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  1. lgp

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    Chikezie, Syeshia, and Jason were in the bottom three tonight. I was a little surprised that it wasn't Kristi Lee Cook instead of Jason, but her rendition of 'Proud to be an American' last night undoubtedly inspired votes.

    Kjade, you can rest easy, Jason is safe for another week!!

    Sad to say, but Chikezie is going home. I think it was a fair choice since Syeshia's performance last night was so strong. Let's face it, they're all major talents.

    Let's see what happens next week. Stayed tuned!!!!

  2. budmickl

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    Ramiele would have been in the bottom 3, not Jason. He has the most beautiful eyes and complexion.

    Can't wait to see what they sing next week!

  3. springwater

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    Chikezie went? I liked him.

    Simon said Michaels was the only performance which excited him that night (before David Cookes) but i didnt see what was so great about it. It was well enough, but at this stage of AI - thats to be expected isnt it?

    If i had to buy a record, I would want it to be Brookes, I love her throaty voice and the songs she chooses. Plus she looks so pleasant.

    God Bless

  4. hermitlady

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    I just looked on the internet to see who got the ax. The show hasn't aired on the west coast yet. I can't always stand waiting thru those long, drawn out results shows.

    When It gets closer to the end of the competition, then maybe I'll wait for the surprise.

    Nobody really grabs me this year...I do like a couple of them, but they need to be a little more original. Seems like there are a lot of repeats from past seasons, I've seen where comparisons have been made on the internet.

    All I can say is those kids are all get up there on that stage and sing, and they don't even act nervous!
  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    OK....I was afraid of Jason being in the bottom 3 because of what I heard on the radio, and he was (which I can't understand, because I voted soooooo many times!!)

    But Chikezie over most of those girls that are left?? Chikezie?? Even Syesha should NOT have been in the bottom 3 (although no one really likes her in this house, but the girl can sing!)

    I was so disgusted with the show tonight! I just want to go throw up! Of course I am upset about Jason being in the bottom 3, but there is NO WAY Chikezie should be gone! NO reason for that! I don't care about "song choice" - there are several still left that should not even be there! That boy could sing, and he was sweet and entertaining!!

    I am very disappointed with the show right now (and not just cuz my Jason was in the bottom) - I realize there can only be one winner, but there is no reason a certain girl should still be there and Chikezie is gone!! She should have been gone before the top 12!

    Sorry.........I didn't mean to rant! As you can tell, I am very distraught about Jason. I just hope things turn around next week, cause this is just not right!

    On a lighter should have seen my kids & dh when they announced Jason was in bottom - my 8 yr old (who loves Jason also) was like "Mom...are you crying??" and dh started laughing hysterically...NO I wasn't crying (but I was near it!)
  6. 4everkid

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    I liked Chikezie, and he did some really creative stuff with his Beatles songs. It's a shame to see him go. But at this point, its hard to see anyone go.

    That Syesha is a pretty girl. She has such a beautiful smile, even while sitting in one of the seats of impending doom.

    Springwater,I thought Michael was better than ever this week. He didn't hit any bad notes, and he put a lot more emotion into it. It was his personal best.

    But with several people being so creative with arrangements this year, just singing well isn't good enough. Plus, several of them are very charismatic and that has an effect on the viewers too. Kids like Ramiele and Kristi...they are both great singers, but they are kind of bland, and don't stand out. David Cook...he knows how to work the charm. Brooke is adorable, Jason has those eyes, David A. has that humble and shy thing going.

    Tonight, the group thing wasn't as cheesy as usual. They all looked like they were having fun.

    Did I hear Ryan say Dolly Parton was guesting next week? Does this mean they all have to pick Dolly songs??? Please, no. I wish they would give them a chance now to pick anything they want.

    And did it seem to anyone else, like Simon got less interruptions from Randy & Paula and less crap from Ryan this week?
  7. lgp

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    with your devotion to Jason. I bet you even yell at the television set when the voting doesn't go your way!

    It reminds me of when I used to watch Sex and the City and that stupid idiot Carrie told her devoted Ian that she cheated. I kept yelling at the television set, "NO you idiot. Don't tell, you're so stupid. Don't tell.." I've seen this episode in reruns so many times, and I still get really mad and upset when I see that scene!! Ian was a doll--the perfect man, and she ruined it all by telling!!!! She was so stupid. It makes me so mad!!

