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    has been given so many names and causes over the yrs.

    Many many yrs ago this Fibro stuff was called rheumatism...then along the way it was given the name Fibroitis...and then some 10-15yrs ago Fibromyalgia was the name given to it all....

    One rheumy I have seen, an older woman, called it fibroitis, my younger rheumy calls it depending on the age of docs, the name can be different.

    In my grandmothers and mother's day it was called rheumatism...

    So what I'm getting to, all the rheumatic pain down the side of my arms and upper back is about gone since Anatabloc...

    Rheumatic diseases (rheumatism) are painful conditions usually caused by inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joints or muscles.

    So even though many here say it's not inflammation, I have to disagree...and believe a lot is inflammation re: fibro stuff...

    I still have pain and STIFFNESS in knee joints and lower back which are arthritic but is reducing.....spinal stenosis pain/burning is about gone..
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    and turmeric and I have had good results. My trigger finger went away, and I can actually make a fist now. Couldn't before. And I could hug you for Grapeseed extract. Ran out for a few days, felt really crappy! I didn't know Pain RX also had Immune RX, Liver RX, Joint RX and Glucose RX. Tried all but got a bit TOO much. Just using Pain, Liver and Immune, the Grapeseed, turmeric, and Alive plus 55. This has been a good pain month, so far. Hope you continue your success too!

    Soft hugs,
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    I still take Pain RX but have been out of it and expecting
    a supply soon...So glad you feel "results" with grape could I take it for almost 18 yrs and not believe in it?

    I can't take much turmeric as it upsets my stomach where I once had a stomach We all do what we can and
    when we get good results what a PLUS...jam
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    just ordered the trial of Abloc...I ordered for them, neither have computers..

    One friend is 85 and a pain tooth area after spending $800 on a crown work, etc..and still in pain, now the dentist says pull it another $ the other day she was over here
    and we were talking about this and I said, you know it could be inflammation that is causing the pain...I'm having good luck with a tooth area and no more pain....

    And she also has both hips with nasty bursitis, even thou a hip replacement in one...replacements can make things WORSE....she's going to give it a 2 week trial...boy I sure HOPE she gets relief....

    The other friend who is 81 has idopathic neuropathy pain which is also inflammation and has skin cancers she gets cut out every couple months, cancer is also a form of she is going to give it a 2 week trial...again HOPE she feels a "shift"....

    We'll see, as I told them, if it doesn't do anything in the 2 weeks then you've spent $5.
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    and "pushed" me to get on it, sent me this VERY INTERESTING story on "inflammaging"..
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    she's at about week 3 on Anatabloc...she has collapsed tendons in one foot with a lot of pain and inflammation...and does NOT want major surgery... Plus, I believe she has a low grade chronic inflammation over her body as she tends to run a bit puffy....her dad's side has this issue....her daughter seems to have this too....not the son...interesting these genes..

    She says she's getting pain relief, some days more than others...BUT constipation has hit hit me at week 4, so I said up magnesium intake, try the Mag Calm and even drink cup of hot water with lemon squeeze before bed... I'm watching that too and will buy some Slippery Elm herb and give that some keep things moving good. I also told her about AloeLax which I also use....

    I have a lifelong history of constipation no matter what...

    So, here is something helping and a side effect...what else is new...everything that helps has S/E's.....even supps..

    Maybe even taking a lower dose one day, higher the next, try alternating...I may try that too now at 2months+....

    Getting too much relief to stop it, for sure. jam
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    meeting New People on Anatabloc via Mary Shomon's blogs and thyroid boards...One woman says I can share all her info and her whole family started with CigRx for smoking cessation and found how much relief they were getting with arthritis...they have her grandpa who has Parkinson's on it too. She just gave me this info today:

    On her mother, and about arthritis pain--mother, who is 57 years old, has eliminated YEARS of arthritis pain in her hands by taking Anatabloc. It took about 3 months of anatabloc usage for her to feel a difference.

    I also have my mom take Colostrum by a company called ..........S. They are the only ones I would trust with colostrum as it can be easily contaminated or weakened by processing. Great company and they are very responsive wih customer service. The company owner replies directly to emails.
    You can read all about the benefits of colostrum on their site. May be very helpful for you in addition to the Anatabloc.

    As for myself, I also take a great but pricey supplement by >>>>>>> called Fast Acting Joint Support. When I take 2 caps a day, I feel a huge difference in my knee pain, and it also helps with skin tone and cellulite (as does the colostrum).

    I still have enough Knee Issue and will look at the Fast Acting Joint Support.

