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    Tonight's theme is Inspirational Songs. Let us pray....

    MICHAEL JOHNS opened the show with Aerosmith's 'Dream On' and in my opinion, he once again knocked another one out of the park! For the first time in a good while, I totally agreed with Paula's positive assessment. Sometimes, I think Randy and Simon are just a little jealous of the male contestants for the female attention they receive. Oh, and have I mentioned before just how good looking Michael is....

    SYESHA MERCADO sang 'I Believe' by Fantasia. Personally, I am not a fan of this song, but when she hit that insane high note at the end, I was truly impressed!! I don't know if selecting a show stopping Fantasia song was the best decision, but Paula was sweet and even Simon was kind in his essentially neutral assessment. Not so for Randy, and , at this point I'm starting to wonder if he wore his tight drawers tonight...

    JASON CASTRO up next with his ukelele and a Hawaiian version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and at first I thought, "Oh no, He's sunk." And then he amazed me!!! It was so beautiful and he really reminded me of Jeff Buckley. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paula and Simon loved it. And finally, a smile and a thumbs up out of tight drawers Randy, and I feel like there's some hope for the rest of the night....

    KRISTI LEE COOK sang 'Anyway' by Martina McBride and for openers, this girl's look NEVER matches the mood of the song she's singing. But I must say she really did justice to this song!!! Randy and Simon were kind and Paula was so right again tonight; this was one of Kristi's best performances. But at this point I am somewhat distracted by Paula's dress, or lack thereof. I can't help but think, can somebody in the audience lend Paula a sweater? Geez, girl, show 'em a little, but those puppies look like they're suffering....

    DAVID COOK sang 'Innocent' and of course, I loved it!!!!! It's an offbeat kind of song, but the theme of inspiration really shone through to me--almost brough me to tears with 'Give back' written on his extended hand. He conveyed a melancholy feeling and he looked great!! Oh, and by the way, Simon calling ANYONE 'pompous' is downright hysterical!!!

    CARLY SMYTHSON sang 'Show Must Go On' (I think that's the name of the song) and I just didn't get this song--and not because I had never heard it before. I thought she was sort of screaming the song, instead of singing it. She really looked great though and the three judges assessments were lukewarm at best. Simon conveyed the idea that this performance could quite possibly jeopardize her position in the competition.

    DAVID ARCHULETA sang 'Angels' and in the beginning, I thought it was a little weak, and then suddenly, that boy just belts it out and in a flash of a second, he owns your heart! How'd he do that? This was a masterpiece!!! He is amazing, and tonight, I'm thinking he just may be the next American Idol; I don't even care what the judges think!!!

    BROOK WHITE sang Carol King's 'You've Got A Friend'. I am a HUGE Carol King fan, so I was really hoping Brook would do her justice. Truth be told, every week I was hoping Brook would do one of her songs. Now I wish she hadn't. Her look did not match the song at all--where's her curly hair, bohemian Carol King-like look tonight?? And I just didn't like it at all. She should have sang, in my opinion, something like 'So Far Away'. The judges basically assessed this as 'nice'. I see Brook going home really soon.

    Tomorrow's show is 'Idol Gives Back' with the elimination show airing on Thursday night.

    Anyway kids, that's just me. Time for bed, and I'll see you all tomorrow night!!!

    Stay tuned--


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    I voted for Kristy Lee Cook, because I felt she did the best performance tonight.

    I also believe Brooke is going home, but she has a lot of fans, so if not Brooke, then Carly.

    I noticed the background singers were too loud this week. If they're going to use back up singers, the back up singer's volume on the control panel should be knocked down a few notches.

    Hugs :)
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    Jason was so FABULOUS!!! I was in tears!!

    Just check out my profile pic! How HOT????
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    Interesting night!
    First of all, who was that sweet, smiling guy in Simon's place tonight? I don't know if there was some kind of shift in the fabric of reality, but Paula was concise and intelligent and Simon was downright delightful. When Simon needed to be a bit negative a few times, he did it with a charming smile.

    Could Paula's push-up dress have been powerful enough to have shoved Paula's brain back up into it's cavity and given it a little jumpstart? It was definitely responsible for some reality shifting of it's own.

    The whole night was a reality shift. The dead rise and the Emperor has no voice!

    Jason, Jason, Jason! Perfect song choice! If Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Over the Rainbow had crossed my mind, I would have recognized it as a perfect song for Jason and his ukulele! Glad he thought of it! He did it wonderfully. I was happy for him! I was happy for Kjade and the little Jadeletts! I'm just happy for everyone! Jason's back!

    Kristi was amazing. She couldn't have chosen a more perfect lyric to define her own reality at this point in the game.
    "You can pour your soul out singing a song you believe in that tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang. Sing it anyway, sing it anyway!" And she did! She sang it with power and emotion. Great job!

    David Cook chose a song in too low a register. He could not get enough power into those low notes to rise above the overbearing voices of the back-up singers. I'm really not sure if he was any good. I couldn't hear him. I doubt if it will hurt him in the standings though. He did look very cool though, and the hand message was a nice touch.

    I have noticed in the last few weeks that David Archuleta has managed to constrain his tongue. Good move! I was able to focus on his great performance without interruption by the little pink cuckoo popping out of it's hole. The only sign of his tongue was an actual sign held by a fan in the audience. (Apparently the tongue has it's own fans.) But aside from the tongue, David sang a beautiful song and did a great job again!

