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    Here's a breakdown of tonight's performers in order of appearance:

    BROOKE WHITE sang first, Dolly Parton's 'Jolene.' She was pretty good, and as Randy said, a little pitchy here and there. I love Simon but didn't completely understand his criticism of the band; felt it was uncalled for.

    DAVID COOK sang next, Dolly's 'Sparrow.' Once again he was amazing, even for a dull song. The boy could sing the phone book, and I'd listen.

    RAMIELE MALUBAY sang who the hell knows what. Snoozers. Somebody please send her home; it's past her bedtime.

    JASON CASTRO sang 'Travelin' Thru' and I must say he is sweetly adorable. Performance was a little weak in the beginning but he gained momentum and finished it really well. Not one of my favorite songs and Simon was probably right, this isn't the best type of music for Jason.

    CARLY SMITHSON sang 'Here You Come Again' one of my personal Dolly favorites. Her spin, in my opinion, was ingenius. It got a tad boring/flat in the middle, but she brought it home beautifully. Simon said good, not great, and that she should have a word with whomever is dressing her. It sounds mean but I do think he's absolutely right.

    DAVID ARCHULETA sang 'Smoky Mountain Memories' and what can I say? The boy sounds almost angelic to me. Listening to him sing is almost like a spiritual experience. I thought it was one of his best performances ever.

    KRISTI LEE COOK sang 'Coat of Many Colors.' She is absolutely made for country music but this song always had a melancholy spin to it and she sang it like everything's honky dorry!! And who dressed her for this song? It didn't synch for me.

    SYESHA MERCADO, totally brave girl that she is, took on 'I Will Always Love You', orignally written and performed by Dolly herself. and then in true legendary style, redone by the great Whitney Houston who escalated this song to #1 chart busting, record breaker of all time status. Well, Syesha had her work cut out for her, and she definitely delivered a respectable performance. She looked beautiful but NOBODY can quite deliver that song like Whitney; I was really hoping Syesha wouldn't sing it but had a feeling she would. It sad, but without Whitney to compare her to, Syesha's performance would have shined so much more.

    MICHAEL JOHNS sang 'It's All Wrong (But It's Alright)' and put an amazing soulful spin on it. When he chooses the right song, he soars, and in my opinion, he soared tonight, probably my favorite of all his performances. An amazing performance and he's just so good looking...

    In my opinion, I believe Ramiele will go home and she is the one who should go.

    I will upate on this same post tomorrow night immediately after the results show.


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  2. tandy

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    I think either Ramiele or Jason will go home.

    (preferably in that order :)
  3. ckball

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    Wow thanks for the info because I fell asleep watching ET and had autotuned to AI and I woke up just as Jason started to sing.

    Was everyone, well Ryan on speed?? Did they lose some time early on?

    I did see the clips at the end and think Ramiele should go, she just is not in the same class.

    Loved Micheal Johns, he was hot.

    Missed David :)

    I think Jason will stay one more week, because Kjade probably voted a kazillion times,lol -He looked good in those jeans when he turned around :) Thanks for the run down-Carla
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    I thought this was an outstanding night for most of them. If I had only seen this one episode, I would have a hard time picking the best one.

    First of all, I thought Jason was great tonight. He seemed much more into the song than usual, and seemed to be taking it more seriously. I thought it was a good choice for him too. Not that I am familiar with Dolly's songs, but that one had a nice Jason feel to it. He wasn't the best of the night, but he definitely improved a lot over the last few weeks, in my opinion.

    I thought the 2 David's, Michael and Carly were the best tonight - not sure what order.

    Brooke was good, I love her voice, but she hit several sour notes, as usual. If it hadn't been for the off notes, I would have loved her.

    I thought Ramiele was the worst. Something about the way she was moving around bugged me tonight. She and Kristi bore me. They both sing well, but they just don't stand a chance in this lineup.

    Syesha chose the kiss of death tonight. Don't these kids know better than to tackle anything done by Whitney or Céline? No matter how good they perform it, it will never be good enough for Randy or Simon. I thought she sang it great myself, but I knew they wouldn't agree. (I sometimes think if they blindfolded the judges and had Whitney herself sing Whitney, she would get at least two thumbs down for not doing it as good as Whitney.)

