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    Amy, I saw your post on another thread and you mentioned some support for PVCs. Is it permissible for you to provide that website address on this board so I could maybe follow up? I have these, too, and they drive me crazy. Doctor says they aren't serious, but they are certainly disruptive. I would really appreciate any input you could give me. Thanks in advance!

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    I know how cazy this can make you - its so scary. I've had heart testing done but my doc says its nothing to worry about too. AMY

    I'm not sure if posting the address is OK so if you don't get it look under Yahoo Groups for PeoplewithPVCS[This Message was Edited on 03/16/2006]
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    On that site most everyone is helped by magnesium. I started taking that & COQ10 when the pvcs became unbearable. I think its helping but hard to tell because I will go months with only a few here & there but then get them every 2 or 3 beats for days. The doc said he could give me beta blockers to try to regulate them but they make you tired & with me having cfids I should try to live with them.
    Also, try celestial seasonings sleepytime tea - that helps a lot of people with pvcs. Hope you find help & please let me know if you hear of something that I didn't mention that may help. AMY
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    I appreciate this more than you can know! I will go on that website and check it out. Yes, I have CoQ10 but haven't been taking it -- seems like I take a jillion pills already. Same with the magnesium, but I will get them out and begin. I take a beta blocker, Atenolol, but it does not seem to keep me from having these irregularities. If I get too tired, or even too excited with people around or intense conversations, seems it can throw me into a round of PVCs. Also, sometimes I wake up during the night and my heart is going bonkers. I will definitely try the tea. Again, thank you, and if you run across other helpful hints, I will be so glad to hear about them. I will do the same for you.

    Hugs to you

    wildwoodlane (Garland)