Amitriptyline (Endep)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blonderescue, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Hi All

    Does anyone out there know how to wean off Amitrip (Endep).

    Have been on it years but worried as night snacking putting on weight.

    Can I swap it for something that sends me to sleep but doesnt make me eat? (Please dont get mad with me, I have done my years of not being able to eat - living off ensure/sustagen).

    Love to you all


  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    My roommate just cut her (night-only) dosage in half (75mg to 37.5) for about a month, then took 25 mg for a week or so, then just stopped, and she's just fine.

    She also stopped Celexa about the same time, the same way.

    I think she's depressed, but she refuses to take any more meds except aspirin or ibuprofen occasionally.

    She said they made her a zombie. Its her body, pain, depression and life, so I just let it go and when she's weepy and menopausie, tell her "poor baby" and LOl, it helps her!

    Understanding goes a long ways....

  3. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Thankyou for post.
  4. doxielover70

    doxielover70 New Member

    It wasn't putting me to sleep anymore,weight gain, I was seeing bugs crawling on the wall upon waking up and I couldn't stop craving sweets. I should have weened off but I quit cold turkey. Big mistake but I am good now. I don't feel so dead tired and seeing ants crawling on the wall that weren't there was annoying. haha!
  5. maedaze

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    S-L-O-W-L-Y I think is the best policy, i did it cold turkey but wasn't on it as long as you and the side affects i was getting was way way worse than the coming off them.

    I think see your doctor because there is a whole lot of drugs in the amatriptiline family that another one might just work but without the midnight snacking.

    good luck