    I think Simon was in a fouler than usual mood tonight. I thought he was too hard on Carly again. And I think the clothing critique was especially harsh. While I tend to agree, he didn't need to be so tactless about it. I felt sorry for her. Its hard enough to get up there and sing, then smile while they rate the performance. But then to have your look insulted too... that had to be hard for her. But... she could use some variety in her wardrobe, and maybe some sleeves. But I think comments like Simon's would be better handled off camera.

    I wish when they did the results show, they would tell us the order they all came in at. Or at least top 3 and bottom 3. Last week, I imagine David Cook came out way ahead of the others. This week, I bet it levels out more, because several of them did a really good job tonight.

    I loved that David Cook got a haircut! I am not crazy about the bedhead mess on top, but it is soooo much better than his previous look. He looked before like he had a cheap toupee that he was trying to make do the work of a full wig. The look did nothing for him, unless he was TRYING to accent his cranium. A simple snip of the Spock-like sideburn spikes, and a sideswipe of the bangs, and he looks ...well... his own age again! Good move!

    And let me end by stating again, Michael is so incredibly handsome! Whether he wins this or not, he will be snapped up by someone and made famous for something. You can't just let beauty like that go to waste!
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  5. pumpkinpatch

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    I keep watching DAVID ARCHULETA "Smoky Mountain Memories" on You Tube!! Amazing.
  6. 4everkid

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    I came across a fun review of last nights performances on Its funny, because the Sesame Street song, (or my own version of it), "Two of these things just don't belong here...." was going through my mind as I posted here last night. I see I am not alone.

    I also thought of Kjade where he discusses households and friendships torn apart over Jason Castro. I know the Kjadeletts are riding the Jason bandwagon, but how many friends has she had to punch for not sharing her love of the blue eyed hottie?

    From this page:,,20007164_20171835_20187602,00.html

    written by Michael Slezak

    Watching the nine remaining American Idol contestants perform selections from the Dolly Parton songbook tonight, I suddenly experienced a childhood flashback to those picture puzzles that used to come in My Weekly Reader — you know, the ones where you'd have to look at a scene and pick out the items that didn't belong. The whole jam-packed episode could be summed up as 'good performance,' 'good performance,' great performance,' 'can opener hanging from the banana tree.'

    In other words, that's my complicated way of saying that Ramiele Malubay and Kristy Lee Cook simply and unequivocally do not belong on the same stage as Carly Smithson, David Cook, Michael Johns, Jason Castro, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, and Brooke White, a septet of singers who might, if they collectively pull it together and consistently perform up to par, live up to the early-season mantra that we're looking at the most talented group! of finalists in Idol history. (Except for maybe season 5.) (Ish.)

    Indeed, we're at the stage of the Idol season where rapidly cementing loyalties threaten to tear households and friendships apart. I almost hung up on my mother tonight when she (again) refused to utter the words 'Jason Castro,' just because she thinks his hair (with its wooden beads and occasional entourage of fruit flies) looks like one of the macramé plant hangers she used to make back in the '70s, but we quickly united in the common belief that America must scrape Ramiele and Kristy Lee from the competition like unwanted plaque from Ryan Seacrest's teeth. (Perhaps it was just me, but those chompers looked exceedingly sparkly tonight!) ...............


    The article continues on from there, covering each contestants performance from last night. He also thought, like me, that Carly and Jason were much better than the judges gave them credit for.

    Good article...Check it out dawgs!
  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Hi everyone....I have been such a nervous wreck (this is crazy!) - I have no idea why. I have been watching this show since Season 1, and the only people I ever voted for were Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice & some other guy I can't remember. But I only voted for those contestants maybe once or twice if I felt like it.

    But LAST NIGHT....I was dialing for the entire 2 hours! I have turned into a love-crazed teenager! (ah, reminds me of back in the day when I loved New Kids on the Block - me & my friend followed them everywhere, and I ended up meeting them!)

    I thought Jason was wonderful last night. It wasn't the greatest song, but I think he did a really cool, smooth version of it. Even my husband said he liked it - he said it sounded sorta "reggae-ish". When you watch it a 2nd (or 3rd or 50th) time, he really does sound so good.

    Ok, I agree with a lot of your comments above. I am not a big fan of Carly's, but I did feel sorry for her when Simon ripped apart her wardrobe. DH & I have been saying for weeks that she looks like she might be pregnant, but I think it is the clothes she wears. Not my style, but he didn't need to be so mean. She looked like she was going to cry!

