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    Hello Erica. Thanks to Munch 1958, I found the info on the
    Doctor in SF who treats Lyme. Googled his name and brought
    up this information: It's a Clinic

    Raphael B. Stricker
    450 Sutter Street
    Suite 1504
    S.F. Ca. 94108
    (415) 283-1911

    Heck! We could walk from here to there (on a good day)!

    Hope you are feeling "well".

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    If so, then sorry I JUST saw it now when I was looking through the postings on this board for the 1st time. I'm usually only on the CFS site, but have only recently been on here since I got my Igenex results (which I'm still really confused about).

    I actually know someone whose lyme doctor works with Dr. Stricker. He sounds like a great option. Is that who you go to?

    I'm also considering Dr. Harris, who mainly works in Redwood City but has an office in Malibu he apparently goes to monthly. I am currently living with my parents in the LA area...we are just over the hill from Malibu.

    How are you doing with your lyme treatments? Hopefully, you are getting some breakthroughs.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. mrdad

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    Yes. I've been trying to find ya! I hope that you have been
    feeling "better".

    I wanted to get the name of the SF Doc to you as a possible
    option. Have you kept your Apt here in SF? I'm in the
    Mission Dist and your picture looks so-o-o familiar to me!
    As I think I mentioned, my Daughter is in Portland just
    doing her last 10 weeks on her M.A. Degree. She also has
    Lyme and contacted it at least 12-14 years ago. Thankfully,
    she is doing well as for an early intervention by a Doc in
    Chico who was on the early end of this malady.

    As of now, I'm still on Doxy but my CNP has all of a sudden
    become negative on Igenex after having 1st been enamored
    by the test! I Think her "Doc Overseer" turned her initial
    enthusiasm around. I get the impression that she now feels
    that Igenex is like "voo doo science"! I'm now evaluating
    my "options". Back on the Doxy but she would only
    do 200mg's a day for another 28. Think I'm on my own "apres"

    I'll look for ya of the CFS site also. Do take care Erica!

    Wishing you the best,

    P.S. Post your last Igenex Test results as Victoria and others are very helpful reading the results.

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  4. erica741

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    That was so nice of you to get that info for me! So you are not seeing Dr. Stricker? Are you seeing an LLMD? I didn't quite understand that part of your last message. But I did get the impression that you are no longer sure that you have lyme?

    I'm glad that your daughter is responding to her lyme treatment. Even though your diagnosis may be uncertain now, it must be such a relief for you that your daughter is getting better. The fact that she is able to finish a masters degree says a lot for her health!

    I did already post my Igenex results on another thread on this Lyme site. If you end up reading them, please let me know if you have any insights. Though I did talk to Igenex's doctor today, and said my results do look like lyme. He also clarifed some other questions I had, particularly the significant of IgM versus IgG in lyme (so far I've been dealing with viral antibodies in which you would see high IgG and negative IgM with chronic infections).

    I also asked him about my EBV and HHV-6 viruses giving false positives, and he recommended a confirmation test Igenex does to rule out viral or other interference with the 30 and 31 bands. My doctor faxed the test request to Igenex today, so I will await those results before making an appointment with a lyme specialist.

    I do still have my apartment in SF, but haven't spent much time there in the past year because I've been too sick to live alone, especially when I was on the anti-viral Valcyte. I have a great rent-controlled studio with a view on Chestnut St in the marina district, so am holding out for hopes that I will eventually recover and be able to live there again full-time. Plus, all my doctors are in the bay are, so I have a homey place to stay when I go up for appointments (which tends to be every 4-6 weeks).

    I've only been to the mission a handful of times in the 9 years I've lived in SF, so doubt I look familiar from your neighborhood. Before I got sick, I worked in the financial district and went out most of the time in my neighborhood...maybe you've seen me around one of those areas?

    Anyway, I hope you find some resolution soon with your diagnosis and treatment. Keep me posted!

    I'll also post my Igenex confirmation results when I get them.

    Take care,

    PS. Are you on I posted on there for the first time last night and got lots of great info in the replies. My username on there is also "erica741".
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  5. mrdad

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    Sorry my message seemed a bit confusing. I DO have Lyme as
    indicated by my Igenex test. As I mentioned, my CNP all of
    a sudden is unimpressed with Igenex. This after she initially
    was enamored with them and even spoke with the Lad Tech
    in Palo Alto! A complete turn around. I'm regrouping my
    thoughts and plans on how to proceed from here. I convinced
    that SFGH won't get involved now based on the Igenex test!
    Very disappointing, but I'm determined to seek out another
    medical source.

    I'm happy that you are able to keep your Apt here. My Son
    worked out there in Cow Hollow some years ago and I on
    Union Street! It's one of the nicest neighborhoods in SF.

    I'll check out that Lymesite. Thanks for the information.
    Please keep in touch with us all. So happy that you have
    the support of Family and Friends! I do wish you all
    the best.


    P.S. Come by the "PORCH" sometime on the ChitChat Forum.
    I'm usually to be found their snoozing away in my rocker!

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