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  1. SkyShadow

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    My partner has been prescribed the tricyclic drug amitripline to try and help with the sleeping disorder and the pain. They started him on 10mg but plan to increase this to 25g and maybe more. He has FM and associated disorders quite badly and is getting major seizures with it. Because of his sensitivity to medications he was reluctant to take this but has agreed to try it.
    However, today I noticed that it should be used with caution in patients with seizures as it can increase the seizures. Does anyone else who experiences seizures take this drug and has it increased the frequency/severity of the seizures and if so at what doseage?
  2. wle

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    .........but am taking far with pretty good results. I am sleeping much deeper and waking not quite so tired. I have been tired for soooo long that it will probably take me a while to get caught up.
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    Has been discussed here several times - tap it into the search box at the top and a list of previous posts will pop up for you to browse through.

    A friend of mine is on this, it helped some but gained a whole load of weight.

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    And it was a 10mg dose. The side-effects were pretty bad but I had been getting worse on several tries of other anti-depressants.

    I have halucinations: full-blown and scary, with these meds and it progresses into seizures. This is not very common though so if it is helping him and he has no evident signs perhaps you might suggest he try for awhile.

    It only took one dose for me but I had had trouble with the other meds before.

    You were wise to check the small print, You might check with a sympathetic pharmacist, they are often the best source for information about the effects of medication.

    Oh, I don't have seizures except with anti-depressants.


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    I take Doxepin, 10mg at night. Same purpose as Amitrip. - I haven't had any adverse side effects, unless that's what has contributed to my weight gain (?) It does help alot, but I still have relentless fatigue...
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    Hi SkyShadow, I have been on 150mg of amitriptyline for years and wouldn't give it up for the world. I also have a seizure disorder but have never had any problems from the ami. If the Dr. is aware of all the medical problems and the meds your partner is taking, just talk to the Dr. if you are worried. My regular Dr. and my neurologist work very closely on my problems and each is aware of what the other is doing or prescribing. Not to make light of it but if I didn't take all the meds that have a warning on them because of other medical problems or drugs that I am on - I probably wouldn't be able to take anything at all!! Let me know . . .
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    I was on it for 4 1/2 years. I started off on 25mg then ewnt to 50mg and finally ended up on 100mg. I took it up until mid June. I had to get off of it because it started to give me pannic attacks about an hour after I went to bed and got to sleep. I woke up itching and I could not lye still, if I closed my eyes it felt like I was smoothering to death. Not to mention I Had a very low sex drive(increased as the meds wore off). I went back to the dr. today, put me on Paxil 12.5mg for 1 wk & 25mg starting the next wk. to see how I do with it. Has anyone tried paxil?
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    Been on amtrip or elavil for a month now started at 10mg now up to 30 the only thing it does for me is help me get to sleep it has not increased my sleep time or helped me feel more refreshed.

    No seizures.