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  1. alley14

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    Just been put on amitriptylene for sleep/pain/anxiety management, and am suffering from extreme dry-mouth throughout the day/night. Any suggestions (other than drinking obscene amounts of water) to get rid of it? Or is it a necessary evil?
  2. TXPeach

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    I was on amitriptyline for 5 years and finally had to stop taking it for that reason. I started having severe dental problems due to dry mouth.

    I tried drinking alot of water. I would even take a tall glass to bed with me and drink any time I would wake up during the night. Sometimes I would even get up in the middle of the night and brush my teeth!

    I also tried Biotene mouth rinse and toothpaste. That didn't help either.

    My mouth was so dry that I ended up having to have 12 fillings! My dentist blatantly told me if I didn't stop taking it that I would probably end up losing my teeth!

    I'm sorry you're having this problem too. I wish I could still take the amitriptyline. It worked so well for me for the FM, sleep disturbances, etc.

    I hope you find something that works. If you do, let me know! Best of luck to you.

    God bless,
  3. irox

    irox New Member

    I suffer so bad with dry mouth. I was taking a nap earlier today on the couch and my daughter told her dad that I sleeping with my pinky in my mouth. When I wake my mouth is stuck together, I wake often with my tounge so dry that it feels like sandpaper, And I get an gooey white film in my mouth. I am about to go back to the denist. He told me to use "Oasis" (mouthrinse I get mine from walmart). I am 33 and never had any cavities and I a long time freak about taking care of my teeth(brush and floss more than the average person)My teeth hurt and 2 of them I fear have decay. i have been lucky with good teeth and now this DD is affecting them. Dry oasis and like KJM said, there are saliva producing produts out there. Ask your densist he should be able to help you. I relate how dry mouth can just be a pain. hope you find something that helps you. take care.
  4. Sunspot

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    I've been considering trying Amitriptylene because several people said it really helped them sleep. None mentioned unpleasant side effects, though. I believe they were all taking very low doses, lower than is traditionally prescribed for use as an anti-depressant. One person I think said her dose is only one 5 mg. pill per day, yet she's now able to sleep.

    I'm wondering if those of you experiencing dry mouth are taking it at higher doses? Maybe it would be worth asking the doctor about lowering the dose to see if you can maintain the benefits but lose the dry mouth...

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  5. TXPeach

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    I was taking 25 mg. every night.

    One other side effect I might mention is the weight gain. I gained 25 lbs. during that time, but to me, it was worth it.

    Now that I have stopped taking it, I have already lost 7 lbs. and my appetite has significantly decreased, especially my appetite for sweets.

    I discontinued use about a month ago, and I miss the benefits of it, but I'm happy I'm losing the weight!

    God bless,
  6. lvjesus

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    I am taking 50mg at night right now. It does help with pain and makes you sleep, at least it does for me. Constipation is another side effect, which does not bother me much but I do have the dry mouth. I am on vicodin for pain, which makes your mouth dry too. I am a singer so I was trying to find something to help too. I have recently started chewing gum, which works fine for me. Chew stimulate saliva production, so you might try that. You might want to use sugar free gum tho.
  7. marcygirl

    marcygirl New Member

    I started taking amitriptyline recently and, also, had a hospitalization due to the extreme pain of this disease/syndrome (whatever!). My throat started feeling like strep throat, the back of my nose started to get very congested, my mouth was not only on fire, but my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth and I could barely talk no less eat or drink. I asked the nurse if it was thrush and was told, "No, thrush is white not brown". Well, I had just had a sip of my coffee, which is probably what made it brown, but yes, it was thrush. I received prescription medication to stop it, but I'm going off the amitriptyline.

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