ANA 1:640 Discrete Speckled Pattern HELP!

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    I have been dealing with heart and lung doctors for years due to an excessively high heart rate on exertion and lower than normal diffusion of the lungs. A month ago my cardiologist did another echo and saw that the left side of my heart was becoming stiff/rigid and my EF is 50. Not good.. I should mention i am 33 and otherwise very healthy and fit. So the doc ran some standard blood tests for diseases that can cause restrictive heart disease. The ANA test came back at 1:640 discrete speckled pattern *which means i was chromosome positive*. I was immediately seen by a Rhematologist who looked at me and said you look healthy, I dont believe in blood tests... then he proceeded to take 7 vials of blood. He said i think your heart is just that.. an issue with your heart. I have to wait 3 weeks for the blood test results which they will mail to me. :( Ok so my question is.. does anyone else have a high ANA discrete speckled pattern where symptoms are internal only? Is there something else that can cause such a high ANA... Any information would be greatly appreciated... I have searched the internet constantly but i need some real answers. thanks
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    I have a high ANA (which I do not believe is discrete speckled) and I have lupus. I don't appear to have heart problems although I had what appeared to be a cardiac problem and was in the hospital a few months ago and they couldn't find a cause for it. My HMO primary care is unconcerned and doesn't want to send me to a cardiologist. Just a thought, but could an autoimmune disorder be starting??

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    thats what the cardiologist thinks but the Rhuematologist seems to think otherwise.... i know you can have false positives but i really dont believe a 1:640 would be false plus you look at the specific pattern which is the only one that isnt general to most diseases.. i just want preventative care for whatever this is.. I dont want to wait till its Horrible before they do something. The heart issue should be enough concern to look further.
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    I had a speckled pattern ANA 30 yrs. ago & was first told SLE, later changed to MCTD.

    However that pattern seems to have changed over time & I am currently dxd as undifferentiated collagen vascular disease. Meaning I have a few symptoms, a few weird labs, but generally do not meet criteria for pure rheumatological disease.

    It's important to remember that a single blood test doesn't give many diagnoses in rheumatology. To get a dx you usually need to fulfill a given disease definition with specific sign & symptom criteria. You have to have a certain number of symptoms etc. from a constellation of symptoms & signs generally found in that disease.

    You can have a few oddities & not meet criteria for dx. I have symptoms of Sjogrens, Lupus, MCTD, Hashimoto's, Celiac, RA & Autoimmune Scleritis -- but I've only really met criteria on the Hashi's & the Scleritis.

    Best wishes.