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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Jun 28, 2009.

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    My vegan daughter, as one would expect, is very informed on many of the issues that impact the earth and the environment. She is quite vocal and informed on how the corn industry virtually controls the country .

    She had me rent a documentary movie (I got it from Netflix) entitled 'King Corn', made by two Harvard students, and it is perhaps the most informative and, potentially frightening piece of work that I've viewed in a long time. The impact of corn, from the food supply, food chain, politics to ethanol and everywhere inbetween is frightening. Definitely worth viewing.

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    I know I really have no right to reply to this, since I haven't seen the film.....but......perhaps we need to remember that this is a very biased documentary...made by students?

    Perhaps wheat, and soybeans, and what about all the uses of sunflowers ..were also at one time thought of in the same way.

    As a farmer's wife, I feel there is always someone out there putting down our products and causing the prices to fall. Many farmers barely make ends meet, like everyone else, and the government (no matter what you all think) and others sabatage us as often as possible to undersell our products. Free trade really isn't there anymore, which is why many farmers sell to other commodity markets.

    Do the students in this talk about the different kinds of corn planted? There is not one corn that fits all criteria....

    I would be interested in seeing this, so I would know what's so frightening about the corn market though...not trying to put you down in any way...just don't understand.

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    You really need to see the film before you form an opinion.

    I felt it was sympathetic to the plight of the small farmer by showing how the industrialization of corn has practically eliminated the concept of the family farm.

    In the film, these two students return to the same small town (Green, Iowa) that was by sheer coincidence home to both if their grandfathers. The movie follows the two students as they move to this small town and attempt to simply grow and process one acre of corn, and the obstacles they face in doing so. In the process of trying to do this, they investigate the evolution and the role (and future of) the increasing prduction of corn for Americans.

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    good "rebuttal" and, lgp, you make me interested in seeing the film.

    In my imagination, I suspect that an acre of trees turned into legal paper would be required to farm an acre of corn.

    I do have some concerns about the about sixty lbs of corn syrup consumed per capita by Americans. Seems that "low fat" means "high sugar". And by weight, sugar or corn syrup is probably cheaper than actual corn so that new breakfast cereals have huge amounts of sugar.

    And I may go blind trying to read the ingredients lists of modern "food".

    Lord save us All. Cheers LOL mr Billl
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