    My Top 3 are Jason, David C and Michael

    Middle 3 are David A, Carly, Brooke

    Bottom 3 are Syesha, Ramiele & Kristy

    All my opinion of course. I will not be able to breathe easy until the show is over tonight. All my voting just MUST have helped him this week!

    Oh, and poor David Cook! I heard he was treated for high blood pressure and heart palpitations. He has been under tremendous stress about his brother, and I'm sure the pressure of this show is causing him great anxiety. I hope he is ok.

    4everkid: I liked that article you posted. You had me laughing so hard when you talked about the Kjadeletts riding the Jason bandwagon. Actually, I have gotten in plenty of arguments about Jason. My friend at work makes so much fun of him - she said he looks ridiculous with that hair, and told me he looks like some 14 year old with a wig! My mother called him a "flake"! Can you imagine? It's all in fun I suppose. But thanks for posting the article.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Jason tonight. (sorry to go on & on so much about him).

    Oh, and yes....Simon was a MAJOR grouch last night!
  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I'm a huge Dolly fan. Named my youngest Jolene after the song.

    Since I love Jolene (song and child) I found Brookes rendition horrible. She sounded out of breath and the phrasing was odd. I agree with Simon that she and the band members looked like they were busking on a street corner. Made me think of Pioneer Square in Seattle.

    I would have liked to see Brooke sing Hard Candy Christmas. I think it would have fit her style better. Syesha set herself up to be shot down. No comparison to earlier versions. I think Syesha might have done a better job on Jolene.

    Loved Michael Johns last night. Both Davids are always good.

    Kristi Lee will show up on a country label some where. She actually put a record out before. That hasn't been as publisized as Carly's previous experience.

    I, personally, don't care for Carly but I thought Simon's comments on her appearance were out of line. She might not fit his "ideal" of how a pop star should look, but she is entitled to dress however she wants and she does have the talent to be there.

    Last night I voted for Michael Johns. First time I've voted for him. Usually I have liked David Cook the best but last night I thought Michael outsung them all.

    We'll see!

  9. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    last nite....I think David Cooke is consistently the best, I can actually envision him as a rock star! Michael Johns did well too, the others, not bad but nothing outstanding. I ditto the earlier post,Ramiele just needs to go home, she really bugs me too!
  10. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I just had to tell write much better than most of the reviewers/reporters I have read. Your evaluation of the show should be in headlines! Fabulous Job!

    According to an AOL poll I saw, they have them ranked like this:
    1.David A
    2.David C
  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Do any of you's ever go the idol tour and see the top 10 live?

    I do.
    I'm kinda goofy like that :)

    Its a really good time for me.
    and since I hardly ever get out much, its a night a yr of doing something I enjoy~

    I loved the yr with Bo Bice~
    (nothing like Kjade w/jason,.. :) but close.

  12. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    The show opened with the contestants singing Dolly's '9 to 5' --the boys looked uncomfortable at best, but at least our David Cook was there!!! What a relief!!! I just love him!!!! I don't love this song but I think, overall, the group did a respectable job. And Kjade, don't get mad, but I think my David Cook is going to edge out your Jason!!!! C'est la vie...

    Back from excruciatingly long commercials, it's a recap of last night's highlights. It's enough Dolly for me, thank you very much...but here's a thought that came to me while watching the recap. I think it might have been better if Brook sang 'Coat of Many Colors' and Kristi sang 'Jolene.' An after-thought for sure, but hey, that's just me...

    MICHAEL JOHNS called out first and, of course, he' safe and... he's just so good looking. Did I mention that?

    DAVID ARCHULETA next, and he's safe. No big surprise.

    CARLY SMYTHSON is safe tonight, thank God.

    Off to more excruciatingly long, dull commercials. I think I had enough time to grow out my fingernails--twice.

    The phone calls from fans, is it me or is this just an annoying waste of time? I really don't enjoy this segment of the show and I wish they'd make it go away.

    The Clark Brothers (who?) sang 'This Little Light Of Mine.' Well, it didn't shine for me--I've heard way too many variations of this song in church. This was a good ol' country knee slappin' snoozer for me! I did feel a little spiritual watching them...praying for it to end!!! Sorry guys....

    Next up, I loved the basketball playing on the Ford commercial...thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids having so much fun together!!

    DAVID COOK made light of his medical glad it wasn't serious. And not surprisingly, he's safe tonight.

