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    I just saw your Post on a "competitors" website looking for

    an LLMD. I too am attempting to find one. I saw a list on

    the Washington State Lyme Site (which would be closer to you)

    but have been unable to "pull it" back up!?

    I found three Docs, however, on that list in Chico Ca. and

    I believe one of them treated my Daughters lyme about 12 yrs.


    I have the email address of the girl on lymenet to contact

    for the list. I'll attempt to contact her and let you know,

    "K"? Very frustrating Kiddo!! But we're all in this toget-

    her; ya know what I'm sayin?

    I'll beeeeeee baaaaaaaaack!!

    P.S. Gretchen, I found one in Longview Wa., just across the
    River off HyWy 5. Family Health Center (360) 636-3892
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    For foggyfroggy, "K"?

    Thanks Kids!
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    Hello my friend! Sorry it took me so long to find your post - that's what I get for not checking for my name, huh?

    My son 'upgraded' my security settings on my computer so now it loses the internet connection after 5 minutes. Funny, I don't seem to be in a very good mood after trying to do something (anything) on the internet lately! But hey, he recently turned 13 so now I have a 'teenager' in the house! Just not a licensed computer repairman!

    They did pass on some names to me - one in Redwood city that I think you know about and some here in Oregon. I am a little confused concerning some of the Oregon names as not many are actually doctors so I guess they wouldn't be LLMDs would they?

    I guess you would want to get an actual LLMD then get one of these other people to work with him/her and you locally?? Not sure I'm making sense here lol. One of the people on the Orygun list actually went and 'studied' with the guy in Redwood city (I think) so that may be a possibility.
    Yeah it is frustrating. It's all so tiring to even think about. The last thing I want is to go to yet another doctor and start yet another hope/crash cycle - know what I mean? On the other hand of course is the fact that we can't just give up!

    I will look on the Wa Lyme site - haven't been on that one yet.

    I haven't talked to Zena lately, but wasn't she seeing someone close to SF?

    How are you feeling? Are you still on the Doxy at all? Do you think you picked up the little critters at the same time your daughter did? If so, you've been under attack for a long time.

    Big 'fluffy' hugs,
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    ----as "they" say out in the Corral! Did ya see my reference
    to the Family Health Center in Longview, Washington on my Post? Not sure I know who Zena is? I'll look her up but,
    It was (is) Erica who lives here in SF that is seeing the Doc in Redwood City just South of here! I believe from her posts
    that she is just getting started on her treatment, thankfully!

    I've been having trouble getting bac into the walyme site for
    some reason. It had a list of Doc's etc. from many different
    States too.

    If the "Doc" in Oregon studied under the Ca. Redwood City Doctor, he may be well qualified depending on what HE means
    by that statement. "Studied under"??? You may wish to leave
    a Post for Erica asking her ifin' her Doc would recommend
    the one who "studied under him"?

    My Daughter will be 31 in Aug. and I know that my bite, with
    the Bullseye Rash, was prior to her birth! It was even b-4
    it was a recognized disease. Must have lain dormant all these years!

    I have an appt. with my FNP on Mon., but that "ain't goin'
    nowhere"! Someone turned her sour on Igenex and don't
    think she believes, as a a result, I even have Lyme. Tryin'
    to find someone else, but it's difficult as you well know.
    Found 3 Docs in Chico, treating Lyme, and one may very well
    have attended to my Daughter about 12 years ago! Hoping she
    remembers the name from my short list! I'd be willing to do
    the commute (4 hrs) to Chico if necessary. Their is also
    a Lyme (PA) listed in Santa Rosa that may work for me??

    But do try the Longview site as they may be able to direct
    you to someone in Oregon. I'm shocked that not more are
    available there. Keep tryin' and I'll be lookin' too, "K"?

    I think we are dealing with alot of politics with this issue too!

    Gretchen, yea, this is like playing musical chairs! And when the music stops, I'm usually the first one without a chair!
    But I refuse to quit "playing the game"!


    P.S. Gretchen: Try contacting (follow instructions to get
    poss. list of "nearby" Providers based on your zip-code

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    Hey, good luck on the doctor appointment. I know how frustrating they can be!

    The walyme site is closed down for a while because the lady who owns the website is feeling very ill right now. I found this out on a Washington State Lyme Yahoo group. They don't have a doctor list but I understand they will be transferring some of that info over from the closed site.

    I am kind of in limbo right now until I get in touch with the Portland FFC and see what the rest of my test results are. I'm a little peeved that they haven't returned my call.

    I will look in to the Longview group, thanks for that info.