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    Hi. I'm 29 and just got back blood results that said My ANA titer was positive. I dont have my rheumy appt for another 2 weeks--- I was wondering if anyone can explain more about what this is? Thanks.
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    I have a positive ana also but I am not a doctor and would probably give you the wrong information. ANA stand for Antinuclear Antibodies. Some people with a positive ANA have Lupus. But not everyone. I don't have Lupus. I am sure someone with more information will post a good reply for you.
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    I too have had an elevated ANA,,,I guess this is not uncommon with those of us with CFS/FM. However, I am not a doc,,,,just wanted to keep your post "alive" until someone more knowledgable came along.

    Best of luck. Tulip
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    I also had a positive ANA with an elevated titer. They did lots of blood work and everything else came back fine. They retested it a few months later and it was back to normal. Don't worry. I think this is fairly commen. It could mean things like Lupus and other autoimmune disorders, but an infection can also make it elevated and my doc said that some people just have false positives and it means nothing.
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    the prase, "You have a positve ANA" means absolutely nothing. Millions of people have them and it means nothing. Also, no one has explained how the titer system works. The ANA titer is a ratio. The higher the ratio, the more it MAY mean.

    For example depending on what titer sytem you are using, here are some examples:
    1:40 1:600 1:980 etc.

    There are particular numbers that can only show up on the right. (I can't remember what they are and am just trying to give you an idea of what it is.) My number on the right has been as low as double digits and as high as triple digits. Some have huge numbers on the right. A "positive" ANA, in and of itself, is looked at along with other information, NOT BY ITSELF. If someone, has a very high titer (and that is different from doctor to doctor as to his/her opinion on high enough), it gives the doc something to go on. Ideas on what other test to run or what areas to look in. It often means that one may have an auto-immune problem. As someone said earlier, our ANA titers are often subject to change, a bit of a mystery.

    I really would try not to worry too much about this until you get more info. You probably will anyway and a doctor can explain it better. I just wanted to explain that it MAY mean very little. It might give cause for your PC to send you to a Rheumatologist for other testing or something for you PC to keep and eye on depending on the titer.

    I hopes that helps and apologize if I did not use the exact and correct words a physician would to explain this. Someone else may have info to add but this is my understanding of it over the years.

    Lynda B.