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  1. dmhaver

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    i was perscribed amitriptylene, any personal experiences? pro or con. i have seen on some sites it can benefit for sleep ease.
    any info would be appreciated. i also, went to a chinese massage,acupuncture. very relaxing. short lived, i almost felt "normal". i plan to go back next pay cheque.

    thanks in the past to bambi, idiotsinc and mikie. much appreciated
  2. Seagull

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    and it was still with me some 42 hours later -- I was so druggy-feeling that I was still walking into walls at that time, so they had to take me off it. But, then, I hear a lot of people can use it with great results. It just was not a good choice for me. Then again, most meds are not good choices for me. (Plus, it did nothing in the way of helping me to sleep, which is the reason he gave it to me in the first place!)
  3. TerriM

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    I took Amitriptyline for 6 months and it is the only thing that has helped me feel close to my normal self. I slept wonderfully on it! I don't know how sensitive you are to medication, but I am and had to start with 1/4 of a 10 mg. tablet. Did that for a week, then too 1/2 for a week, then 3/4 for a week & finally made it to 10 mg. and stayed there for six months. Careful in the beginning because you will feel like a zombie and some people say forget it and don't give it a chance. You have to take a few days to get used to it and start low. My husband (not really understanding how I was feeling) kept telling me to take more. Finally, I gave him one pill (he's much bigger than me - 250 lbs. total for him) and he was like a zombie until 1pm the next day! He said he would never take it again . . . but not to worry, you can work quickly to sleeping well. Some people have had bad side effect and weight gain but that didn't happen to me. As I said, back then I didn't really understand what I had and why it was helping me. I didn't get any opportunistic infections while on it and I had those for 4 years before I got really ill. Unfortunately for me, after 6 months I started getting next morning carry-over sedation and stopped the med . . . I didn't realize then that I should have cut back on it a little. Quite some time later when I realized I had CFS, realized they prescribe Amitrip. for sleep and what had happened I tried to go back on it but instead of making me sleep it made me wired . . . I was really disappointed because I had even been able to go back to work while on it.

    I know some people don't like it, but it was great for me.

    Best of luck . . . Terri
  4. TerriM

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    it lasted much longer with you, but it did the same thing to me at first and to my husband. I think the best thing to do is try it at a VERY LOW DOSE first . . . and expect that you will really odd at first . . . that definitely does happen!
  5. Lendi

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    Hi, my mom has used it for several years. It was prescribed for her when she had hot flashes, and she still takes it. I tried, but in order to get a low enough dose not to sleep 24/7 I had to cut back so low it didn't work at all. I guess each of us are different. Good luck and lots of gentle sleep. Lendi
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    10 mg at night, and have been taking it for several months. I take it with zanaflex to sleep. I haven't had any side effects from it, fortunately, but others have. I'm sure more will post on this topic.

  7. clueless

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    I tok it for quite an extended of time. I absolutely hated the extreme dry mouth it gave me and also the body odor. I noticed it the first time when I was shopping and was warm and tired. I asked my doctor about the odor and he said it was the medication. Then my parotid (sp) (mumps) glands became swollen and after testing and finding no other cause settled on the medication. I had a really careless doctor who took me off it totally. Well. I was very ill and had a worried medical center. It attacked my liver going off it totally like that. I was not familiar with it or how it really worked.I would caution anyone who is stopping taking it to go off it very slowly. Others may not have the problems I had with it but for me I would never consider using it again. I stand by klonopin for sleep.
  8. joyelvey

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    amitryptylene was the first thing that really made a huge difference for me . . . especially in being able to get good, regular sleep . . . i have been using it for two years now and it just works . . .

    previously, i had been prescribed klonopin at night by a rheumatologist; when i went to see a fibro specialist, she discovered that i also had severe sleep apnea, would stop breathing many times an hour, and said that klonopin was a very irresponsible thing to prescribe because it could keep the reflex supressed that kicks in to get the breathing started again (it's a kind of anti-seizure med)

    good luck!
  9. Frogdogger

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    I had to comment on this. This drug has also been a lifesaver for me. It really is the only thing that helps me sleep and helps the depression. And... I also didn't realize how it was tamping down the pain level until I went off it. One drawback, however, is the problem I developed with memory loss. I'm also at the maximum dosage. However, I was recently started on Zanaflex at bedtime with the same dosage of the amytriptilene and between the two, I am now able to mentally function much better. Apparently, the zanaflex helps me sleep more soundly. Don't give up on it. All the drugs of that classification tend to make you really dopey at first, but you will probably aclimate to it.
    Good luck!
  10. layinglow

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    Bad choice for me...

    Still had 20 wake ups per nite.
    Weight Gain
    Horrible increase in Restless Leg the point of 8 pain level in muscles.
    I have since taken 2 doses at one week intervals to confirm that it was the Amitrip that did this.

    Switched to Klonopin--have been on it for months. Wonderful improvement in symptoms ranging from sleep to nerve pain, and RLS gone.
    I have sleep apnea, also, and this has improved on klonopin.[This Message was Edited on 02/20/2003]
  11. EllenComstock

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    and have for several months now, but haven't noticed any bad side effects. While my sleep is still not wonderful, I do feel I get more sleep now than I did before. Even partial help is great. I take 10 mg. I have heard that it can cause weight gain, but I guess the dosage I am on is low enough that I haven't had this problem.

  12. nini

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    I've been on amitryp for a while now and yes I find I do sleep better with it as my sleep pattern was shocking before I started on it. I also find I'm not tooo drowsy in the morning as long as i don't take it too late in the evening Usually about 6pm.
  13. sunflowertgp

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    I have been on elavil for 3 yrs. I take 75 mg/ at night. I would not sleep if I didn't take it. Once in a while, I may have a hang over from it, but that is if I take it very late. It has been a god send for me.
  14. dhcpolwnk

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    I've only been on amiltripylene for about about a week, but so far it hasn't helped with either sleep or pain. The doc started me out at 10 mg at bedtime, and when that didn't seem to be working, he increased it to 20 mg. Unfortunately, the night I took 20 mg, it not only had no positive effect on pain or sleep, but I wound up with a bad headache (which is listed as a possible side effect). My doc said to cut back to 10 mg a night over the week end, than try to increase to 20 mg again, but if it doesn't start having some positive effects, I'm going to drop it.

    Unfortunately, *nothing* seems to be helping me with sleep.

    Good luck to you.

    --Laura R.M.

  15. swred5

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    This was the first medication that my doctor put me on, it seemed in the beginning to help with the sleep, not with the pain at all. It took less than a month for it not to work for me, and I also had problems with my bladder from it. It made me feel as if I had to pee every 10 mins, and then when I would go, it was difficult to start. Good Luck, maybe it will be great for you! Isn't Bambi Great!!
  16. kerrymygirl

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    I only noticed 1 person that said it made them wired. I tried this med 1st and again and again. So many drs. thought it was the cure just give us an antidepressant and we would all be fine. Well, each time it made me want to crawl the walls and got worse each time on lowest dose. I`m happy for those it works for. Unfortuatly in the beginning it sent out the wrong message to many who it did not help,they felt worse do to the disappointment, especially since yrs. ago so many news stations reported as a cure for fm. I think the doc liked seeing himself on t.v. He used only 1 patient it suppossedly cured. She said she could`nt even comb her hair and now she is dancing through the streets,maybe alittle beyond,but you get the gist. I would like to see her a yr. from then if she truly had f.m. Unfortuately I have not seen 1 pt. cured after being sick for 10 or more yrs. I have seen progress for those caught early. Best of Luck on your med journey.
  17. *Isla*

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    I was prescribed the lowest dose possible of amitriptylene and I had an absolutely horrible time with it. The doctors told me it would start to make me drowsy 45 minutes after I took it. 15 minutes after I took it I couldn't sit up. It would make me sleep for 15 hours a night but it wasn't restful sleep. Then I would walk around all day like a zombi. My parents said I became a different person when I was taking the amitriptylene. I had my most severe anxiety attacks while I was taking it. I was already frustrated with being sick and this drug increased my feelings of depression and anxiety.
    As you can see, I did not have a good experience with amitriptylene at all. However, I am a very petitte person and any substances that I ingest tends to affect me faster and more intensely than it affects most people.
    This is just my experience and I hope it helps.
    God bless and keep smilin'!!