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  1. 4everkid

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    Nice to have the whole group together in one show now. But last night, I was surprised in several ways.

    First of all, Paula was actually lucid, which has become a rare treat. Did she actually make a few negative remarks?? Simon was ...well...uhhh... he looked really nice in his white shirt. We got to see the other shade in his colorless rainbow! (Someone has to fill in for loopy Paula when intelligent Paula is taking her place.)

    David A. kind of sucked last night. Poor little guy. He was stifling back the tears after his 3-way negative critique. I feel sure he won't get voted off though, and will get a chance to make up for that mess.

    Chikezie - WOW! That was incredible. Whoduthunk anyone could take a Beatles song, start it out as backwoods bluegrass, then change it to scat rock? I was amazed! He was amazed with himself too. That was fun!

    Jason wasn't as good this week, but he was still way better than most. I still love him.

    Michael is lacking something, but I am too blinded by his beauty to tell what it is.

    David Cook was good. A slow start, but it got better. He is going to be around for a while!

    Amanda and Carly both rocked the house, and Brooke was great as always. The rest of the girls bore me.

    Syesha and Ramiele, while they sing well, and have nice voices, are just too average to fit in this year. They just kind of blend into the background. Kristi tried too hard to be different. Her performance was somewhat frantic.

    It seems this year, especially with the boys, they seem to have a good grasp on the idea that they need to make the arrangement their own, like Chikezie did this week, and David Cook does every week. The people who sing it the exact way we have always heard it just don't stand out in this group.

    lgp - I see what you mean about Simon and Brooke. He gets a certain love-glazed look in his eyes when he speaks to her.

    Somewhere online a few days ago, I came across the percentage of votes the remaining 12 Idols got last week. I hope I can find it again to compare. David A. had 40 something percent of the votes last week, with the next closest, Jason, at 13 percent. (Huh? ONLY 13???) That 40 percent was down from the previous week of 63 percent! What a huge lead! I am curious to see if David's lousy performance this week leveled him out closer to the rest of the contestants. If I find that again, I will post it here.
  2. 4everkid

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    Although I don't care for Amanda, she is good. But she is very one dimensional. I would love to see them throw something like Neil Sedaka or Barry Manilow week her way. Now if this show was Janis Joplin Wannabe Idol, Amanda would be the sure-fire winner!
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    I just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts.

    You always bring a smile to my face. Thanks.........H
  4. foggyfroggy

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    I think Syesha has by far the best voice of the girls, but you're right that she just doesn't seem to stand out! It would be a shame if she was voted out though.

    And, I don't think Brooke would even still be there if it wasn't for Simons starry eyes. Talk about a one trick pony - she has a pleasant voice but not much range and every song she does is just like the last one!

    Kristi just seems really uncomfortable - her 'dancing' is stiff and she's not really relaxed with her music. She seems sooo young.

    I LOVED Chikezie!

    Can't wait for tonight!
  5. tandy

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    stripper Hernandez goes home tonight~

    He was'nt good at all last night.

    Yea,... poor lil David A. had a bad night.(forgetting the words) but I'm sure he has quite the following to keep him afloat.

    ok,..enough about idol untill tomorrow :)
    lets talk about spitzer.
    do we dare??
    take care all
  6. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Jason is still my favorite! I voted for him last night about 30 times! (I know...I'm acting like a silly school girl). He wasn't as great vocally, but I thought he was really starting to come out of his shy little shell. I did NOT appreciate Paula flirting with him though - she just kept staring at him with stars in her eyes! I was very annoyed with that.

    David Cook was great! I really didn't care for that song, but I liked him a lot. He is my husband's favorite.

    David A was not good last night at all - I felt for the poor kid - especially when he forgot his lyrics. He is such a doll, but I think he may have lost some votes with that performace.

    Michael is so beautiful too. I actually liked his song - it was very emotional, and gave me chills. I was surprised the judges didn't care for it.

    Chikize was really good, although I'm not really a fan of his. I loved the enthusiasm he showed last night. I don't think he is going anywhere!

    As for the girls, I still only really like Carly - although I didn't agree with the comparison between her and Kelly Clarkson - just my opinion. The other girls are just so boring!!

    Although I like Amanda, I too would like to hear her sing something other than a Janis-type song. That would be funny to hear her sing Barry Manilow!

    Oh, and 4everkid, did you notice she was actually SMILING a lot last night, and it really seemed genuine this time?

    My guess for ther person leaving is Kristy - that country version of 8 Days a Week was terrible, IMO. But we shall see. GO JASON!!!! :)

    Oh, and Tandy, what is spitzer?
  7. sisland

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    Got voted off last night! I heard that he worked as a stripper,,,,but that doesn't make him a bad person!,,,,,lolol,,,,,,The one gal Chanesea (SP) ,,,,is one of my favorites ,,,,,along with,,,,chikize ,,,,,,They are both so good!,,,,,,,

    Does anyone think that Amanda will win?,,,,,

    I don't but i think she will get a Record Deal and make it big as a JJ alike singer!,,,she has a very unique voice!

    My winner prediction is David Cook,,,,,,of course you just never know!,,,,,,Jason has a Kool voice and Talent,,,,KJ'S new boyfriend,,,,,,,,,lolol,,,

    He's Cute! But i can't help but wonder what he would look like without the Dreads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmm,,,,,He has a young John Travolta look alike face,,,,,,,,

    Michael Johns is a kool guy Too!,,,,,,Goodlooking and a very Beautiful Voice!,,,,also a beautiful wife,,,

    it will be fun to see who wins!,,,,,I Love the Beatle Songs they are singing,,,,,,so Kool!,,,,,,,,sis

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  8. tandy

    tandy New Member


    Kjade* spitzer is the scandal w/ the NY govenor.(prostitution ring??)
    horrible subject but just so off the wall crazy.
    One of those, sure can't tell a book by its cover.

    I think my fav. idol might be David Cook. ??
    I have to like their stage performance,looks,attitude and mostly- voice. He's got it all.

    Talk soon/take care,

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