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  1. Aster

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    Visited my childhood girlfriend recently; hadn't seen her in ten years. It was an eye-opener to see what other overweight people do to contribute to the problem that I DON'T do:
    I love this lady; she's a sweet gal. But she had bowls of candy everywhere. I have none. And each time she walked by a bowl she had to take a piece. I'd never seen this before.
    In the livingroom she had a bowl of wrapped chocolates and
    some other candy in another bowl. In the entry a bowl of mints. And for my husband an 8" tall x 8" wide bowl full to the top with bbq chips and pretzels. He and I both need to lose 50 lb. but he never touches bbq chips OR pretzels. He eats lemon pound cake and frozen yogurt. My weaknesses are guacomole, sausage and birthday cake. In her closet she had hidden 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. I'd never had them before . But on the way there we found a store and I was NUTS over the icing filled ones with the chocolate icing on top. I'd eat 2 at a time. She gave us her THREE BOXES of KK donuts! Thankfully for me, none were filled ones.
    I think a DIET SUPPORT BOARD would be useful on here. Anyone else think so? aster
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    We are building a weight loss resource board
    and community support site.
    We will let you all know when it is up and running.
    As usual your comments are always welcome.

  3. Aster

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    That is very nice of you to consider an obesity board.
    Now, what about panic attacks and anxiety boards?
    Thanks again,
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    Yes. That would be GREAT!!!!!!
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    I always read and post on the diabetes board but thought it would be interesting to look at the others prohealth offers. At any rate, for an obesity suppost board, try this

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    I really need somewhere to interact with others honestly about (hate that word!) obesity.