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    This all sounds great - I hope your pills come today - keep us posted!~

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    I have been doing a little reading on anatabine, the active component of Anatabloc, and it appears to be very interesting. It is not one of those fad molecules that has no real value.

    It appears that there is growing interest in the research community to study this for specific purposes such as recovery from brain trauma and other inflammatory related problems.

    I am curious where this will go. Hopefully it will become available at cheaper prices. This is something I definitely will be keeping an eye on.

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    you know Nanie here said she didn't get any results after 2 months...I'm wondering why. I talked to a friend who has been taking it 6 months now and asked him "why wouldn't someone get results"....he said perhaps not taking enough, not taking long enough, etc....I don't know if everyone can benefit....

    I know I'm feeling "subtle" changes enough to body has been so wracked with pain for last 2+ yrs and subtle is good in my book. So I'm in and we'll see where it all goes.

    I continue to read reviews and perhaps one of these days will call the physician at the company and pick his brain.

    I've already sent an email to a supp company I deal with and talking about "copying" the supp in their way they do things....they know about it. PH could be looking at it too. When something first comes to the marketplace it's always pricey and the company needs to make as much money as they can before others jump on it and do their "thing"....I can understand how the company needs to make money on their research, advtg, sales etc...just like pharma....jam

    PS: I just sent the info and customer review from a person with MS, the person feels all illness starts with inflammation...she talks about how it's help her MS sister is challenged with MS and bil deals with arthritis, so I believe it could help them both. My sis has taken every G.D. drug from pharma and has only progressed with the MS....<br

    PSS: Just talked to one of the company pharmacists and she gets all kinds of calls, the good, the bad and ugly....for many reasons it may not work for a person as they may need to take more due to bodyweight and also there could be drug interactions....I believe I'm taking enough for my body weight and don't take drugs to speak more info and it will continue to unfold and they are coming out with a newer formula soon, taking out the Vit D and A as many people take a lot of their own A and D....

    Also, they are taking out the artificial sweetener....many complained about that, I did.[This Message was Edited on 01/18/2013]
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    I think it would be good for them to take the artificial sweetener out. I am not a fan of them in my diet at all and think they may be awful.

    There will likely be people who this will not help. Every supplement and drug and treatment does not work for every one and there will always be those that are not helped. Nanie is the person with Lyme Disease right? Perhaps that is a circumstance this molecule is not helpful for.

    Hopefully, some companies will pick up on this so it will become available at cheaper prices.


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    It's hard to say why I did not notice any benefit from the Anatabloc.

    I definitely was taking enough. I weigh 110 pounds and took 2 tablets 3 times daily...the recommended dose.

    My LLMD said he had another lyme patient who did have results from using it...very quickly, in fact, within a week.

    But we are all different, with different body chemistry, different complicating infections, etc.
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    I'm hearing that people under 165 can be ok taking 1 three times per day, I'm the 2 three times per day group.

    darn, my supply didn't arrive I can understand why the company recommends the automatic ship, unless the buyer can go to the store that sells it, but it's more expensive that way too, tax etc.....

    i hope the missed dosing doesn't set me back too much, it does accumulate which makes it work for those it works for....maybe tomorrow. jam
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    after 9 days on it, I had to go off since my trial ran out and my order didn't arrive....during the night and today I'm back in loads of it has to arrive today, please let it arrive today...
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    Crossing my fingers for you.

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    in our health world and it's so new and research is being done on it daily.

    Listening to a health program on radio and this program is mostly conventional med, but enough "holistic" people call in and drugs were discussed and how doses for one could be diasters for others....ambien was on that was discussed....

    Then cholesterol was brought up and that was a whole other conversation...

    Then Omega 3 and 6's, 6's are Pro Inflammation and I knew that but hearing it from the conventional MD was interesting to say the least...

    Then the Cipro Levaquin drugs were talked about and people calling in with all the joint damage they have from this class of drugs....that FLUORIDE!!!!!!!

    So pharma is far far far from innocent with all their drugs.

    A woman called in about Prolotheraphy and why it's not used MORE in the conventional world and dr just didn't want to discuss it much, he said he just didn't know much about it....she has friends who have had good experience for their joint issues and why doesn't pharma use it more rather than their nasty surgeries and horrid drugs....anyway, I got off on a vent and rant.
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    from a woman with Fibro and Crohns and this supp has changed her life. In that blog is this info on clinical trials if one is interested...I may call. Her name is Cheryl Reilly and she has blogs and FB entries on Anatabloc and her issues.

    There is still time to get involved with the clinical trials if you have ten weeks to devote to the study. Just call the office of Dr. Dale Wilson at 810-342-1725 to get started.

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    so I'm back in the Anatabloc saddle and HOPING my earlier results come back and continue.

    I made sure I got the unflavored loz and it's just fine...have 2 dissolving in my mouth as I type. jam
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    supp with a 4 day break when I ran out.

    I'm again having the no pain issue when I wake up, no pain at 4-5-6AM so the last 2 days taking Advil at 8:30 or close to 9AM.

    Longer stretches during the day too.

