amitripylene ... for fibro anyone use it?

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  1. My sil supposedly has fibro and her dr. prescribed amitripylene at nightime and she says she feels great. She says she sleeps wonderful, something I NEVER do. Does Anyone use it like that and if so what amt. Does it help your pain during the day/night?
  2. justjanelle

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    I've been on it for about 5 years, ever since my official diagnosis with FM. It does help me with sleep, but I didn't find it helpful at all with the pain.

    I've tried different doses starting at 10mg. which didn't help me at all, up to 75 mg. which made me badly "hung over" the next morning. I've settled at 25 mg. and sometimes have to take a second pill if I'm still unable to sleep.

    I was prescribed the amitryptaline in combination with Tizanidine (Zanaflex) at 4mg. at bedtime. This is a muscle relaxer, which also helps promote sleep and I think helps my nighttime pain because those tight muscles can finally relax.

    However, this combination isn't helping me lately like it has in the past. Still, I guess getting anything to work pretty well for 5 years is good.

    Good luck in finding something that helps!

  3. padre

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    Amitriptyline is one of two drugs that have made my life and FMS easier. I take 20 mg. one hour before bedtime and I sleep better than with or without anything else. This is an old therapy, but it works for me.
  4. Crispangel66

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    It never really helped me. It didn't seem like I took anything but for someone that maybe doesn't hurt as much it my help them. I have known that that has helped some people.

  5. justmestephd

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    I was given Amitrip. from my gastro doctor for my IBS. I started out at 25 and still was having a problem and he raised it to 50 and it got better and then he said go up to 75 but I started feeling terrible in the morning so back to 50 I went. Now my new Phyciatrist wants to raise it also because I told her I've been more depressed lately too. It does help me to sleep well. Its amazing if I ever "cant go for any reason" I know just don't take my Amitrip. Funny how a pill controls how you go to the bathroom. He said it slows down the process in the intestines. All I know is it worked.
  6. thanks for the replies, I will ask my dr. next visit.

    Padre you said it was one of TWO things that helped fibro, what was the other if you don't mind my asking.
  7. Rosiebud

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    did NOT help me, it started the electrical zaps the I now get but I know that it does work, at a small dose, for some people.

    Worth a try.

  8. lvjesus

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    It was the only med my doc prescribed when I was first dx'd, then I was off it during my remission for a year and a half and after the FM came back and I was needing more pain meds, he put me back on it. I have 25mg, but had to start with 1/2 for quite awhile because a whole, although offering complete pain relief from the first day, made me feel like I was underwater the next day.

    I take is a long time before bed, like 2 or 3 hours, on the advise of someone here. It does make me sleepy. As for pain relief, I don't know. I do know the first day both times, I felt a lot of relief, even though the nurse said it usually took longer to work, but I know it was real because the same thing happened the second time I got on it. I have to think it might be working since I am mostly maintaining with the pain pills I have except this week when I am PMS-ing and SUFFERING through a lot of pain and fatigue.

    My doc says it works for neuropathy (they give it to people with diabetes too) and he thinks FM pain is neuropathic (he is pretty good, but HA on that one. you all know the pain is extremely varied but I guess he could be right, who really knows anyway).

    I might have better results with a higher dose, but I don't know if I could take a higher dose and actually function at work or not.
  9. saddlebred

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    I was on it for awhile but count's function during the day. It did help me sleep but I couldn't get or stay awake during the mornings when I needed to be driving. I was taking 10 mg. we ever thried cutting the pill in half and I still couldn't stay awake. I'm one of those "lucky" people that are drug sinc.An asprin will knock me out.
  10. kellygirl

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    and now am to try 20 mg for the first time tonight. I will take it about 6 pm as I get up at 5:30 am. I take it about 3 hours before bedtime.

    10 mg was working for me, but the dr. said the 20 mg may help with the nerve pain in my neck and shoulders.

    I'll let you know.
  11. evedi2

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    I am taking 25 mg since my first diagnosis 5 years ago , I take it 2 hours before bedtime and it helped me for a better sleep. I tried twice to stop taking it but I could not sleep at all, so I continue taking it .
    It does not help for pain.
    There are other supplemnts that help for pain, magnesio , malic acid.
  12. MandaJ

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    When I first started taking it four months ago, I slept so well. Now it seems cyclic as to whether or not I sleep well. I also take Soma at night for muscle relaxation and on very rare occasions I take Klonapin too.

    More than anything, the amitriptyline keeps the horrible crippling headaches I get from returning. I never had headaches like this until I was injured in a car accident (and the suspected trigger for my FM) and this is the only medication that has helped with the stiffness in my neck and kept my headaches at bay.

    It's worth a try if your doctor will give it to you. It is on the $4 generic list at Wal-Mart, so it is much more affordable than some of the meds doctors throw at people.

    One of the side effects of this drug is an extreme craving for sugar (it was used to treat bulimia in the 60s and 70s) so be careful not to indulge all the cravings you get otherwise you will pack on the pounds quite quickly!
  13. ABLUV

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    amytrip for 13 years. Started at 10mg gradually increased to 60mg. Still helps certain types of pain but not all. Since car wreck in '05 I've added Topamax and pain is under control most of the time. Couldn't take one without the other; have to have both. Can't sleep without amytrip.
    The amy made me gain weight while topamax made me lose some of the weight I gained with amy, how bout that? Overall, I've had good results with both meds. But I have friends who absolutely could not take the stuff so you have to listen to your body. Try it and find out for yourself if it will work for you.
  14. kellygirl

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    I think this is the same drug, only a different name. The first night at 20 mg. I fell asleep earlier, but I woke up during the night with the pain in the shoulders and neck. When I wake up, I can't go to sleep w/o visiting the bathroom first.

    I will see how tonight goes. The tendonitis is flaring in the wrists again, too. I think it's all related.

    This is from having the anesthesia in February, the flare is still happening.

    I am off to work and just cringe at having to work with this pain. The dr. thinks the degenerated disc is worse in my neck. I had my appt. yesterday.

    I will see if I can continue to work after the x-ray is read.
  15. bikrgrl

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    I used to use it but not anymore.
    For the first 6 months it was wonderful. after that my body got used to it.
    My doctor kept raising the dosage but it didn't help.
    I warn you it causes weight gain.
    I was always very little before using it, now i have to watch everything i eat.
  16. kellygirl

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    Not sure how to spell it...anyway, thanks for the warning about the sugar cravings!!!
  17. SusanEU

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    tried 10 mg for about a week. I wasn't really sleeping, just more tired, and awful cotton mouth.

    Also, I couldn't seem to resist eating chocolate and sweets.

    Not for me.

    Sue in Ontario