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    I am a diabetic and frequently get yeast rashes under my breasts and under the folds of my stomach, especially in warmer weather.

    I got the following "recipe" from a lady on the Diabetes Message Board. (This recipe requires a prescription from your doctor.)

    It is a combination of 4 ingredients and must be "compounded" by your pharmacist. Some pharmacies will do it and some won't.

    I had my doctor write me a prescription for the "recipe" and took it to my local pharmacy rather than send in to my "mail order" pharmacy.

    I have used every cream and ointment there is, both prescription and OTC, and this definitely works the best.

    Recipe is:

    Bactroban or mupirocin 2% ointment (10 grams)
    Nystatin 100,000 unit/ml ointment (10 grams)
    Clotrimazole 10% cream (vaginal cream) (10 grams)
    Betamethasone 0.1% ointment (10 grams)

    You may want to give your doctor the following information:

    Note: Each ingredient may be replaced by something else.
    For example, another antibodic may be used (e.g. fucidic acid).

    Or, another antifungal might be used instead, or added (e.g. ketoconazole cream).


    Thus, if more anti-inflammatory effect is required, the Betamethasone can be increased to 10 grams, say, while keeping the other ingredients the same.

    Each time one adds another ingredient, all the ingredients are diluted, perhaps reducing the effectiveness of each.

    However, it is also the reason for using high percentages of some ingredients. Thus, the 10% Clotrimazole Cream, which ends up, in the above formulation, as 2.5% Clotrimazole Cream.

    Why the antibiodic for Candida Albicans? Abrasions, cracks, usually have some bacteria, in particular
    Staphylococcus Aureus growing in them.

    Why the steroid? Usually, the pain of infection is due to the inflammation associated with the infection, rather than
    the infection itself.

    This cream/ointment can be applied to all affected areas twice daily.
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    Hi there!

    I'm a Lactation Consultant in a hospital and we also recommend this for yeast in the breast. The "formal" (given by dr who invented it) is APNO or "all purpose nipple ointment" He also recommends ibuprofen powder be mixed in as well.



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    We used monistat for my 87 year old Mom and it worked great.
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    Interesting! What does the ibuprofen powder do to the mixture (what benefit)?

    Thanks for this fact ... if the ibuprofen powder would help my problem, I'll mention that to me doctor next time I need a new script for the mixture.

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    I believe ibuprofen is used because its anti-inflamatory. Here is a quote from one of my resources. Hope this helps.


    Treatments for Problems

    All purpose nipple ointment

    This combination of 3 ingredients seems to help for many causes of sore nipples, including poor latch, Candida (yeast), dermatologic conditions, infections of the nipple with bacteria and possibly other causes as well. It is always good, however, to try to assure the best latch possible, because improving the latch helps with any cause of pain.

    mupirocin 2% ointment (not cream): 15 grams
    betamethasone 0.1% ointment (not cream): 15 grams

    To which is added miconazole powder so that the final concentration is 2% miconazole. Sometimes it is helpful to add ibuprofen powder as well, so that the final concentration of ibuprofen is 2%."
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    Actually I use an antifungal cream that is for general use that I get at Kroger, it is a Kroger brand. Sometimes using any cream for jock itch will also work for under the breasts yeast or any skin yeast.

    I run into these problems when my blood sugar goes up high for a few days.
    I have gastroparesis, so it can't be helped sometimes.

    Thanks for the info you put on the board, jih. :)

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    I use Desitin, baby rash ointment. It
    has some sort of fish oil in it that
    doesn't smell too great but works for just breakouts.
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    Thanks so much, Maggie, for the explanation on the ibuprofen powder.

    I really like this mixture. I have tried so many things that I think I could start up a drug store myself!! But this does work the best for me.

    Another thing, my pharmacist was not sure that my drug insurance would cover this, and said that one of the ingredients was pretty expensive. So, I ask him to run it through his computer first to make sure it would pay, and luckily my insurance paid - I just had to pay my $15 copay.

