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    Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good night. I have sort of had an idea to help people understand this disease (maybe one of you has already come up with it) but here goes. I sell things on an online auction. I have decided to include a fact sheet and a little info on cfs and fm in every package I mail out. At least I will be letting others know they are not alone or maybe they haven't even heard of fm or cfs before. Maybe eventually enough people will get involved in research and testing and somebdy can come up with something. Maybe I am grasping, but there needs to be a global awarness of this. I know myself, that this disease has changed my life forever. It is up to me if I am going to sit by quietly or fight it every step of the way. Maybe someone out there will start a charity fund or something to help out the ones that are disabled by this disease and totally dependant on others. Me I still work and hopefully always will. But I could not imagine having this disease and not eing able to work or not have anyone to support me or no family or friends who can help. There has to be something to help them. Anyway, that is what I am going to do, package the items I sell with info packets about this disease.
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    I leave them when we eat out with the tip. I also hand them to the cashiers in stores.

    My daughter keeps a pile in her insurance office, her boyfriend is a chiropractor, and he keeps a stack in his waiting room for the patients. They have been going real well this way.

    My son is a college student, they have a place for handouts, so he is getting them out there too.

    You have a great idea, thats a wonderful way to distribuate them and get the word out.

    I would include them when I mail out my bills, but they are too big for the envelope.

    If you get a fund up to help those who are in need because of these illnesses, let me know. I can't do much, but will sure make a donation with whatever I can afford.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Where do you get the fact sheet info. Our biggest problem is that so many dont recognize us as anything but whiners who dont want to work and want attention because we have a little hurt. If we are going to hand out sheets I would think they would have to all have the same information and be written in clinical non emotional language. Is it possible for us to present ourselves in a uniform and united way????
    I know if I was handed something like "The thief who robs many lifes" I would just roll my eyes and say "oh please".Even now that I am sick I am still offended as being portraid as a poor innocent VICTIM. Interjecting emotionalism makes us look like we are victims of emotional problems as the root cause and this is the very reason we are so often pushed aside as not being really sick.