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    For the last several years we have been using amphetamine type drugs in the treatment in

    CFS, but we have been doing it very quietly. The reason is that amphetamines are controlled

    drugs and they are uppers. We didn’t want people to say we were giving patients uppers just

    to give them false energy. We knew from studies done by Dr. Krestin in our office that most

    patients with CFS have slow brain waves. Even though you are wide awake, the brain waves are

    very slow. Even if you are wide awake, it looks like the brain is asleep.

    We found, serendipitously, in a lady who was taking amphetamines for weight loss that if she

    took one of her amphetamine tablets before she had her brain wave study that her brain waves

    sped up and she got back to normal. She told us that when she takes the amphetamines she

    feels close to normal. That’s why I do it. We started trying more and more patients on

    amphetamines. We found that not only does it speed up the brain waves but helps them to

    think more clearly and it does give energy.
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    I take Modafinil every day and this is a 'speed' amphetamine drug. It really helps to combat fatigue which makes all pain feel ten times worse. We all know we feel worse when we are tired and the fact that Fibromyalgics do not achieve restorative sleep makes the need for this kind of treatment essential in the battle against fatigue and pain as these two symptoms make our lives almost unbearable. The fact that these drugs are highly addictive does not bother me in the slightest either as i strive for as 'normal' a life as i can manage or else what is the point of it all?
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    I also take Provigil (Modafinil) and it is NOT classified as an amphetamine. It does not have the same effects on the brain and is supposedly NOT addictive.

    I've taken amphetamines in the past and did feel like I was addicted, wanted to increase my dosage and had other addictive feelings. Modafinil does not make me feel like that, thank goodness.

    What dosage of Modafinil are you taking? I'm on 300 mg/day, split into 2 doses usually. It's very expensive (insurance won't pay for it) and I'm going to try ordering some from a Canadian pharmacy as recommended by my DR. I've been paying $10 per 200mg pill, looks like the Canadian pharmacies charge about $2 per pill. We'll see.