Ampligen,do not use for cfids

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    I am a fellow sufferer of cfids and would like to try to be a benefit to my brithers and sisters in this battle.There are a myriad of meds that have been tried to combat this illness,some with varying levels of success and others of absolute no benefit what so ever.On the list of don't waste your time meds is Ampligen.I have not used it myself,but my uncle is a physician who also is afflicted with cfids and he is one of the leading physicians in the U.S.A IN regards to medication.This is his area of expertise.His advise is that Ampligen is completely bogus,is very very expensive with quite unpleasant side effects.He says that the company that produces the drug has been trying for years to find an illness to link Ampligen to,and is currently trying to link it to cfids for there own self serving reasons.Most who use Ampligen regret doing so.Good luck with your battleand God bless.