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  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am kind of surprised there isn't already a topic on this. Is anyone else watching American Idol this season?

    I am really impressed with this seasons group. It is already hard picking someone to go home. I hated to see Matt in the bottom 2. I really like him. I also like Kris Allen a lot too. And Adam Lambert... although I didn't think he sang as good this week, I like him a lot. He is certainly unique and you never know quite what to expect from him. When he took off all the guyliner and combed his hair back... wow! He is adorable!

    I have to admit, I only saw the first hour last night. So I missed a bunch of them. But there are several of the ones I missed that I know are really good too. I know Lil is really good. Tough year!

    I caught my first results show this season with tonights episode. These kids are even good as a group.

    Do they make the bottom vote getter beg for another chance every week? I like the idea of the judges getting the option to save someone, but I am not sure about having to watch them go through an extra heartbreak of having the judges say a final "no."

    What does everyone think of the new judge Kara? I like having a 4th person and another girl. It makes them have to get more to the point. Also, it seems like having another female has had a positive effect on Paula, in several ways.

    Loved seeing Stevie Wonder - he was amazing! Was that last song in his medley something new? I liked it! Smokey sure is holding his age well.

    If I had to pick a fav right now, I think I would go with Kris Allen. Great voice, cool style, lots of talent, nice personality... and cute too.

    How about the rest of the Idol fans here... who's your favorite?
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I watched the performance episode last night. Live on other side of Atlantic and we get delayed shows.

    Singing wise Matt was best I think.

    Megan horrible. She copies Carey Underwood.

    Adam Lambert great. He has plenty of style and good looking in a funky way. Could win.

    Allison has a good chance of winning..awesome voice and singing for a 16 year old.

    Gokey - always sings well.

    Kris Allen - good but not the best. I think his cuteness is his biggest plus. And yes, i thought goodlooking guys like him who can sing and play guitar AND is modest and humble had gone out of fashion.

    Im sad Alexis Grace left. She was an original and so beautiful!

    God Bless

  3. otis89

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    I like adam lambert, hes so different and original......I also like megan, although i wished she would pick different songs......they are all pretty good this year and i dont have anything against kara, the new judge, it wouldnt bother me if she wasnt on the show. I like simon the best, as far as the judges go, i think if he were to leave the show would go down hill, i like paula and randy also, the three of them have great chemistry together...wonder what they will be singing this coming week.......I always look forward to it!
    catch ya later, and take care, otis89[This Message was Edited on 03/28/2009]
  4. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Hi 4everkid!
    I have been watching Idol this season. So far, Danny Gokey is my favorite....I love his voice. I also love Anoop. Although he is kinda boring on stage, but he really have a great voice. Adam is great too - he has a lot of experience on stage, so he is really great to watch. Although sometimes, he voice reminds me of those 80's hairband lead singers. Kris and Matt are also really good, but for me they are a little boring.

    As for the girls I really don't like any of them. Allison has an awesome powerful voice - she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson a lot. I cannot stand Lil, and I think Megan is horrible. I don't understand why she is still there. That little dance move she does when she wiggles her hips drives me nuts. But apparently, she has a lot of fans, so..

    I thought I was going to like Kara as a judge, but she is starting to bug me. I think it is too much...we really don't need to sit and listen to 4 judges after each performance. And I don't know that I like the change where they are now going to "save" someone. I agree with you 4everkid that it would be hard for the contestant to be told they are going home, then they sing again and wait to see if the judges are going to keep them or not. That is like a double whammy when they are told no again.

    At this point, I am thinking Adam or Danny are going to win this year. Just my guess.

  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Hey Kjade! I wondered where you were... I knew you must be watching.

    I have to admit, I haven't seen much of Danny Gokey yet. I have only watched part time. (AI vs Lost a lot this season - and I can't miss Lost!) When they get the show honed down to 1 hour, I may have a better chance of catching the whole thing.

    Yeah, Megan is unique... but I am surprised that she is still there. Her style is very old fashioned, and her voice is a bit grating. And year, the hip thing is creepy.

    You're right - its another year for the boys. At least there are more boys still standing. I do like Lil, and what I have seen of Allison though.

    Ok, this is hard to explain. I don't dislike Kara, but I don't care for her much either. But I like how her being there has effected the other judges. With a 4th person, they have to work harder to get to the point. Less rambling from Paula about rainbows, colors, moths, melons and cornflakes. Paula has to work harder to stay cognizant. Plus its more fair to have a second female point of view.

    Speaking of moths and melons, did anyone see the photo gallery on titled "The poetry of Paula Abdul"? Pretty funny collection of Paula's nonsense remarks. It's on the AI page there, under photo galleries.

    Otis - I agree that Simon is the best of the judges. I don't like the way he delivers his critiques in such a cold-hearted manner, but I usually agree with him.

    No one has mentioned Scott. He is a nice kid, but pretty average sounding vocally. I expect him to be one of the next few to go. Him and Megan. Cool that he made it this far with his visual limitations though. Maybe it will be the boost he needs to get him into the business.
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I got to watch the whole show tonight. I liked Kris and Adam best. Matt was not as good tonight. Lil was not as good as I remembered.

    I always think that they should get to do whatever they want for song choices, but when they do, its not as good. Considering they could do anything, there were some odd choices.

    I think the bottom two should be Megan (cause her voice is creepy), Scott (cause he's boring and predictable) and the third spot's a toss-up. I couldn't even make out the tune of Matts song. (And I liked him before!) Danny's was a little off in spots, and what was that mess Anoop sang? Bad choices for several of them and just not as good an evening overall.

    I am going with Kris as my official favorite, and Adam as second fav. Kris really made "Aint No Sunshine" into something new. (Same with Adam and his song.) But IMO, Kris was best!
  7. otis89

    otis89 New Member

    Well, i really didnt like her song choice, but i do like her voice, and i was sad to see her go, but i didnt think any of them did that great, like you said, 4ever, they could choose what ever they wanted and i think they all made the wrong choice, adam is still my favorite, though, i think scott should of been in the bottom, the judges just raved about his performance, and there was absolutely nothing special about it at all, i think the whole night was rather boring, and forgetable, i hope they liven up next week.
  8. Olderbutwiser

    Olderbutwiser New Member

    I just can't stop watching this show, from the very beginning to the suspenseful ending. However, that being said, Adam has this show in the bag. Let's face it, he can sing in any range, any kind of song and if you look on You Tube, Adam seems to have quite a bit going on his own. And I thought this show was for amateurs, silly gal.
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    This guy is unbelievable. Am I the only that thinks he could be a grandson to Elvis. I don't know what makes me feel this but some of his moves and his looks.

    I bet Elvis has had a few unnamed little ones along his way and they would now have grandkids. I am probably wrong but he reminds me of a young Elvis.

    I love how he has showed his range from the song he did last week to Born to Be Wild last night, he puts his signature on each song. The RIng of Fire was not JOhnny Cash's version but it was odd but his vocals were perfect. WHere has he been all this time????

    Hi Oldbutwiser, I don't think I have "met" you but like your user name. Any thoughts anyone on Adam's heritage-Carla
  10. otis89

    otis89 New Member

    He definitely has charisma, like elvis, and hes been my favorite all along, although he hasnt had the ability to make me weep like elvis, he sure is one talented, good looking human being, speaking of elvis, thats one place that i hope i get to see before i leave this earth, is graceland, have any of you guys ever been?.........otis89

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