American Idol Week 3...Did you watch?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kjade, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Did anyone watch the show last night with the guys? If so please tell me what you thought!

    I absolutely LOVED David the rocker with the Lionel Richie song – I thought it was AWESOME the way he mixed up that song and made it sound like a modern rock song. He was great.

    I still love little David, but wasn’t very pleased with his performance last night – it was just OK for me. And I sill love Michael – he did remind me of the guy from INXS the way he performed last night.

    I like watching Danny – he cracks me up. He would be such a pretty woman – he has the most beautiful eyes.

    But….I have to say, I am absolutely in LOVE with Jason – he is just so beautiful to me, and I love his shy personality. I told dh I would leave him if Jason walked through the door! LOL!! And I loved the way he sang last night!

    So what did y’all think?
  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    First the bad...

    David Hernandez and his giant, pea-sized booger story... thats the way to get the votes! I thought he sang very well, but he slit his own throat when he grossed out all the teenybopper girls with his booger tale. Then I found out last night he was a male stripper. Now he's just "naked booger guy" to me. He's doomed.

    I agree, David Cook was great last night, and his arrangement was unique. I think I like his version better than the original. On a normal season I think he could win the thing, if it weren't for guys like....

    David Archuleta, who was great, but less than perfect last night. Phil Collins was the right artist choice, but he should have gone with a more powerful song. I still love him, but it wouldn't take much for him to get knocked into my second place spot by....

    Jason Castro! Incredible song, incredible performance! I love this guy. I like his style and I like his unique song choices. He's pretty cute too, but not as cute as...

    Michael Johns. Michael picked a perfect song for himself and performed it pretty good. He's not the best, but I still like him. I admit I am blinded by his good looks and his cool accent. He probably won't win, but I would settle for a nice poster!

    Danny Noriega was horrible, but he is such a fun and interesting kid. I know there are a lot of little girls all ga ga over him, but I felt he was in the bottom three.

    I think Luke and Chikezie will get the boot this week.

    I don't even care about the girls. The best girl is probably 3rd or 4th to the top boys. As things stand now, I think the top three are David A. David C. and Jason Castro. This would be an interesting final three.... "pop" versus "rock" versus "alternative." A battle of the genres! But that's just my own opinion.

    It really is a tough competition this year!

  3. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I love David the rocker--he looks exactly like my rocker nephew, so I'm just a little partial!! I really liked the spin he put on the Lionel Ritchie song.

    Little David is adorable, but Simon was right as usual. He needs to pick an upbeat song. That Danny kid is a piece of work singing Tainted Love. He reminded me of a kid all alone in their bedroom singing into the mirror.

    Don't even mention daughter said I get a really stupid, trance-like look on my face when he sings. Was there a song? I can't remember--he's just so good looking....

    Jason is adorable in a bohemian way. It was really brave of him to put a spin on that song cause it's so legendary.

    I have to say, I love Simon. People think he's just mean and sometimes he is, but what he's saying is usually painfully true. Paula is such a space cadet she often defies description!

    Watch this tonight: Simon gets a little goofy when he speaks to Brooke. I think he has a thing for her--he seems smitten!

    I was at the hairdresser earlier and everyone had a different opinion. I say this year belongs to the boys. What do you think? I'll watch tonight though, maybe I'll have changed my mind.

    Stay tuned!!

  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    i watched last night,,,and i'm going to pick Michael Johns! all the other guys were good too except the goofy one that looks like a girl! Danny,,,,,

    and the boy with the dreadlocks,,,wow he's good too! ,,,,,It's going to be a tough competition!,,,,All but Danny are seriously Talented!,,,,,,Watching the Gals tonight!
  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I agree with you Kina - I think Luke may be out. I have no idea why he chose the Wham song - not a good move, IMO. Not sure on the other one though - my guess would be Chikizie (sp?)

    4everkid: Oh, you made me laugh so hard when you talked about David and his story about his booger!! My dh and I were saying the same thing! Why on EARTH would you share that story?? What a turn-off! And it's something you don't forget! I love David A. too, but I noticed that he licks his lips constantly, and it started to bug me last night - I couldn't concentrate on the song, cause I kept noticing that. He really is such a doll though, and CAN sing!

    Laura, I agree about Simon - I have always just ADORED him. Yes, he is brutally honest, but that's what he's being paid to do, right? And 9 times out of 10, I agree with him completely! I love Michael too - he is so sexy! And that accent!!

