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    Does ampligen work ? Appreciate comments from anyone with experience. Thanks. I have become homebound and will try anything. I am aware of Dr. Enlander's research. He is my primary doctor.
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    It apparently works for some. It has been reported that about 35% of mecfs patients have benefitted from it. Of that 35%, they have improved from 50-100%. The current trials require potential participants to be tested for some of the markers that the successful patients have had. It appears that the younger and those who have been sick the shortest time do the best on it, but older patients and those sick for decades have also gotten better.

    For a report of what it's like and her progress see Sophie Church's blog on Wordpress: theglassmountain

    For two success stories google Kelvin Lord - New Ampligen Diaries and Mary Schweitzer - Ampligen Diaries.

    There are also stories out there of patients getting worse on it, but the ones I know of are from the 90's. The formula has been changed some since then and they now allow a less than maximum dosage if needed, at least at the beginning.

    Your best source of information would be Dr Enlander. I wish he were my primary doctor!
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    Hello Leah,
    Thanks for your kind words. It helps.
    I stay positive by telling myself and others that there have been more understanding and focus on this desease during last few years and there will be some therapy or cure soon. Because of recent technological advances, pace of research is geting faster every year. So, there is hope for us. I am not giving up yet.
    Smile from me also :)
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    Hi Oerganix,
    Thanks for the detailed note. bala