An Old-Timer's Prayer

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    An Old –Timer’s Prayer

    Lord, I’ve been just a sittin’ here thinkin’ about how much my life is like my old car out there in the shed, that sometimes needs the master mechanic to pull it into the garage and give it an over hauling.

    Lord, I want the headlights of my body and soul to keep pointin’ out the clear road’ and if they get dirty, I want you to take out your big handkerchief and wipe ‘em off, so I can get back on the right road.

    Help those things called the oil and air filters to keep the particles of bad thoughts out of my system and keep my ideas clean and pure, so I won’t have any little specks that keep me from workin’ smoothly.

    I need oil to wash everything and keep it lubricated, so I can function just like you’d want.
    Keep the Holy Spirit a-givin’ me help all the time.

    Then Lord, there seems to be trouble of sometimes a-blowin’ my horn at the wrong. I sure could use a control button on this.

    Keep the preacher a-pourin’ in the high octane; and even though I don’t like the price of the gasoline, keep me a-chuggin’ along and pullin’ into the station.

    And You know, Lord, some of my Christian friends seem to have lost that Cadillac smile you’ve given them, and they look like the front of my old Nash. The world’s just a-waitin’ for that little bit-o-sunshine in a smile. Help us all to share it.

    And Lord, when my fuel pump finally wears out, and I’ve gone as far as I can on the one set of spark plugs You’ve given me, let me be willin’ to turn in my old model for the new one I’ll be getting’ on the other side. I’m gonna let YOU do the shiftin’, Lord. The days are plumb too fast for me. Amen!