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  1. Aeronsmom

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    if so any bad side effects? Do they work well for you?
    thanks for any help.
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  2. janieb

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    about five years ago. It was prescribed by a neurologist. It really put me in a big fibro fog. Since I worked with numbers all day long, I would have to check everything at least 3 times. Also tended to have trouble staying awake while driving from conferences, etc. Mostly when I was alone.

    My policy now is no more meds that end with triptyline! However, meds work differently for different people. That was the only side effect I noticed.

    I take tramadol for pain and Xanax for sleep, and even the xanax doesn't have that foggy effect the amitriptyline did.

    There will be others, with more experience, who will answer your question.

  3. ontariogirl

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    My doctor gave me a sample to try about a month ago. Was to take 1 a day.

    1st pill gave me chest pains and the second time I had severe sweating--was soaked from head to waist and felt slightly nauseated along with the chest pains.

    I returned the rest of the pills to him and suggested what he could do with them. He said everyone he had tried them on had the same suggestion so he's not prescribing them any longer.

    Hope you have better luck.

  4. rachel432

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    hi there!
    i have been taking amitriptyline for about 6 months now with only one side effect. it causes me to have some very strange dreams. but that means i'm sleeping which i wasn't doing befor i started taking it, it actually works very well for me and no hang over feeling in the morning. tramadol however made me vomit every time i took it. it wasn't a good drug for me.
    i hope this helps.
  5. matthewson

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    which I think is tramacet without the acetaminophen. This is the best med that I have found! Along with neurontin, I can keep the pain level way down. I have not had any side-effects at all from these two meds, other than maybe a little sleepiness from the neurontin, which gets better as you get used to it.

    I took amitryptyline early on and it did nothing for me. But, we are all different and you have to keep trying different things until you find a combo that works for you.

    Take care, Sally

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