ana test came back postive

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    hi everyone
    I just got a phone call from my rhemu nurse to say my ana came back postive and i have to come in for some more lab work to rule out LUPUS. which i did. has anyone gone thur this ? what were the results ? the nurse also brought up i could have another auto immune disorder any one HELP

    DOBDAM New Member

    Sorry to hear you ANA came back positive, mine did too, 7 years this March. What your doctor will probably do is more testing to make sure its not drug induced Lupus. Some Beta-Blockers (used for hypertension, migraines) can cause a flase positive or even positive, but getting off them will be ok.
    I have Connective Tissue Disese, Fibromyalgia, my ctd is an autoimmune disease.
    Go get your blood work done, they will do a speckle test, and other arthritis factors. and let us know. If you need someone to talk to my e-mail address is
    Good Luck
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    You have a good doc to be keeping an eye on this for you. Please try not to worry. It's not uncommon for our ANA's to be elevated even when we do not have Lupus or MS. Researchers are taking another look at FMS/CFS and many believe them to be autoimmune in nature. This could account for elevated ANA's. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie