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    I work for a school district and work very early mornings driving children to and from school. The early mornings are a problem because of the sleep issue with fms. In fact, my doctor asked that I be excused from the a.m shift until further notice. I now work 4hrs in the p.m and find this to be very doable. My question is this: Is fms covered under this act and how would I go about getting covered under it. I need my job and for now they are very accomidating. But it has only been two weeks. They are filling my a.m. route with a sub. I do not feel that I can ever go back to getting up at 5a.m and get in a bus and be safe. I have no other experience (and I love kids and driving that big ole bus!), so I want to get my ducks in a row with this ada thing.
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    All you need to know can be found on the DOL website and, you don't have to wait in line or on ignore: and go to info on ADA...its ALL there, including instructions for your employer who appears to be covered by the act. Good luck, keep working as long as you can endure!
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    I would also suggest going to the Job Action Network's webpage. Just type in "Job Action Network" in any search engine and you should get the site. This site has great information about how to ask for a reasonable accommodation and what to ask for. It even has a print out that you can give to your employer about dealing with an employee who has FMS. JAN also has a 1-800 number you can call to speak with a representative.

    I would suggest looking at all this information BEFORE you submit your reassonable accommodation request. Some employers are not aware of FM or that it's covered under ADA.