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  1. jaminhealth

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    Steve, this company has put and continues to put a lot
    of money and research into this product and some fear pharma will get hold of it, and then look out.

    Today again a 9AM wake up and in no pain is MOSTLY in my spine with the stenosis and all the inflammation from my hip surgery, so I'm sure relief in
    those areas will take more and more time.

    I often call the physicans on call to discuss my issues and plan to call them next week with more questions....I know it
    won't change "structure" of bones etc....but getting rid of inflammation around those areas is what I feel will happen....

    But not having the rheumatic pain down my arms is great.
  2. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    just read from a member on another health board who
    deals with psorasis for 14 yrs and he's on anatabloc 1yr
    coming up in March....

    His psorasis is so improved and he says he has less
    muscle and joint pain. Gives me more hope down
    the road...

    I don't deal with psorasis but many do.
  3. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    in a couple yrs for sure.

    I play bridge on Saturdays, and today we played
    and I actually stayed longer and played for 6 hrs.

    My friends commented on this as they know the
    misery I've been in for a couple yrs with spinal stenosis
    and knee issues and the rest of the pain.

    I can sit longer and when I get up to walk my knees
    move better.....
  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    my other hip doesn't hurt as much, it would hurt when
    I walk too much or climb steps and I just noticed when I
    climb a couple steps, that "catching" pain in my hip isn't
    as much, so it's addressing that inflammation.
  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    issue the more I'm realizing how inflammation is slowing
    killing us...inflammation is causing almost every disorder....when people talk about neuropathy, this is pain/damage of the nerves caused by inflammation.

    The online friend who put me on to Anatabloc sends me
    testimonials daily, he's on FB and they are forever posting
    them over there....I'm not on FB so just another thumbs up.

    I continue to get so much RELIEF and taking less meds I notice too the every now and then ringing in ear has ceased. I believe the ringing was mostly from Tylenol and I'm off that one over 10 days now.

    I have an unopened bottle of extra strength Tylenol and found my receipt for it and will be turning it for a $10 refund....the subtle changes continue....jam
  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I post my Anatabloc info and results on a couple other
    health boards....actually 3...

    Anyway, one of the members on one, is a real naysayer
    of supplements, every time I post about a supp giving me
    relief, etc...he is forever attacking my posts....

    I know when I post something he will give me his rebuttle
    and slam what I do...i just let it go, they keep him on board as he was an early part founder of the board.

    So low and behold my last posting on my month on this
    supp, he reported that he has done "thorough" research on it all including the clinical trials, all those involved in this
    product and it's science and he is very impressed, and is now an investor in the parent company's stock.... Wonders never cease as they say.

    Now, here I am thinking of investing, it's under $1 share and who
    knows where it will go, one person on Anatabloc says this is the
    future Bayer aspirin to the population....[This Message was Edited on 02/11/2013]
  7. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    as I was curious what it costs me a day, this is from a friend who is on "A" for over 3 months:

    Ok, I got this from a friend on the 300 ct bottle:

    So there is 300 now at $80 (no tax at so it is .2667 cents per Anatabloc. So 6 is $ 1.60 day. If it keeps disease and pain at bay well worth. I guess inflammation deals with cancer too.

    So 300 will last 50 days....... 365 days divided by 50 days is 7.3 bottles

    I think the price will be coming down. They increased from 200 t0 300 and kept same price.

    My next bottle will be the 300 ct... jam
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    continue, and I continue on less advil and less 1/2 vicodin
    and NO Tylenol....

    Those with chronic inflammation are missing out on what
    could really be helping in reducing PAIN.

    Sleep is SO MUCH BETTER too, and I was sleeping
    good before, but better. jam
  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    and I'm in with this product, for about $1.60 per day, I'm
    having a better life....

    I'll NEVER be what I was before this G.D. hip replacement, but Anatabloc is helping....

    So many complications which have caused SO MUCH more
    inflammation in my body....jam

    JK, I've tried so MANY herbals, etc. over the years, I'm not
    into the pharma drugs, been burned there and won't go there.

    I still do a lot of my everyday things like MSM, ACV, etc....but
    as I said I'm having less pain overall....

    Everyone has their issues and mine are like no one else, but this
    supp is helping me.....