    RAMIELE MALUBAY, no big surprise, is in the bottom three;

    KRISTI LEE COOK another no big surprise, also in the bottom three;

    More excruciatingly dull commercials. This time I'm sticking pins UNDER my fingernails--it's less painful than these exhaustingly long commercial breaks we have to endure while we're all sitting on edge;

    A little preview of Nashville and past contestants--remember Bucky, Phil Stacy, and Bo Bice? By the way, Bo's new album rocks!!

    SYESHA MERCADO was called out next. She looked so nervous but the anxiety quickly drained from her face as it was announced that, for tonight, she was safe;

    BROOK WHITE and JASON CASTRO were called out together. I loved that Brook emplored Simon to apologize to the band. And after a moment of anxiety, Jason was safe and Brook was sent to the bottom three;

    Simon then commented that this bottom three was right on target, who even listens to Paula--did she say anything coherent? Does she know how? Beats the heck out of me..

    More @#$%&( commercials; I think I'm writing a letter...can I dial in and text 'no ##$%& commercials?' I'd vote for that over and over again...

    Then there was a poignant overview of Ethiopia and the unfortunate little ones whose lives were touched by the American Idol Gives Back Program. I am sure some of the funding was underwritten by their sponsors; now I feel bad for being annoyed by the commercials..

    Did Dolly really have to write a ridiculous song called 'Jesus and Gravity?' Did I like it? Well, put it this way, I'd rather listen to The Clark Brothers again... please, bring me to a commercial now Lord...and not surprisingly, my prayers are answered;

    With ten minutes to go, I really want to know already who's going home, and I'm hoping it's Ramiele. At this point, I believe she's out of her league.

    Randy predicted Ramiele will go home, Simon merely said "Not Brook", and Paula said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I don't think they're letting her speak/babble anymore.

    Brook was announced safe and sent to the sofa. Kristi is safe for another week, and Moses pray, Ramiele is finally going home!!! God knows she's sweet enough, but just a light-weight at this point. But she'll be on tour, so don't feel too sorry for her!! I have to say, she sang her final song sweetly, with alot of poise for a kid her age.

    Just one final thought, Ryan Seacrest really reminds me of Kermit the Frog--seriously. Does anybody else see it too?

    Well that's it kids!! Time for bed!! Let's do this again real soon!!! LOL--


    P.S. Kjade, thanks for the writing compliment. It made my day!!!

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  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    looks like all your speed dialing paid off! Did they say what they were doing next week besides the gives back part?

    I felt so sorry for Ramiele standing there between the two towers, either she is really short or they are REALLY tall.

    I am with Laura with the music, just didn't like it. Didn't know what to expect when Dolly came out but ended up liking it. That woman can write a song and put on a show, you have to give her that.

    Simon making up with Carly was nice, I guess for Simon in his I'm only trying to help you because you are so cute thing.

    Until next week-or sooner :) Carla

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  14. kjade

    kjade New Member

    OMG - you all have no idea how happy I am! That is all I can say right now!

    Laura - agreed about all the nonsense to fill in the entire hour - I was ready to RIP MY HAIR OUT!! GEEZ!!

    And why are they messing with Jason??? As they called them out one by one, I was so sick to my stomach! Then when they went to one thing after another and he still wasn't safe, I was soooooo nervous.......

    I agree with Simon...I think that was the right bottom 3 (I think I guessed it somewhere else?). Anyway it was great to see Bo Bice again (he is expecting another baby btw from what I have read!) I was ALMOST as crazy for him as I am for Jason (well....I guess not really that close, but...)

    Tandy! I AM taking my 2 oldest sons to the concert this year! I have decided. (although my 2 yr old daughter claps and cheers for Jason, she may be too young yet - hey he's mine, little girl! LOL!) One of my best friends found out she is a 1/2 sister of a former contestant (don't want to say who) and she got to go back stage, so I am going to find out if she can help this girl out! I can't wait for the live show! It will feel like I am back at NKOTB all over again!!

    See Carla....all that voting really DOES pay off! LOL!!

    WOOOOO HOOOOOO! NOW I can sleep!!! :)

    P.S. To Laura~~~I love David C too - but you can have him, and "WE" will see "YOU TWO" in the final! OK? LOLOLOLOL!!!!

    And mysticbrit, you are right---there is an AI god! Although I really felt bad for tiny little Ramiele. That was sad.