    So, make sure your insurance covers a compounded cream before having it made, or you might end up owing quite a pretty penny!!
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    but Gold Bond powder works pretty well. It's more a problem in the summer months anyway.
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    I know my rashes are related to yeast, mainly due to me being a diabetic, but I think a lot of fibro suffers also get yeast rashes.

    I get them year round, but yes, the problem is definitely worse in the warmer weather months.

    I have tried the Gold Bond powder but can't stand the medicine smell of it.

    I use the Johnson's & Johnson's Medicated powder on a daily basis, all over my body to help stay dry.

    Whenever I do use this rash ointment, I also followup with a dusting of J&J powder over top of it so that I feel dry!
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    My Dr. has told me to "cut sugar out" and "cut down on dairy". It has helped, although I can't say it cured.
    Good luck, I know you can go crazy with that rash.
    I would like to thank all the girls on here(if I am allowed to do that.) You are all wonderful and in my prayers. God Bless.
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    I live in hot, humid SW FL, and I am very careful to keep areas dry where yeast could easily form. After a shower or bath, I turn on the ceiling fan and lie naked, letting the air completely dry between my legs and under my breasts. I life my breasts up to ensure the air drys under them completely.

    I wear cotton underwear which lets air circulate to the areas underneath. If I am outside or doing something inside which causes a lot of sweating, I wash and change underwear frequently.

    I put antiperspirant under my breasts and this has really helped keep them dry. I would not do this if there were any kind of rash or outbreak. Cornstarch is not good to put on the skin as it feeds yeast infections.

    I also use a zapper which is great at keeping fungal infections at bay. Almost everyone down here has toenail fungus at one time or another. After starting to use my zapper, my nails grew out pink and healthy. I could see a line across each one where the healthy growth started.

    I hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    try Arbonne baby rash ointment. It is great for burns and cus also. I have found all of their products to be AWESOME!! You can check them out on the web.
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    My rheumy told me the same thing about keeping areas dry, but not by lying naked on the bed under the ceiling fan (GOOD IDEA THOUGH!!). He told me to lie on the bed naked and take your hair dryer and dry yourself extra dry on the COOL cycle of the hair dryer.

    I'm going to try the ceiling fan ... like that better than the hair dryer! LOL

    And, thanks for the tip on putting deoderant on under the breasts. I'm going to try that one, too .... on days that I don't have a rash.

    I try to keep my sugar down as much as possible. I know the yeast feeds on sugar.
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    a zapper?

  16. Tea Tree Oil
    It is one of the components for intertrigo treatment as it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil gives instant relief from pain and itching caused due to rash. It also helps in regenerating new skin cell.

    • Prepare a solution by mixing five drops of tea tree oil and 1 tbsp of water.
    • Then, apply this solution directly to the affected area with the help of cotton.
    • Wait until oil gets absorbed (1-2 hours) then wash it with water.
    • Repeat this intertrigo home remedy twice a day.
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  17. Turmeric
    Turmeric helps in treating many skin disease naturally, and it also makes your skin more soothe and bright. It contains antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help in intertrigo treatment.

    • Take 1 tbsp of turmeric powder and few amount of rose water to prepare a paste.
    • Apply this paste directly to the red rashes.
    • Wait for 1 hour so that it gets dry naturally and then rinse it off.
    • Repeat this treatment for intertrigo thrice a day.
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  18. Garlic
    Garlic helps in promoting the strength of the immune system and also treat skin folds rashes. This is a herb which contains an active compound named Elikin, which contains antifungal and antiseptic properties. Due to its health benefits Garlic is an adequate natural remedy for intertrigo.

    • Take 5-6 garlic cloves and2-3 drop of tea tree oil.
    • Prepare a paste by it and apply it directly to the skin fold rashes.
    • Keep it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.
    • Then, use any moisturizer on your skin.
    • Repeat this home remedies for intertrigo once daily.
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  19. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is very effective to treat rashes under breast as it contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties. It provides relief from symptoms such as inflammation, redness and persistent itching.

    • Add 5 -6 tbsp of ACV in half of lukewarm water.
    • Then apply this mixture to the affected area with the help of cotton ball.
    • After 15-20 minutes wash it off with regular water.
    • Repeat this intertrigo treatment vinegar twice a day.