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  1. deepak

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    Just ordered the free trial of anatabloc for mom, thanks to your endorsement.

    Are there any contraindications to anatabloc or a risk of overdose of vitamin A or anything like that ?

  2. jaminhealth

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    I've think I've read or heard over the years that over 10,000 IU's of Vit A daily could be a toxic issue.....I don't believe the small amount in these tabs is an issue.... Does your mom get over Vit A in a multi or other vitamin....My multi has 5000 IU's in it and I usually take it every other day anyway...

    I'm glad to hear Anatabloc ships out of the country and they've taken the stipulations off their trial order deal...did you read the Terms & conditions at bottom of trial order blank...

    People were upset with their original deal of the auto ship, so now I'm understanding more and more will jump on that trial deal. I felt a bit of a shift at day 2 and then a significant shift at day 5 and that is what pushed me to stay on it....

    So let us know how things daughter started on Abloc this past Tuesday.....hoping for all better health and healing for us all. jam
  3. deepak

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    The free trial they are only giving in USA

    I had a aunt of mine who stays in USA order it for me and she will ship it.

  4. jaminhealth

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    just know it's not a pain pill but an inflammation reducer, nothing immediate to speak of, but our bodies didn't get
    messed up overnight....your mom may feel a slight shift in the trial, everyone is so different as we know. jam
  5. jaminhealth

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    if a person is taking an anti depressant, this supp may not be good for them since Abloc has MAO activity and taking it with an A/D may not be good.....I'm trying to find out more...

    Abloc does "elevate" mood....but combined with an A/D don't know...
  6. jaminhealth

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    I knew my daughter had been on a low dose A/D so wanted to bring this to her attention...and got this note from her just now:

    Hi mom
    I don't take any antidepressants, been off for over a year! So no worries there for me. I don't want to jump the gun or jinx anything, but I feel like I do feel some positive from it already? With my hand issue? So and I feel like there is a little tiny bit( but it's something) of less swelling in the foot/ankle! Very interesting right?! Yes I knew this was something special and different, I just could feel it.+++

    Just talked more to the pharmacist and she said if a person
    is on an old class strong MAO, then Abloc should not be taken...if they are taking the new class SSRI, zoloft, paxil, effexor, etc. then it's fine with those drugs, no drug interactions have been reported and there is no problem...[This Message was Edited on 03/01/2013]
  7. jaminhealth

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    This is interesting the whole history of Anatabine testing which came out today.
  8. sunflowergirl

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    found the link to some posting by a 75 year old troll! Very funny. Going to continue to follow that.
  9. jaminhealth

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    I'm belly laughing...someone did call me that...

    It's hard for people to get a handle on something when someone comes off pretty much do we find that we get enthusastic over?

    For me: Armour, Grape Seed Ex, Vit D3, Acupuncture and now Anatabloc.

    I have a long post on Amazon and I just added the new
    info on the History of Anatabine today.

    This is informative too:

    Differentiating Anatabloc from Other Nutritional Anti-inflammatory Supplements

    I have complained so much here of the "burning" in tail/spine and it's pretty much gone, also the "burning" on the IT band damage down the thigh from hip replacement damage....

    I had a filling break on a molar maybe 2 yrs ago and was so close to letting a dentist do major work on this since Anatabloc, the area hardly hurts anymore...the inflammation is being killed. I almost dread going in for a cleaning as they will stir things up and want to do their work....not for this gal....

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  10. Elisa

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    Hi Jamin and Everyone,

    I am looking into Anatabloc for myself and my mother who has terrible arthritis pain and spinal stenosis.

    So please Jamin keep us up to date with your pain progress - I want to try to use your replies to encourage my mother to try it...

    Also, I read on CFS Patient Advocate blog:

    that anatabloc is the first supplement to help autoimmune thyroid issues completely.

    There are also links in this blog to interesting articles too - be sure to read them!

    Take Care,

  11. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    get the trial offer if nothing else for $ obligation...Read Terms & Conditions at bottom of page....get 2 trials, one in your mom's name and one in yours....$10 for what could be a major breakthru for you both.

    I noted a shift at day 2 and day 5 so I knew I had to stay with it... I think I read somewhere about someone on PR who was using Anababloc....I don't go over there, but I'll read your info when I get back, off to the store.

