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    Okay, I just get home from the airport, I watched Entertainment Tonight's profile on last night's show on the plane home from Florida, and all I have to say is:
    "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT IDOL?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    The ET clip that I saw of Brook's performance clearly indicated to me that she should be sent packing tonight. Why is she still here? Part of me wonders if her little 'meltdown' wasn't a last ditch crazy effort at the sympathy vote. And she's safe tonight...Yeah, she's crazy, crazy like a fox....

    Absolutely cannot believe Brook's safe and Syesha and Carly are the bottom two. Even Paula's face could not mask her dismay at the situation. At least my two David's are safe....unless Ryan does some asnine last minute pull off the couch...hey you never know with the dopey stuff they've been pulling lately..

    Both Carly and Syesha sang again, and after the commercial,with little ado it's announced that Carly is leaving tonight. I am just disappointed that Brook is not leaving ahead of her. For me,the show was over for Brook a long time ago.

    That's it for me kids, I need some sleep!!!! Florida was wonderful and restful but traveling knocks me out!!

    Stay tuned--Laura

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    My jaw dropped when I found out the bottom two were Syesha and Carly. Are they nuts? It must be a popularity contest, not a good singer contest. The guitar player and piano player should be the bottom two, especially with how they are unable to compete with the top 4.

    I voted for Syesha, as she did the best show last night. She took down the house. And Carly, she's a lot better than the piano player and guitar player.


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    We know that those who left the show early, but were far more talented than those making it to the end, but were in the top 12, they do have a great chance of becoming successful and popular singers.

    I pray that those who were let go early, get the same success as ... oh, crap, my fibro fog has kicked in... but I love his songs. Don't worry, I forget my favorite actors names too, ha ha.

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    That was just wrong. I feel bad for both Carly and Syesha. They both did great and received high praise, even from Simon. But no matter how much the judges liked them, the American voters didn't. That would leave most people feeling hopeless. But both girls remained positive, seemingly with their self esteem still intact.

    Of course, Brooke was a mess. I feel bad for her too though. She knows it should have been her. I think everyone expected it to be her turn to go. Everyone except maybe these guys:

    I imagine they are celebrating. (I hate what VFTW are doing, but I must admit, the picture cracked me up.)

    Bottom line though, don't we all pretty much know that the final two will be the Davids? With the rest, its all about what order they leave. What do you all think?

    Once it's all over, I think all of these 6 will be successful. Carly probably already has an offer from someone. Syesha definitely needs to head on down to Broadway! She can take David A along too. Both Brooke and Jason would do great in a recording studio. A quieter, more intimate, less intense setting, and they would be excellent!

    I really get the feeling Brooke is too empathetic for a competition like this. She seems to be torn apart by the sadness of others. I bet when her time comes, she will take it with a big smile, thankful someone ELSE doesn't have to go through it.

    And Jason cracks me up each week. No pouty faces, no pretense of sadness....just happy as heck to voted safe!

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    I like your assessment of everyone.

    I wanted to add that Syesha could also sing some really jazzy stuff and blues. I could see her doing an album on many jazz and blues songs.

    I can see David A singing for many movies. He would be great for the kids movies that need a positive, inspiring song.

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    I think they need a new system or something........It is so unfair.

    I'm sorry, but I feel Brooke and Jason should've been the bottom two.

    David Cook is awesome!
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    that Syesha would do great jazz-she reminds me a little of Diane Ross or even I would love her to do Peggy Lee song. She dresses well and is so attractive.

    I did not watch till the end and was shocked that Brooke was in. I think she has a writing talent and a fan club.

    I agree that the two Davids are going to be the final two I would think!!!

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    Tleaw, there is nothing wrong with your love for Brooke. She wouldn't be in the top 5 if she wasn't talented and adored by millions. She has a beautiful timbre to her voice, and I hope that she does get the opportunity to make an album. (Do they still call them albums??) She seems to be very nervous on the big stage, and wracked with guilt and remorse over her friends losses. But in a recording studio, I bet all that would just melt away.

    As much as I love little David, he seems very uncomfortable in the limelight too. Not when he is singing. He is a pro when he is performing. But when he is being interviewed, he looks like he is uncomfortable and unbearably shy. Sometimes during the critique, I think he looks like he's about to cry. And I just want to bring him home and bake him some cookies and buy him a puppy.

    I don't know how any of them are able to keep from crying. If it were me, (if I had talent) I would be bawling every week!

    This competition has to be intense. They have to make the commercial every week, learn a group song, fly and travel all over the place promoting themselves, find the right clothes, and still learn and perfect their own song. Then to get up there all sleep deprived and emotional, and perform under the hot lights and the eyes of millions with Simon Scowl leering at them .... well, it would turn anyone into a puddle of quivering goo.

    I guess if they can survive this show, they can handle about anything that falls under the job description of the American Idol.
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    I'm so disgusted with the whole American Idol. Look at what I just found out on the internet.

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    Is this post a violation? Topic: David taking the heat off Carly?
    Posted: Mon, Apr 21 2008, 8:37 AM

    It would seem that David C. is now the new target...

    How much of a ringer is "American Idol" contestant David Cook? His self-released album, "David Cook," is on the charts and the current season isn’t even over.

    Cook’s 2006 CD, “Analog Heart,” was the No. 1 downloaded album all weekend on Amazon’s MP3 service. It even beat Mariah Carey’s "E=MC2."

    Back when Cook auditioned in Omaha for "American Idol," he was identified as a bartender who happened to be a friend of Chris Daughtry, a now wildly successful post-"Idol" graduate.

    It sure didn’t seem like Cook had a big career already — albeit regionally. He’d already appeared on a couple albums with a local group, and there was some vague mention of a solo album that he’d made himself.

    But if "Analog Heart" is now being offered officially to proper downloading services — and not on just mysterious indie platforms — then Cook has to be behind it. That’s a first: an album out from an "Idol" contestant before the contest has concluded. What if he doesn’t win?

    More importantly, what happened to "American Idol" simply being a competition for totally unknown or undiscovered artists? What fueled the fantasy for the audience was the concept that anyone — the waitress down the street who had a nice voice — could suddenly become a superstar. It was one thing when Carly Smithson (nee Hennessey) was revealed to have released an album five years ago. But for Cook to have one out now, I think, disqualifies him as a true competitor.

    And P.S.: Isn’t this some strange way to get around the "American Idol" contract for management and a recording contract? In the past, "Idol" contestants had to agree to be managed by 19 Entertainment and give BMG first right of refusal for their albums. But a digitally available album made before the show and released before the winner is known? Hmmm…Seems like that bartender from Omaha was smarter even than wily Simon Cowell.
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    Timing is everything.

    Unfortunately, Carly's album was released 9/11/2001 and was lost amid the chaos, tragedy and trauma the country and the American people faced. It was not a time for self-promotion, and the sales of alot of music suffered at that time, as did many other businesses. Bottom line, music is a business wrapped in a pretty bow.