead-in-the-water new LP;

    Finally, without further ado, DAVID ARCHULETA is called out from backstage. Ryan chats amicably with little David, and tells him he is safe--then makes David Cook swap with Syesha and then tells little David to approach the group that he thinks is safe--this is too much BS for me--just get to the point!!

    So excruciatingly finally, the bottom three are Syesha, Kristi Lee, and Brook as I believe it should be..

    And after some more dramatic antics, it's announced that Syesha is safe. It's down to the bottom two, Kristi Lee and Brook, and it's announced that Brook is staying and Kristi Lee Cook is going home. Frankly, I'm amazed that she made it this far.

    The show ended with a quick profile of Kristi Lee's AI journey and her singing to Simon was hilarious!! You can't help but wish all good things for Kristi Lee. I think country music will grab this girl and run with her, so in the end, it's all good.

    And now there's six. Well, that's it for me kids, see you next week!!!

    Stay tuned--Laura

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    and, Brook and Syesha can go home anytime soon also, in my opinion.

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    Seriously, a half hour results show would be stretching it already. Do we really need all this pomp and circumstance just to announce 3 names? Just give us the freakin' names!

    Now, may the gods of R&B smite me down, but I was not impressed with Mariah. It's a good thing she wasn't competing. There, I said it.

    Someone tell America to quit calling with questions!

    I really hate how they try to be creative and keep the audience and contestants guessing. It was cruel to Kristi who thought she was safe standing next to David Cook. Brooke was shaken up too. I guess that goes without saying.

    Then they used David A as the final piece of the puzzle, everyone knowing he's safe, and asking HIM to pick the worthy team. This poor shy kid, who has probably always done what he was told to do, put in a spot like that.... That was just mean. They might as well slap a "producers pet" sign on his back and arm the other contestants with spitball shooters. I'm glad David chose to sit down, and not play their silly game.

    I feel pretty certain they are catering to a target audience of 13-year-olds, and maybe the youngsters like this stuff.

    I too loved Kristi's final melodic words to Simon. She altered the lyrics a bit to Simonize them didn't she?

    Well, goodbye to Kristi. It was a long slow death. Finally the poor girl is out of her bottom 3 misery and can move on to the Idol afterlife. I think she will do okay and find plenty to do with her musical talent. Number 7 out of a gazillion is something to be proud of!
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    Hey i didn't even have to watch the show!,,,lolol You gave a perfect description of what's going on! Thanks!,,,,lolol,,,goodbye to Kristi

    I agree 100% about all the nonsence that has to go on just to find out who has to go home!,,,,,,Makes you wonder who thought that part of the show up!,,,,,,,I got caught up today on watching them preform M.C. songs on YouTube,,,,Have to agree that David A and David C are definetly in the top 2,,,(hopefully) and The Carly Gal can really Bolt it out too,,,,,,,S
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    I'm cheating by reading this thread before I get to see the show but I was too curious to wait until tonight.

    Since my tv comes on Armed Forces we get things a day late and I just had to know.

    Thanks for the detailed update...I'll try not to peek next week.


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    YOu did a great summation.

    I saw the first four divided and ugh when I woke the 11 news was on so I missed the rest.

    Thank you so much for the blow by blow, you should have a column of your own !
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    Looks like David A must have watched last year! Melinda (I think it was Melinda) was put in the same situation last year and simply sat down between the two groups and refused t chose.

    I hope they have started a tradition. Either they will stop doing that or the contestant will just sit down.

    I liked Kristi Lee and would have preferred to see Brooke or Seyesha go home, but I knew Kristi didn't fit the mold so haven't been surprised. So far the only surprise was Michael last week.

    All of them are so AI mold this year. No one heavy made the top this year and each contestant looks like they are cookie cutter people. Thankfully their talent sets each apart from the other.

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    Did anyone see Carly's husband in the audience last week?

    If you think she has alot of tattoing on her one arm, he is COVERED in tattos. It was shocking to see him as the camera showed her family briefly in the audience. Even his face has alot of tattos on it. The facial tattos are VERY Pronounced. I don't know if it is very wide black outlines around the tattos or what--- it was just shocking. The actual time that the camera focused on her family was only a couple of seconds, so it was hard to take in the actual features of the tattoing that made it so startling.

    Carly's tattoing is more subtle eventhough it covers a large area on the top of her one arm. Her husband's tattoing is very intense.

    I guess I'm just from a different generation. I just think about how often I change clothing styles, what do you do with tattoes all over your body? They are there forever. When you are 70 years old and your skin is sagging, do you really think you will still want your face and body covered in tattoes?

    I can see a little butterfly, or a rose, or something small--but on your face???? I guess different strokes for different folks.
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    I was looking at the tvguide rankings and they have the top 3 as David C, David A and Jason. Jason made a big jump this week with their voters, and they suggest that he got a big chunk of Michael's fans votes.
    I always wonder how that works. I imagine some fans just quit voting when their fav looses. But many will pick a new contestant to support. The votes are redistributed, and may give someone a boost or someone else less of an edge.

