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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PVLady, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. PVLady

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    Last week I had to go to the hospital to visit a friend. I was sitting in the waiting room and saw a young lady coming down the hall. She was about 4'11" and using crutches with arm braces. Each step she took she had to drag one foot, then the other. It took along time for her to just move 50 feet, but she kept on going.

    I noticed the hospital staff greeting her - she had many friends.

    Clearly, she would have a easier time in a wheelchair. When she came close to me, I said "Hi". She was delighted and so friendly. She thanked me for speaking to her and stopped to visit.

    As it turns out, she is a volunteer at the hospital in the "cath" lab. She comes every day to work several hours. Even though she has such a struggle just to walk, she does not let that stop her. She looked so tired but would just stop and rest, then keep going.

    What else can I say.... she is a hero to me.
  2. PVLady

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    I just sat and stared at her, all the way as she struggled out the door of the hospital. When visiting with me, she said she was on the way to her doctors office, then would be going home to make dinner. I realized how even the fact I can walk is such a blessing. I thought how tired she would be at the end of her day.

    I had to imagine how I would cope with her disability. I could see me giving up and using a wheelchair, expecting everyone to do things for me.

    For us with fibro, yes we have pain that can be disabling but sometimes we can do things to get better. Pain meds, diet, rest, something -

    This little lady can do absolutely nothing to change her condition and still she bravely forges ahead, with a smile for everyone. She is fighting the good fight to stay active as long as possible. I loved her spirit.

    I think we all need to try and lift each other up here. There are some beautiful spirits here also.

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    It is so important that we look around us and put our illness in its proper perspective sometimes!

    I am such a whiner, somedays I feel like all I've done all day is complain. I hate that I'm like that. I really do try hard not to verbalize what I'm feeling, but it just comes out without my thinking about it.

    Thinking about how bad other people have it - and yet they continue to forge on - really helps me, stories like the girl you saw at the hospital. Thanks for sharing it.

    Some days when I'm really down, feeling awful and being a big baby, I think about everything my dad went through the last five years of his life. He had Parkinson's and it must have been so awful for him to slowly lose his independence and then become sicker and sicker. But you know what? I never heard him complain. He was in the hospital for six weeks in August/September of this last year and was so sick. But even when he lost his ability to walk, to talk, to see clearly, even when the nurses were suctioning the dead skin and mucus out of his throat that must have been pure torture ... he didn't complain. He passed away in September, and I miss him so much. He is my hero. I know I must let him down every day when he sees me whining. I wish I was stronger.

    Thanks for reminding me - and all of us - to look outside ourselves and be grateful for what we CAN do, and remind ourselves how good we really do have it. Even in the midst of pain and bleak days.

  4. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I cried after she left. She did touch my life in a special way, maybe not by accident.

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