Ampligen anyone?

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    I just finish talking to Dr Lapps office. He is the Dr in Charlotte who is world renowned for treating ME/CFIDS, FM and does actually treat lyme too, to my surprise and delight. I have an appointment next week. He also will treat ME/CFIDS with ampligen injections. They treat with 2 injections a week for 16-18 months. I don't know anything about ampligen but I know I have seen it mentioned here before. i did try to search the site for it but nothing came up.

    Can anyone enlighten me about it. What is it, what success have others had? Dr Lapp has people from all over the country relocating in apartments in Charlotte just to undergo this treatment. There is someone from Sweden, other countries, and other parts of the USA. undergoing treatment now.They have relocated just to do these treatments so I'm inclined to think it must work. I asked if they do peptide injections and they dont. I think it was Mikie who had great success with that. What a blessing for her. I'm hoping to have success too. He does treat using supplements and dietary work also, which I already do, but hopefully he will set me on the right track.
    Thanks in advance : )
    Blessings ~ Sally
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    Jam, Thanks for replying. I tried searching before I posted the question and nothing came up but I just tried again and this time the search did bring up some. I'm feeling too sick and worn out at the moment to look at them. but I will tomorrow. Thanks again.
    Blessings~ Sally