    Michael was prettier than ever tonight! His imitation of Aerosmith was nicely done. But at this point in the game he needs more than a good imitation of someone else. No matter how well he can sing, he needs to add some style of his own. And also... he needs to have some posters printed up. I'll take a life-sized one!

    I thought Carly was good tonight, as usual. And as usual, Simon didn't like her. But he complimented her clothes and was pleasantly warm and quiet genial in informing her that she was doomed.

    Syesha did a good job, but I couldn't help but feel she was horning in on Fantasia's inspirational moment of victory. Syesha, get your own signature theme song!

    I think Brooke took a little trip up into grandma's attic to retrieve the dress she wore tonight, to add that extra retro touch to her song. I think my family had a chair made from that fabric back in the 60's. Anyway.... it didn't help. The dress was hideous, and the song was unbearably boring.

    To the back-up singers.... back up! This is not your limelight. This is not your chance to be discovered. It is your job to enhance the idol's performances, not outshine them. Yeah, it sucks always being in the background...never getting any credit for the great performances. But that's the tough life of a back-up vocalist. If you can manage to harmonize beautifully without being noticed, then you have done a great job.

    To the producers... just how many backup singers do you really NEED anyway. I think you could let about 3 dozen of them go, and still have plenty left over.

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    Once again I thought Jason was great. His choice of song was right on and I loved it. Never thought I'd say that about Over the Rainbow, let alone Over the Rainbow with a uke!

    I couldn't understand most of the word of David Cook's song. I did like his give back sign on his hand, tho.

    Syesha picks songs that are way over her head. The originals were so fantastic that she can't help but sound like a weak immitation. I think she has an awesome voice but needs to pick songs that are "her" instead of trying to do better than artists who have made a song their signature song.

    Carli looked ticked off! I couldn't understand why she looked so mad through the whole song. It really confused me because the songs were supposed to be inspirational and her facial expression was so 180 from the words of the song. Very distracting.

    Brooke was, as the judges put it, pleasant. On the Bell curve she would have been exactly center. Nothing either good or bad to say about it, just kind of there. Dress was awful, too.

    David A did a wonderful job with the song. Such a good job that I didn't notice until he was standing next to Ryan that he looked like he had slept in his shirt! An iron would have been nice, he looked sloppy. Glad he is getting his tongue under control!

    Kristi Lee did a wonderful job and I thought she looked great, also. She really appeals to the country crowd.

    I was afraid Paula would inhale and would be exposed to the world!

    The back up was a little loud. Since this was inspirational week they used a choir for back up and it was almost like the sound techs had a little trouble controling the volume. I noticed that some songs started with the back up too loud and then it was toned down. I don't think the problem was with the choir, but with the tech control. Having done some back-up singing I have to stand up for them. Most of the time it isn't the back up singers trying to take over but the sound people not getting it quite right.

    Can't wait for Thursday! I voted for Jason with both hands this week. House phone in one, cell in the other!

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    I did'nt love anybody.
    The one I usually don't like,..Christy, did really good.
    My favs. did'nt do to well :(
    (Cook and brooke) I made a ryme :)

    I think either Syesha or carly should pack up.

    I'm looking forward to tonights Idol gives back.
    Alot of good stars on tonight.
    Brad pitt is enough for any one of us. Nice eye candy~
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    ...with all the above.

    I think that the dress was hideous too, and why not do it on the piano herself, that may have worked better. The nervous weepy thing is really not saying "Star" to me, it is not just the singing, it is the whole personna that makes a star and why some not great singers CAN make it over really great ones.

    I think the little gal who lost last week was alos hampered by the "poor little me" thing too.

    I think that the Irish gal, I just forgot her name, looks a little "hard". Unfortunately although others liked her outfit the top looked like a swimsuit I once had, so that put me off. I agree that Paula's dress was not suited for a panel either.

    There are so many great inspirational songs, I would have liked to see a couple of better choices, as after all, it is a wide audience with oldies like me watching too.

    I agree that Jason, at first, I thought Oh no, it is a busking type song, but he is so cute and has such a sweet voice, he doe smake his mark..

    I hope they make lots of money tonight for sure, and glad they do that.

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    You are so right. I needed a good scolding! Backup singers can't sing softly and still sound right. It was the sound tech's who should have more on top of the situation. I see that a lot of people are griping about the backup singers drowning out the idols last night. This is not the first time this has been a problem either. Maybe the word will get back to the sound technicians that we are not hearing things as they should be.

    It worked with David A's tongue anyway. I never heard Simon mention the problem to him, yet apparently word got back around to him that his lip licking was distracting and disturbing. I HOPE he learned it from the online discussions anyway, and that his evil stage dad doesn't have the tongue sealed up in a mason jar back at the hotel!

    I still say Cook's song choice was wrong. Even if the backup vocalists had been toned down, David's low notes were powerless on stage. But one bad week after all those good ones... he still has a better track record than anyone else.

    What's up with Syesha and her Diva song choices? I doubt she's over confident, being that she has been near the bottom for weeks. I imagine it is more the vocal equivalent of the fight-or-flight reaction... do or die. She wants to blow us away with her powerful renditions and save herself. You gotta give the girl credit for trying.