    Sis, yes Danny does look like a girl, but wouldn't he be such a pretty girl? It's too bad he acts like he does (which I find somewhat amusing) because he actually has a really good voice - I would never guess that voice comes from him!

    Nancy, Jason is my fave this year....I am just SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!! I record the show on DVR, and I just sat last night watching him over & over - I couldn't help it! My husband thought he made a mistake by singing that song, but I thought he was FABULOUS!! And I agree about David Cook - I think he was "trying" to be funny last week - it just didn't work. He is an awesome singer though!

    Well...I can't wait to watch tonight just so I can catch a glimpse of my Jason!! Who CARES about the girls!

    Funny, I haven't voted since Bo Bice was on (was in love with him too) - I might just have to start voting again this year!!
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am officially choosing Carly as my fav girl. But I am still rooting for David A. & Jason though.

    Kjade, I noticed the lip licking thing too with David A. I really expected Simon to mention it. He usually points out these annoying habits. If the kids lips are dry, he just needs a coat of Vaseline. If its a habit, it may be hard to break. It bugged me too. He needs to cut that out!

    I like Simon too. He is unnecessarily rude sometimes, but at least you can count on him to be truthful. Paula seems to serve no purpose at all anymore, except to comment on the superficial aspects and provide mindless, time killing babbling. She seemed a little more coherent last week, but this week she was back to her usual confused state. I like Randy a lot too. He is honest in a polite way. But I could do without quite so much of the "yo yo yo" the "dawg" stuff and all the other bits of Randy-speak.

    What the heck was up with Amanda, the white streaked rocker nurse? She seemed to go out of her way to look pi$$ed. She just got three big thumbs ups, then she ruined it with her bad attitude.

    I am pretty sure that page one of the Idol handbook states that a good idol is happy and polite and smiles a lot. How could she NOT smile a little with all the great reviews??? When SIMON has to tell a person to smile, you know its bad! Then, she plastered on a sarcastic fake smile. She might as well pack her bags after that.
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    and that lionel Richie song!!

    Danny,... ??? lets just say if I close my eyes while he sings,..he's ok.
    but otherwise,...I can't stand him.(sorry) he's way too girly/sissy-fied.
  8. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    By accident I saw there was a little video of Danny on youtube so I watched it. I have never been so offended by anyone. I can't even say here what he said in it. It was supposed to be a christmas greeting to friends and he said something about Santa and kid's mothers that was unbelievable.

    I am in agreement about Jason and David A.

  9. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    and after the girls performed, I still think it's the year of the boys. Let's watch and see tonight!!

  10. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Again, I was not impressed with any of the girls. Carly is my favorite of the girls, I guess....but even she wasn't so great last night.

    I just went on the American Idol web site (to see if there were any pics of Jason), and I can't believe this! I was reading their little message boards, and MOST of the people there just LOVE David A. and DANNY!! WHAT!!???? DANNY is their FAVORITE? What show are they watching?

    Now, I am a bit worried - not many of them were talking about Jason or Michael. I guess I REALLY better start voting!!
  11. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am surprised that Danny got the boot, but glad he did. I checked out his tainted Christmas video too, and he is just not worthy of idolization. After seeing how many fans he had, I bet they all were turned off by his video too, once it became public.

    I accidentally deleted my last post, when I meant to add to it. In it, I mentioned Amanda and her sour attitude after getting 3 great reviews. So bad that grouchy Simon tried to coax her to smile. I really expected her to go, just because of the lousy, don't-give-a -crap attitude and the sarcastic forced smile that followed. It's a good thing for her she was really good that night.
  12. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I too was a little surprised about Danny - I thought he had a bigger fan base - I guess not. When he and Chikizie were standing there, I thought it was going to be Chikizie for sure. He was so sweet though - he had his arm around Danny and gave him such a big hug when Ryan gave the news.

    4everkid - you cracked me up with your post about Paula - I was laughing so hard when you talked about her incoherent babbling. Did you see her last night - dancing and throwing her arms around? Was she drunk? It was a bit awkward to watch - then I thought I saw armpit sweat marks on her shirt....I was a little embarrased for her.

    I agree about Amanda - I mean, you are on a huge hit show, and you have this mean attitude - I felt her sarcastic smile was a bit out of line, but that's her personality I guess.

    I have a new picture in my profile of beautiful Jason! I could not resist....

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