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  1. lgp

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    If David Cook does not win this competition, there's no justice in the music world!!! He's the most amazing performer to grace their stage!!! Go David!!! His performance of Billy Jean was musical genius!!!

    Obviously, I'm totally psyched!!!

  2. budmickl

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    I couldn't believe his performance!

    I have chills! I can't wait to watch the local news tonight because they always interview his friends and family in Blue Springs. Yes, he is from the KC area!


    I've never ever voted before but I am burning up the phone lines tonight!!!

  3. ckball

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    That was incredible- he does have "IT" Can't wait to see what he does next week. Carla
  4. 4everkid

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    Alright. It's final. I am switching Davids! That was absolutely the coolest thing EVER! When they announced "Billie Jean", I thought, what a horrible song choice for him! Then he changed this former R&B Pop song into an entirely new creation! It was sultry and emotional, then wild and rockin'!

    Every week David Cook does something totally new with whatever song he has chosen. And he is consistently excellent.

    A lot of them did a great job tonight, but I just don't think anyone can stand a chance against David C.

    Like you said Carla, I can't wait to hear what he does next week!

    Laura, thanks for starting this thread each week!
  5. kjade

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    Although I agree David was absolutely awesome last night, the second he started singing, my husband said that he was ripping off Sound Garden – I was like “what are you talking about”? He said the lead singer of Sound Garden just did this exact version of Billie Jean recently – he heard it on the radio. He couldn’t believe the judges didn’t say anything about that…..but I agree with all of you – I think he is great, and I think he may win the whole thing.

    I was listening to a local radio station in my town on my way to work, and they were talking about some poll done here, which they said is usually 99% accurate. They said the bottom 3 is going to be Ramiele, Chikezie and JASON!!! based on the poll. I don’t think he was that great vocally last night, and I agree with Simon – he really needs to do something great, like he did with Hallelujah a few weeks back.

    I am extremely nervous about tonight.
  6. 4everkid

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    Does anyone else think the judges have been a little unfair? I thought they were too hard on Chikezie and Carly, then too easy on Brooke. She sounded very Karaoke last night. I really expected Simon to be the one to point that out.

    I missed Syesha, but I heard the judges positive remarks. So considering that she & Kristi did well last night, I wouldn't be surprised to see Chikezie and Ramiele in the bottom 3. But Jason? That would be a shock. I would think he has too many fans to end up there at this point.

    He won't go home yet Kjade. There are still several that are bound to go sooner, even if he isn't doing well. And if he does make the bottom 3, it might be a good thing. It might shock him into getting real serious and coming back with something that will blow us away.

    I decided to check out the version your husband mentioned Kjade. It was Chris Cornell, former lead singer of Soundgarden, who is now a solo act. David's version does start out like Chris Cornell's but he changes it up in the louder part of the song, the chorus, and ends it differently. So even though it's been done in a similar style, he still made it original.

    Check them both out here:

    Chris Cornell -

    David Cook -
  7. Greenbean7

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    Too bad it's not really a talent contest. David C will probably end up like Daughtrey, he won't win but he will do better in the music world than the winner will.

  8. 1sweetie

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    rocked last night. Totally awesome.
  9. fight4acure

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    *In the order that I would vote for them.

    This week I voted for David Cook. He took a Michael Jackson, "Billy Jean" song and made it into hot rock n' roll!!!! It was to die for!

    My second favorite is Chikezie! He gives me goose bumps when he sings!

    My third favorite is Syesha Mercado! She has so much vocal range!

    My 4th favorite is Kristy Lee Cook. She did an excellent job last night!

    And my 5th favorite is Carly Smithson, as she rocks hard with Heart songs. I do not like her tattoos though. She should cover them up or take them off. They make her look too trashy the way they are on her arm. But she's a great singer!

  10. fight4acure

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    They were too hard on Chikezie and Carly, and way too easy on Brooke.

    Brooke's performance last night sucked, I thought. Even I could've sang that better than she did. She's just getting by on her looks and kindness, but has to be dropped from all those who have far more skills than her.

    Chikezie is being compared to other performances he did that rocked this world! Randy and Simon were very critical of him for not changing up the song to their liking. They were critical of Carly and Syesha as well.

    My pick of the bottom three are: Brooke White, Remiele Malubay, and Jason Castro.

    I believe Remiele should be going home tonight, then Brooke the next week, then Jason Castro the next week.

    Jason is just not excelling. His looks and smile are what's keeping him in there. It should be based on tallent of singing, not playing the guitar, or piano (in Brooke's case). Jason is just being boring each week. I do like his songs, to an extent, but they are forgettable when he doesn't excell or show any potential.

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  11. Gingareeree

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    For the first time this season I could see a clear winner...David Cooke. I think all the contestants can sing well given the right song choices, but he comes thru each week. I can't help but like Brooke. She has such an appealing personality, and I really like the throaty quality to her voice. However, I wouldn't be suprised if either she or Carly go this week.
  12. budmickl

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    I just did a search on Napster for Sound Garden's version of Billie Jean. I couldn't find anything. Is your husband sure it was Sound Garden?


    I found it - Chris Cornel sang it and it is certainly cool too! Ryan Seacrest just made a comment to David Cook in the results show that Chris called him today and he liked it too! YEAH!!
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  13. kjade

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    My husband downloaded the Chris Cornell version, and I downloaded the David Cook version of Billie Jean.

    After listening to both several times, I have to say that David Cook's version was much, much better (in my opinion).
  14. Cromwell

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    I missed the knock out session last night as I went to bed. Who was eliminated?

  15. lgp

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    see my other post AMERICAN IDOL--Who Went Home for the full Wednesday night update.