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    Hi all,

    I searched past posts here to try to find an answer to my question but didn't find what I was looking for.

    I started seeing a chiro. for neck pain and he suggested I take MSM to help with the constant pain I have in my neck. He said I needed to take it with vitamin c or it would do no good. I really knew nothing about it but am interested in ANYTHING that might relieve my pain.

    I read the book "The Miracle of MSM" (by Jacob, Lawrence, and Zucker) and it sounds as though there are many advantages to taking it, but it did not say anything about taking it with vitamin C. Has anyone else heard this?

    Also, I read in some of the past posts that people herxed with this.....all the book mentioned was that it could upset the stomach, and that is a sign that you need to cut back.

    I have been taking it for 3 days without Vit. C but I want to get the full effects of this and would also like some info on herxing and what to expect. Basically, I'll take any advice anyone wants to give me on it.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I've been taking MSM for about 3 months now. I take 1 gram twice a day and always with the vitamin c.

    I don't know that it's necessary, but they seem to have good effects together.

    Here's some examples:

    Vitamin C when taken with MSM helps build strong and thick veins and arteries.

    "Emphysema occurs when you lose the flexibility in your lungs. MSM and Vitamin C provide the increased oxygen to the membranes faster and easier. Many times you will get immediate relief. These products appear to help repair the lungs giving back the flexibility. Many people have found that in as little as a week they were off their oxygen and were able to start walking outside, up to a half mile. Within 3 months many were back to work at desk jobs. It has been found to take up to 2 years to get the old cells to die off and new cells to take their place. For this to happen you cannot hit and miss on taking the products. You must take it regular. Remember again that not every product will work for every person, but It’s worth the try.

    Burns: People who have been burned bad, and have had skin grafted, have found great relief with the MSM, MSM Lotion & Vitamin C. It helps build new blood vessels, collagen and flesh under the grafted skin, new skin color as well as increasing mobility. In some cases you will no longer be able to feel the demarcation line. It’s worth a try. Remember it takes time.

    Diverticulitis is a Vitamin C & MSM deficiency. Take it, and it should correct the problem.

    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: In some cases MSM Lotion has gotten rid of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in as little as (2) weeks time. Take all 3 products though.

    Hang Overs: MSM and Vitamin C will kick a hang over in 20-30 minutes. MSM makes the cell so permeable that it kicks the alcohol out of the cell its killing, and drives oxygen back into the cell. I have seen it work on 2 different people. Works very well. They ask me not to use their names.

    Women and their monthly cycle. MSM and Vitamin C helps alleviate the pain associated with a monthly cycle by helping the glands work properly. This in turn helps dramatically easing the pain of headaches, cramps, nausea and heat flashes. It’s worth a try it might help.

    Migraine Headaches: I have read that people who have suffered for years with migraine & chronic headaches have gotten real relief from MSM & Vitamin C even to the point of curing the migraine part. I suffered dearly for many years from them, even ending up in the hospital many times for the shots. I beat the problem with nutritional supplements before I knew about the above combination. I can now control my headaches with Advil.

    Dog Lovers: You may not have to put your favorite pet to sleep, because he has hip dysphasia, or any condition where that pet can hardly get around. Give him some MSM and Vitamin C. Give him or her a little time and you may find your favorite friend able to get around again and many times very well. Sprinkle MSM crystals on his food or water or shove a tablet down his throat. Sounds a little cruel. I’m really not.

    Diabetes: This is so important I’m putting it in bold print.
    You can beat Type 2 Diabetes and help yourself with Type 1. MSM and Vitamin C when taken will help regulate your blood sugar."

    I don't know about any of these things firsthand, but they're probably worth looking into.

    best wishes,

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    If you had a book, you may already know these things, but here's what Dr. Cheney had to say about MSM:

    MSM (an organic sulfur) may be excellent for helping to make lung and skin tissue more flexible. For potentially softening and healing scar tissue over time.

    Dr. Cheney goes over some of its uses in general.

    Dr. Cheney stated "I really like it. It's wonderful stuff." He recommended the book The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley Jacob, William Regelson & Martin Zucker. He said, "Great book. Everything you'd ever want to know about MSM, written by a physician who's used it for 30 years in his patient population."

    Dr. Cheney described four benefits of MSM.

    (1) "MSM itself has the toxicity of water - it's non-toxic. But it's a very potent detoxifier. If you take too much MSM, you can mobilize too many toxins too quickly. It can even mobilize heavy metals, so you have to be cautious about the dose. Start low and go slow - work up gradually to the therapeutic dose, which is 6 to 9 grams a day...."

    (2) "MSM is a very potent anti-yeast medication. It causes yeast to blow up. Well, basically they melt. Their cell walls are destroyed. Again, you see Herxheimer reactions if the dose is too high."

    (3) "Pain relief from MSM can be significant, particularly at 6 to 9 gms a day. This applies to most any pain, because most pain is toxicity related. Some of the pain relief accounts are pretty impressive. It's typical to hear at 6 gms, nothing, 8 gms, no relief, then suddenly at 10 gms the pain is gone. There seems to be a threshold you have to reach and then boom. The threshold will vary from person to person...."

    (4) "MSM also helps allergies. The mucous barrier is a sulfur barrier, and the sulfur binds to allergens and keeps them away from your nasal and sinus mucosa so you don't get allergies."

    Dr. Stanley Jacob, the author of the book Dr. Cheney recommends, developed MSM. He has used it with his autoimmune patients for 30 years. His recommended dosage is 20 grams a day. So Dr. Cheney is a bit conservative in his recommendation of 6 to 9 grams a day. My supplier recommends the same thing. 20 grams a day for maximum benefit. But you do have to work up slowly or experience significant detoxification symptoms.

    good luck with it!

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    Dear Stacey,
    My chiro also suggested MSM. I take 3,000 units daily with 3,000 units of Ester C, spread out among 3 meals. I happened to take the vitamn C, anyway, as it was prescribed by my M.D.. I haven't heard about it being necessary.

    Why don't you try it without for a week and then with for a week, and wsee which week you feel better? It seems that vitamin C has many benefits, especially for those of us with chronic immune-stressed illnesses.

    Good luck,

    p.s. By the way, MSM really does help my arthritis pain. I have both kinds, and I really feel the pain when I forget to take MSM for a while.

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  5. I saw James Coburn on the view yrs ago and he said msm gave him his life back after yrs of suffering with pain of rheumatoid arthritis. I often wondered if it helped fibro.

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