    My back and knees are still pretty stiff so I don't know if
    that will change much, but we'll see.

    I've jumped on blogs of people taking this supp and reading their results, some pretty amazing....I'll continue with that research.

    One man reported he deals with Roseaca and since he's on Anatabloc it clears up real good, when he goes off it comes roaring back, so he's given it that test. He also reported less hip bursitis.

    If anyone trys the Trial Offer, read the Terms and Conditions, this company has the auto ship policy, so one has to be on top of that sales order to get the lower prices from them the Trial Offer gives that term.

    There are a few other companies that sell it, but higher prices....people talk about will the prices come down and who knows, many have issues with the price....

    Anyway, I continue.


    1/28 I actually didn't take my advil until with more time I take it later and later....if it were not for the spinal stenosis stiffness and knees, who knows when I'd take it. I've read a lot of testimonials from those on it less than a month and getting pretty amazing results, one person had FM 19 yrs and also OA and says she's off her prescription meds....

    So for whatever it's worth...think about the trial offer, but read Terms and COnditions...and if you find it helps be prepared for the cost.

    As a friend says, this could get you off the other stuff you are taking to try to get results....which is true.[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2013]
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    I sprang up and looked at clock and thought it was 8:30 and it was really 9:30, this might be the first time in my life waking up this late...

    I did wake up a couple times during the night for bathroom and right back to sleep....and dreams too, not nightmares....

    I'm on Anatabloc going on 3 weeks next Tuesday....

    And taking Less Pain pills, I'm certainly not out of pain, but
    who knows the down the road....

    It's all so much Chronic Inflammation as I see it. jam
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    and the company has listened.....the size of the bottle has
    been increased from 200 loz to 300 next order will
    be the 300 loz...

    Last night before bed I took 3 under my tongue vs the 2 and today is the so so much better for I'm going to do the 6-7 loz daily, I'm no lightweight.

    The fact that I slept to 9:30AM is one thing...

    But I feel clearer in my mind, and more happy overall.

    More people want to try this and price is keeping them
    from it....

    And yes, it's been said some don't do well on it...but
    I'm the exception....

    Pain brings you down and I've been there so long and today
    is a WOW I'll increase my nighttime dose to 3 loz here on out....

    I have a 800 # and contact at the company who will explain so much about it and how to order....his name is Curtis and he's such a help.

    He mentioned today, that an MS caller told him today they
    are doing so much better since on this supp....all the drugs
    they took and this supp is making such a diff....

    That's been my sis....I'm pumping my bil up to get on it
    for both them, he deals with OA (Lots of inflammation and she with MS).....
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    This really is amazing. I'm really happy for you!

    Keep us posted --

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    the cost....the only other time I spent a lot of money for a supp was for Wobenzym about 15 yrs ago and it was $65 or so...I gave it up as it was doing nothing for me...

    Today, along with the morning rising experience, I realized I didn't wear my knee support, first time in a long long time. The side of my leg down from the surgery, IT band has been
    tight and messed up since surgery, this area is loosening up and feeling less pain and soreness today....hence the
    less pain at the knee. All inflammation....

    I just did a quick search and there are links on Anatabloc and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...I read one which is the PA Advocate's about a 36 yr old housebound CFS patient.

    They continue to do trials on this supplement for so much it appears, this product could end up being gold and one person said it could end up an RX....hope not....the price could really go up then. If pharma gets a hold of it.

    Anyway, pretty amazing for me.

    I've been so down and in so much pain for so long, don't know how I'll act if I get really really a lot of improvement....

    Anyone believing there is inflammation in their bodies and in lots of pain, one should really give it a go. I don't know of many older folks with no inflammation.
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    Well, I don't blame you for laboring over the cost. I have spent so much money on so many different things, no way to tell ahead of time if something would work or not, and most did not help. I'm getting much more leery of spending money, so much has gone down the drain so to speak.

    But I guess it has been worth it, I have stumbled across a few things which have helped. It just has taken so much trial and error and money to get here!

    But I'm really glad you took the chance on anatabloc.

    I don't think inflammation is a problem for me. My c-reactive protein test was very low, showed very little inflammation, my diet is really good, my main problem seemed to be with toxins, which seems to be resolving. I'm hoping it will eventually lead to more stamina, fewer crashes, we'll see -

  18. jaminhealth

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    I really work on eating less inflammatory foods; like meats, egg yolks, cheese and then I get bored with it all.

    My neighbor friend is a heavy duty vegetarian and she is
    loaded with arthritis

    My MD didn't do the CRP labs in 2012, so I'll be making
    sure she does them this summer when I go for annual labs..CRP and antiobiodies for Hashi.....I've had high Hashi
    numbers over the years and Anatabloc is supposed to address that too from research I've read.

    In the meantime, I continue as I'm taking "less" pain meds overall. jam
  19. lesliesue

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    This sounds like great news! I hope it keeps getting better. By the way, an anti-inflammatory diet is really helping me. Gotta stick with it, but it's worth it.

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    This is very good news. I am glad that it has been helping you so much. Now I definitely hope that some other companies pick this up and it will be available at a more affordable price.

    Please keep us posted.