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    Hi all,

    It seems like several folks here have a good handle some of the laws governing how3 we're treated. So, thought I'd ask my question here.

    I've been involved in my worker's comp case for 7 (!!!!) long years. My question revolves around the TYPE of doc selected for the AME, and why don't _I_ have any imput as to who is "agreed upon"?!?

    For reasons NO ONE involved with my case can/will explain to me, I have been sent to an orthopedist for evaluation. Well, yes, I have spinal NERVE injury, arthritis, and of course, FMS, along with a host of other DD - NONE of which is orthopedic. Virtually all of these DDs are either immune or neurological problems. So WHY do I see this dit-squat ortho to determine medical treatments for the rest of my life?

    I don't get it, and, OF COURSE, I'm _LOSING_ my case! Do I have ANY recourse here? I'm aware that my jerk lawyer AGREED to this guy, but I didn't! Don't I have ANYTHING to say about any of this?

    Any insight shared would be MOST appreciated! Thanks to all!
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