Americans With Disabilities Act?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twerp, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Hi, Does anyone know if people with CFS fall under this act? As I understand it, it requires that employers make "reasonable accomodations" for disabled employees. The reason I ask is that my employer has allowed me to work from a site close to my home for the past couple of years, because my constant lightheadedness makes it difficult for me to drive. Now, they are threatening to make me report to work in downtown Phoenix, quite a long and busy drive from where I live. I don't think I will be able to do that, and I don't know what recourse I may have, other than to get a letter from my Dr. The problem is no one has taken the time to read up about CFS, so they have no understanding of what it takes for me just to get to work and stay 8 hours each day. They admit that, but still do nothing to educate themselves.

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    on the net. Job Acommidations Network. Write a letter of Accommidation to your boss. JAN has a sample letter on their site. You must state that you are requesting accommidations under the ADA, state the accom that you are requesting. Send this letter to your dr also and ask if he will support you in this by writing a letter that can be attached to the original letter to your employeer.
    I have done this and my boss said "not a problem" however, they are now asking for my medical records and I will meet with them after a review.
    Call the folks at Jan they are wonderful and can give you good info. Our employeers do NOT have to accomidate us! there are many loop holes that they can use to get out of it.