an apology to denizen.

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    I see you have deleted your thread. I fear that that is my fault. I also sense that you took nothing positive away from the post I only got offended and defensive. For this I apologize.

    But I was only trying to tell you and Kathi..that I too have bad days..but I do not let myself stay there..that in itself is sometimes a hard task.

    I really was trying to help you. I must therefore, rethink if I am of any value here at all..and at this moment I think not. I am sooo sorry that you did not take my post as it was meant..and that is with the best of intentions.

    Not only is this not good for you..but the rejection I feel is not healthy for me.
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    Don't leave Sherry...your positive attitude does add value to this site! We all have different ways of dealing with this DD - you have chosen a positive road and I am right behind you!

    And denizen - I truly understand where the ooger boogers come from and your feelings and impressions of this DD also add value to this site. I, too, did not mean to offend...

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  3. stillafreemind

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    for denizen.
  4. Mikie

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    I think most of us do try to keep optimistic as much as possible, but there are those wee hours in the dark where even the strongest of us think we would be better off dead.

    I know, I know, this may shock some of you because I am of the school that we should suck it up and keep going, but nobody can do this 100 percent of the time. We need to be able to come here and vent when we've just "had it." I recognize that this is where Denice was coming from. She is not a whiner.

    There is a difference between this and being a constant complainer. The constant complainers are not yet in a place in their hearts, minds, and spirits where they can turn their energy toward healing. They are in search of enablers. The kind people here are wonderful at offering support, but each of us must eventually move on from feeling sorry for ourselves toward a healthier outlook.

    Denice wasn't seeking this type of help; she was just doing a healthy vent to get it out so she could move on.

    Sherry was just trying to offer a positive message.

    No one should be offended, but our feelings are valid just because they are what we are feeling. A lot of the time, in the light of day, we don't even recognize ourselves in our posts. This is sometimes why people delete their posts. Our sensitivity depends greatly on how we are feeling physically. Denice, I don't know why you deleted your post, but you are a sweet person and I hope you are feeling better.

    Sherry, you are also a sweet person, and I hope you stay with us, offering your optimistic outlook.

    Love, Mikie