    The Stenosis issue is SO MUCH improved, so hard to believe
    after so much misery...granted I had 16 acupuncture sessions but with all those sessions I still had burning....

    Later...and remember some don't do good on it, but in all my reviews reading, etc. more pros than cons.
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  12. jaminhealth

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    Abloc isn't going to change the "structure" of the narrowing spine canal, but it does reduce/kill of inflammation in that area....I don't know how bad your mother's issues are but mine were HORRIBLE....again all after hip replacement....

    I also daily daily SS exercises from
    There are 3 I believe on that site for SS and I do them daily to keep canal from narrowing worse....
  13. joanierav

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    god bless you, for always being a guinea pig for us. this anatabloc, sure sounds like a miracle drug/supplement.

    sooner or later i will try it, but cautiously waiting it out as i have so many side effects to things.

    but so glad it has helped you..

    love, joanie
  14. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    look how so many trust the pharma drugs...I was thinking about this as so many are so worried about this supp...I'm more worried about pharma than anything else....

    I took the $5 trial and it helped in less than 2 weeks on that was enough for me to go ahead with it.

    Again, some don't do well on it, why I don't know.

    There is a blog that I'm on daily, and I've even posted my
    concerns and also my positive results...there are some on
    there that had some bad taste from the "auto ship" on the
    trial order, but the company has removed that Condition and
    so many are happy about there were some really
    good reviews, one from a person who's MD is doing a trial
    with some of his is the site
    and it's run by a man who reviews NEW supps on the market,
    like ketones and other weight loss supps etc....he's very perhaps take a look see. [This Message was Edited on 03/09/2013]
  15. jaminhealth

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    Just read an interesting article by Dr. Ryan Lanier on this
    subject and talking about the drugs, supps etc to knock out this inflammation and, he talks about Anatabloc and he's an MD at Rock Creek....Zoominfo has a lengthy bio on Dr. Lanier.

    He mentions keeping the arteries from clotting, etc. and keeping the blood thinned, well that's what Grape Seed Ex
    does too....

    You can google him and find this info...

    My friend says, 60 Minutes one day could be
    discussing Abloc....we'll see, I hope so.
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  16. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I rec'd a online newsletter mass mailing from Mary Shomon and the Abloc and thyroid auto immune disease.

    Her discussion is at: About.comthyroiddisease

    This is from a 3 month human trials.
  17. sunflowergirl

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    BUT, it is expensive and really unproven aside from mouse studies. I think the majority of people are on the sidelines and taking a wait and see attitude. I don't want to be the human guinea pig.

    I read that report online about the company.....where it hard it was to even locate it. I think most people are just waiting to see......

    What I read from Mary Shomon she's just reporting on it, unless I didn't read what you got in your newsletter.
  18. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Sun, I was in TOO MUCH pain was ready for it...and it's
    working...I was ready for something for sure and it came my way and I resisted believe me....

    When one thinks about mice, what do you think pharma
    starts with in their labs....MICE...we're their guinea pigs and think about all the side effects with the pharma drugs...

    The Shomon discussion is from 3 month human trials...

    I'm not pushing anyone believe me, just reporting...thinking
    back on Mikie's path on peptides, I couldn't do them, very expensive, this product is pennies in comparison...just saying...

    I've spent so much all my years of pain, and now buying
    less pain meds for sure, no more acupuncture, for now for me it's a good deal. Maybe next month I'll
    get a "light" massage but for now I spend $1.60 per day on this supp. Oh I'm saving on Armour too as I've cut out 1/2 grain...I still take a lot of my other supps but adding nothing new....

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  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    it will work for anyone here who gives it a try, Nanie46 tried it
    for 2 months and she reported it didn't help..Why, who knows.

    But MOST reviews out there are one doesn't know until one trys....but cost for some is a factor, but the
    cost is so minimal if it works and gets one out of a lot of pain, even reduces the pain....then it's really cheap.
  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I continually find testimonies of those on on the NAH Anatabloc site, where Mary Shomon has a link on this supp, a man in the blog section report on his progress
    with Heart Disease and PD, I sent the info to my cousin who's husband deals with PD....Wish I could get the info
    to Michael J Fox...maybe he knows...

    If you want to read it, just go to NAH Anatabloc link and
    you'll find it in the blog comments.