    I don't think they make the actual voting percentages available, but I wish they did. I would love to be able to track how the actual votes change each week. I always found it kind of suspicious they don't share that info with us. (A few times in the early seasons I wondered if the votes were fixed.) Do they want to retain the power to alter the results if some off-key or unmarketable contestant suddenly bolts into the lead? are an "official" fan... do you know if there is any place online where they reveal the actual, official rankings?

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    I believe Carly's husband is a tattoo artist--thus, the self-canvas. I agree with you, I think it's too much also.

    Like you, I wonder what all these over-tattooed people will look like in their old age. Ridiculous, I guess. It reminds me of a futuristic cartoon I saw of a bunch of old ladies in a nursing home, exercising. Everything was sagging, but their breast implants were still up there and perky!!! People really need to think of what they may look like somewhere down the road.

    My college-age daughter has repeatedly asked for a tattoo. I originally vehemently objected, making a big tadoo about it. Then I thought about it, and told her to clear the design with me and then I would even go with her and pay for it. My reasoning was, if she goes off and does it herself she could have a whole carnival or a circus town tattooed on her shoulder. But if we do it together, maybe I can get her to compromise on a peace sign or an apple design that she likes in an unobtrusive place that would be covered up on a job interview.

    My 78 year old dad has a tattoo from his army days, and claims it was the dumbest thing he ever did.

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    maybe your Dad should talk to your daughter!

    As much as I have to get stuck with needles, I can't imagine having all those additional needle pricks.

    I think your reasoning is quite rational. What happens if they change their mind about 1 minute into the tattoing process because it hurts???

    I cracked up laughing when I read your part about the whole carnival tatooed on her shoulder.

    My niece has a rose bud tattoed on the back of her shoulder so you don't see it even when she is wearing a sleeveless top. My sister almost died when she saw it.

    Then the same niece got her belly button pierced. My niece is a lawyer, and I think she does this stuff just to bug my sister (her Mother).

    I didn't know that Carly's husband was a tatto artist. That explains alot. It still looks gross though.
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    Well, first of all, I think I am writing a letter to the producers of the show for nearly GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK last night!!! When they sent Jason to one side and David to other, I was like "WHAT????? He is NOT IN THE BOTTOM 3! NOT POSSIBLE!!!" My heart was pounding!

    Then we had to sit through all of that BS nonsense - with Mariah being the icing on the cake! What is wrong with her? She is such a Prissy Primadonna. Did you see her when she hugged the contestants? I had to laugh because she looked so know she does NOT enjoy being touched!

    Oh and the Q&A's!!!! They are KILLING me with that! When do we finally reduce the results show to 1/2 hour already???

    Also, WHAT was that creature on Paula's neck? Was that her tribute to the "Luau" remarks by deaf Randy?

    They have done this to the contestants every year when it comes to 7 (what they did to David A). I remember the year they did it to Bo Bice, and he just stepped back & refused to do anything (oh....he was SOOOOO cool! I just loved him!)

    I was literally shaking when Ryan called him out cuz I KNEW Jason was in the B3 - I was YELLING at dh that if he is, I will become a very unhappy gal around the house, so he BETTER pray!!

    Then Ryan pulled the old switcheroo with Cook and Syesha! Oh those sneaky little devils!! At that moment my heart rate dropped by like 100! JERKS!!

    4everkid....I have been following all online polls closely, and the guys have been top 3 for weeks (they just switch places periodically). And no, AI never releases the votes - someone told me they did at one time, but it had the tendency to change things, so they stopped it - something about Daughtry, I can't recall).

    Now, if you go to they give results each week based on some kind of system that measures busy signals. This week David C was #1, David A was #2, and Jason was #3. But Kristy was #4, so I am not sure what happened there. Perhaps the producers were just as sick of her as I was. What is strange is that she really was improving (IMO) vocally. I just couldn't stand her attitude - if anyone is POMPOUS it was Kristy, not David C.

    Also, you can go to the Idol poll on AOL and vote. Jason has been #1 there about a week. (us Dreadheads put him there!!!) And you can check out vote4idol. That gives pretty current standings as well.

    Now, on the AI boards, most of the other fans of Cooks and Archie love Jason as their 2nd fave. Some MJ fans decided to jump on the Jason bandwagon too. The most hits, posts, and threads are on the guys' I think (at least I hope) we will have all guys in the Final 3! We also have a DC/JC alliance going. (that would be the Wordnerds and Dreadheads) We are both rooting for these 2 in the final. And they have become the best of friends.

    Hey kid, I know you like Jason - why don't you come join us no the AI board? It is so much fun there!! C'mon.....I know you secretly want to become a "certified dreadie"!!! LOLOLOL!!! GO JASON!!