    Also, I read somewhere that either Mariah Carey or Neil Diamond will be the "mentors" soon.......
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  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    When they showed the group tonight, I thought someone had their little sister backstage with wait, that's Ramiele. Wow, she is REALLY tiny! And she plays that tiny girl card so well. When she came out on stage with her little hands cupped up near her chin, I half expected to see a pacifier, or a blanket trailing behind. Then the sad, pouty puppy dog face... and then....wait for it...the bottom lip. Man, am I relieved to have her out of the way. That baby-cute thing works when your mom is pushing you around in the cart at Walmart, but not so much when you are competing to be a professional entertainer.

    But I was impressed that she managed to pull it together and sing her final song! She's cute, she has talent, and I felt bad for her, but it was her time.

    Laura, yes, I can see the Seacrest/Kermit resemblance! I think it's the extreme horizontal span of his lips.

    Ryan has become a caricature of himself. The dude must have been the Valedictorian at Enunciation University! Not to mention, he must have the tightest, buffest facial muscles on the planet! I wonder if he is any relation to Jim Carey? If they could just get those two in a room together, and harness the energy generated by their combined facial muscles, they could power the entire state of California!

    Have I mentioned lately how handsome Michael is? Just checking. He walks out there looking all gorgeous, and;=-. mkj][li n./.k/.;plllllmmmmmmmmmmm

    (sorry, I drooled on the keyboard)

    ...and then he opens his mouth and speaks, and there's that accent - the icing on the Michael Johns cake!

    I thought Kristi's chair holding note was not only in poor taste, but a bad idea. She was probably trying to poke fun at herself and make light of her perpetual position in the bottom 3. But it came off looking like she was a little bitter - which won't help her cause. Syesha had the right idea last week, beaming the vibrant smile, in spite of her spot in the chair of doom. I hope Kristi taped it in place, because I think she will be returning to that spot next week.

    Next week, the lineup will be a little different:
    Tuesday- Compete
    Wed- Idol Gives Back
    Thursday- Results
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I missed ths weeks shows. Been out of the house from morn till night.

    Thanks so much for the updates lgp.

    Im so glad Brooke was safe. And david A. I like that kid.

    Kjade is getting more and more enamoured of Jason. Im sorry i couldnt see him perform. Next week I will I hope.

    God Bless
  17. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    that I have never watched Idol... until the other night when we couldn't find anything on. I am totally with Mysticbrit, Michael Johns curled my toes too!

    Dang, something else to be hooked on watching....LOL BUT watching the next night broke my heart, I cried right along with that little girl, heck I cry during commercials... so maybe I should skip the second night and just read on here who got booted!

  18. kjade

    kjade New Member

    4everkid, your description of the show had me LMAO!!! Just had to tell you that!

    Ryan Seacrest looking like Kermit! Yes, I guess I can see that too. But when you said he "must have been the Valedictorian at Enunciation University!" I just laughed so hard. He really has become quite good at being an announcer - I think he does a really good job with the show. I find him very funny and I enjoy his smart-aleck personality.

    Oh, and I agree about the Kristy note. I did notice that she had a note in her hand the previous week when she and Jason were called out last (and HE was sent to the bottom, not her!) and I wondered what the note was all about. I was reading on another board people who felt sorry for her with the note, and how the poor girl has been in the bottom so many times and how sad it is and all.

    Well, I find her to be very annoying and cocky. Did you notice her little remarks to Simon after he critiqued her? She seems to me to be a kid who was always told she was so perfect and beautiful - like a princess. OOOOHH I get annoyed!

    And I agree....although I am so in love with another contestant I can't stand it, I find Michael so beautiful too. He is so sexy, laid back, casual, and that ACCENT!! AND....I love the way he sings!

    I read today that they are singing inspirational songs next week.
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    oh I bet David Archeletor will do good with this one. I hope I wont miss it.

    God Bless
  20. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I of course have downloaded all of Jason's songs. The contestants all do a "studio version" of the song they sang on the show the previous week.

    I just MUST tell you that Jason sounds INCREDIBLE in the studio!! I am listening to Travelin' Thru, and it is such a happy, happy song - I have a HUGE smile on my face (oh, he is so cute!) Also, I have the "Fragile" studio version - it is just sooooo sexy! He sounds so GREAT!

    OK, I will stop with Jason promos now, sorry.'re right - I'm sure David A will wow us next week if that is the theme. Although I keep reading how controlling his father is and it makes me sad for "little David" (as I like to call him). I read that the week he screwed up his lyrics (Beatles week) that his father berated him so badly he was in tears. I guess I can see where his shy sensitive side comes from then. I know the feeling.....

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