    I've read so many horror stories from those with many surgeries and
    still in LOADS of continuing surgeries are NOT the answer....[This Message was Edited on 02/19/2013]
  10. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Anatabloc "free trial" link. scroll down and read
    the Terms & Conditions, this is not an auto ship
    deal, for the 80 lozenges....yes, unfortunately the
    free trial loz have the artifical sweetener, but they
    didn't kill me.

    I now get my 300 ct bottles with no sweetener...I
    requested this....

    Maybe some day, the ingredients will even change more.

    It's a new company and things are changing all the
    time, it seems....
  11. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    in pain, get those CRP numbers checked....Anatabloc
    reduces the inflammation and it will be interesting to get
    that lab done later this summer... If I'm feeling better, I
    know the inflammation is being reduced....
  12. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I was expecting my 2nd month supply yesterday and
    when I saw that little box outside my door, I got a high..
    almost like how a junkie feels when they get their supply...
    how I imagine they must feel anyway.....

    Has to tell me for sure it's helping me...never felt
    anything like this ever before.
  13. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm not that concerned about the parabens....I'm
    getting relief and that's what counts for me....thinking on this
    more, 50 some yrs of OA issues and 14 yrs of Fibro stuff....ain't gonna take overnight...but slowly more relief is
    what I am happy about....jam
  14. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    bridge day and we sit a lot, get up every now and then..everyone should get up and stretch out...

    Well, I was out for a 6 hr day....5 some hrs of bridge and
    socializing and then to the market...this is the 2nd
    time for long day at the bridge table...I had this experience
    a couple saturdays burning in spine (stenosis) and
    again my friends are in shock....

    I met my neighbor and his male friend were heading for
    a day of surfing and his friend had told me a while back
    about his wife who deals with RA and also a hip replacement and I think fibro.....

    So I made up a big note for him to take home to his's chronic inflammation.
  15. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    if I continue to progress as I am, my rheumy won't see me
    this year....I almost camped out at her office for the last 1.5 yrs...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    looked up at my clock sitting here at computer and talking
    on phone today and doing this and that....I have NOT been
    on my ice pack at all...prior to A-bloc I would be on that ice pack by 10AM.....

    The inflammation in spine and lower back is lessening and lessening...

    I think I'll go on it for a little while now with my coffee and radio which I haven't heard at all today....
  17. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    This is amazing. This is fabulous, this is great, I'm so glad you keep improving! Definitely well worth your $1.60 a day!

  18. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    spent on this pain in the last 2+ yrs and I had no idea about
    this supp....a stranger (man) from AZ on another health board kept prodding me on to get on it...I was skeptical for sure....he kept telling me wait for the 60 day mark and you'll notice a big shift....I'm just 10 days or so short of the 60 days.

    Now, my daughter is wanting to get on it for the inflammation and pain she deals with: collapsed tensons
    in her foot...I'll the sample pack to her tomorrow when we
    meet for dinner...I don't push things on her and especially
    things that have NOT worked for me....she takes grape seed ex for some yrs now and now going to Abloc a chance....she has done her research and finds far more pros than cons....yeaaaaaa....

    I was thinking today, just maybe I'd get up the strength to get on
    a plane to visit my sis who I haven't seen going on 8 yrs....I could not travel and she is not able to even walk.

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  19. mbofov

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    Wow - you must be feeling a lot better to think about visiting your sister. I am so happy for you. I have followed your very painful journey the last several years.

    One more thing you might suggest to your daughter is to try magnesium oil on her tendons. Magnesium is supposed to be very good for damaged tendons. I'm not saying don't try the anatabloc on her, but maybe try the mag oil as well. It can't hurt.

    I'm glad that man in Arizona kept prodding you!

  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    in my life on Abloc, but I do now...Gave my daughter a good supply which Anatabloc people gave me for helping on something with their mgmt team....not relevant here...but a nice generous supply to give to a friend/family etc..

    So last night my daughter started on "it" for inflammation and pain from a collapsed tendon in her foot...she can't nor wants to do a major sugery and it would be that according to ortho MD... She's wearing some special "arch" shoes and orthotics and now the here's hoping...she's very receptive to giving it a good try. She's done her research on it and likes what she reads.

    And she also is going to bring it to her kids' dad's attention who is in cancer treatment for stage 3 lung cancer....bad stuff.... Many cancers are inflammation....

    Just talked to my contact back East and asked them some questions about growth in sales, etc...and they said more and more are getting on it all continues. jam