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    I wrote the company Hemispherx Biopharma,inc. They sent me the following information on the tests and trial sites:

    They do the study in 24 week regimens at $6900 for the first 24 weeks and $7200 for any continuing 24 weeks, plus doctor fees, test, supplies, etc..

    They have sites in UT, PA, CA VA NC IL NV NJ, almost all of them are full (there's a couple that have openings) They have 2 tests their running amp 516 and amp 511.

    This drug sounded very promising with an 80% success rate reported in the past, but with continuing search on it, it also has an 85% relapse rate (if discontinued). I almost went to canada or belgium for this. I'm glad I read more. Supposely their testing a new pill form, which hopefully will be more in most of our expense range.

    I just thought I'd pass on this information.
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    for this info. I would be so willing to try this if the opportunity was offered to me. I live in Canada and thought that it was not available. Are you aware of something different?

    If a pill form were developed, I hope it would be available and cheap enough that we could all try it - even it we have to take it for the rest of our lives.