    My friend doesn't even talk to me about it anymore--only to tease me. Anyway your passion for Jason reminded me of that. So funny!!!


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  8. Cromwell

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    ...well it is viewer votes I guess. I thought Chakeize has more talent than some others for sure, but as Simon says "it should be a talent not a popularity contest."

    They all have guts and Chakeize will be on the tour.

    Thanks for letting me know how it went.

  9. kjade

    kjade New Member

    No, you didn't upset me. I agree about Jason's songs - I'm really pulling for him and PRAYING that he chooses a song next week that blows the house down. When he sang that Sting song, I thought it was nice....but I got very worried because I knew people wouldn't like it (no one understands him like I do! LOL!)

    I didn't know that about David A and his father with the Star Search thing....that song he sang this week was TERRIBLE. Simon had it so right when he said it sounded like a theme park performance. That song did not do him any justice.

    On another note....I joined an Americal Idol chat board today (I know, I am such a geek) and the majority of the people there just LOVE both Davids, Carly and Brooke. A lot of them think Brooke is going to win??!! Someone said she reminds them of Juice Newton....I don't know - she just irritates me too much. Nice voice and all but.....

    What other ways are there to vote other than calling in and texting? Can you vote online? Does anyone know? I need to figure out how to do the speed dial voting I hear about.

    I know you all might be sick of me and my Jason thing, but did anyone think he was so cute when he was called into the bottom 3, and he kept rambling and looked so nervous, and when Ryan told him he was safe - he was soooo cute! My heart was just pounding at that point! I kept rewinding my DVR and watching him over & over. OK, I do agree...he needs to step it up. I think 4everkid said it might be a good thing for him to be in the bottom, cause then he will come back so much better and wow us all. Please Jason - do not let me down! (wow, I am starting to sound a little loony!)

    Oh, and Dolly Parton?? Maybe it will be a country week?
  10. 4everkid

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    What was that song David A sang anyway? I thought it was a nice enough song and all, but not the type to wow the young voters. He needs to stick with something familiar. I did not know all that stuff about his dad & Star Search. Interesting.

    I agree about Ramiele. Cute as a button, but out of her league. I am surprised she has made it this far.

    One thing about Chikezie's situation that irritated me, was how they criticized him last week when he played the harmonica and countrified his second Beatles song. The dude tried to be creative. Simon called it atrocious, and told him to stick to something more soulful (or something like that.)So he does Luther Vandross, and its still not right - it's "cheesy".

    These poor kids must be so confused trying to pick the right songs. They probably have a hard time trying to find something that is right for them, that they like and still have the judges think it's a good choice.

    I guess they are doing country next week. I am not a fan of country music. But it will be interesting to see what they do. I wonder if they are allowed to rockify a country song, or if they have to stick with the style. If they tell anyone, besides Kristi, that it was a poor song choice, I am going down to LA and personally bonk some judges heads together! Country is the wrong choice for ALL of them but one!
  11. kjade

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    Hi there!
    I just noticed your post about being so upset about Sex & the City. Sorry, I was reading this thread the other night and somehow missed it.

    I never watched that show - I tried to once (when we had some free trial of HBO) but I didn't like it (maybe cause I didn't see it from the beginning). But that made me laugh that you were so upset about a character on a TV show confessing to her b/f that she cheated! So funny!

    Actually, I was expecting Jason to be in the bottom this past week. When they kept going through the contestants, & he wasn't coming out, I kept saying (yelling) you are KIDDING ME!! WHERE IS HE? Then when they called him & Kristy out, I knew it was him (& so did he).

    When they told Kristy she was safe, my shoe almost went flying through my 57 inch TV!!!! (good thing I thought about it for a moment!) I felt like I had just been punched right in the stomach! Ohhh...I hate to recall that moment!

    4everkid if you see this - I agree that a country week is going to be interesting! Jason is from Texas, so he must have some country in him. And I'm with you....if those judges knock these poor contestants (the ones I like anyway) for their song choice when none of them are really "country" I will travel with you to LA and help you pound them! (hey, at least then I can meet Jason!)