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    posting permitted by her:

    I have been using Anatabloc on and off for over a year! My family discovered it a few years back when it was being marketed as a product called Cigarex, a smoking cessation product–we were searching for something to help my grandfather, who suffers from Parkinson’s (which is also a disease with roots in inflammation). So glad to see it’s finally being touted for thyroid health!!

    My entire family and many of my friends are already on it, as I tell everyone how incredible it is. It completely reversed my extreme neck pain caused by Lyme disease. I actually never took a high enough dosage, as I’m so sensitive, but recently was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I’d been just hypo before, taking dessicated thyroid med for treatment (no doc ever thought to test me for Hashi’s though). Right now, I am having a severe Hashimoto’s attack, worse than ever before, to the point where my thyroid is so swollen and enlarged you can see it.

    As soon as this happened, I started increasing my Anatabloc dosage (went from 6 tablets a day to 12 now) and immediately felt some relief. It hasn’t gotten rid of the swelling completely, but I’ve only been trying this new dosage for about a week. It is definitely helping, though! I know from experience that Anatabloc DOES help with arthritis pain, muscle soreness and pinched nerve pain…so i would assume it would decrease inflammation overall–including the thyroid!

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    in hearing about people who have success that have FM. I've got the stenosis in cervical and lumbar region with a lot of osteoarthritis.

    Wow.....that person has now been taking l2 tablets a day? How much is that costing her?
  10. jaminhealth

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    just for Hashi "storm" she said she was having...I've learned about her life some, she's a professional woman in the tv world and her family has been involved with Anatabloc when it was CigRX for people working on smoking cessation. And then they found it was helping so much other things like arthritis. Now the company continues forward with all kinds of trials for other conditions...crohns, colitis, MS, Parkinsons, anything inflammatory...yes fibro too, I have no rheumatic pain at this point...

    OA is not all gone, but who knows down the road.

    My neighbor just called me letting me know her trial arrived and she's started on it for 2 hip bursitis issues and a tooth/gum inflammation pain issue.

    Boy, it would be GREAT if it worked for her, she'll scrape up the money to buy it.
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    Is the company which makes anatabloc a known company or is it a new company in USA ?

  12. jaminhealth

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    which first came out with a product to help people get off smoking cigs, the product is CigRx, you can find info on it..the people who were takig CigRx found they were getting relief in other areas like arthritis pain being reduced....

    So the company pushed on and I'm don't know all the truths about it all, I just know it helps me with all the pain I've been dealing with and getting off some pain meds and sleeping much better and NOT waking up in pain....that's plenty for me. jam
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    How much is this helping with your knee OA ?

  14. deepak

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    Oh by the way

    Spoke to one of the topmost cancer docs in India who is a friend and was asking him what are the best anti-cancer things to have and he said Vitamin A and Vitamin D !!
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    giving me trouble when I was 57 I think and I'm 74 so that's a lot of yrs...but many have longer yrs of knee issues...look at the athletes etc....

    I still have stiffness in the right knee and use a knee support especially when I go out, just thinking the last 2 days I didn't put my support on....

    My knee and ankle got way worse since hip replacement 2 yrs ago a lot of body shifting, one can only understand it all if they lived in this body.....when I think back...good grief...

    I'm so improved now, and 2 yrs older, not running around, but walking with more Spring in my it's all so
    individual...can't say how it helps one and not another's new and some have been on it 1yr+ so I'm in for a long run, I feel better overall and who doesn't want that.

    Interesting on the Vit A and D from the cancer doc...

    My grandkids dad is in chemo treatment for lung cancer, sure hope he makes it.....jam
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    and in no pain...a good long night's sleep in no pain. I still take advil in AM after I get up sometime and then before I go to bed at 10:30PM or so....

    Thinking about this anatabloc and all the comments I've read over the last 2+ months on blogs and what a spectrum of comments....from:

    It could be the miracle of this century.

    It didn't work for me.

    I got nausea. I got a headache.

    I got constipation...that is me and my daughter too,
    but work with that one and doing OK...

    Then, there are the ones who come right out and say we
    who are talking about how well we do with it are "working for the company", spammers, and it goes on...real attacks.

    I have no idea how many have tried and are taking Anatabloc, would 1M be too high or too low, I don't know...but there are some 300M in our country so that's a
    low number whatever...

    Just in new review: On one of Mary Shomon's blogs, a man writes about how his mother died from Alz and he's trying to ward off any chance of that, there is info out there on Anatabloc and Alz...

    In the meantime, he and his wife both feel results from the Dry Eyes they are encountering with aging...all inflammation related...[This Message was Edited on 03/23/2013]
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    I honestly never heard of Couples but my bro is a PGA amature pro and has his share of arthritic issues...

    Couples endorses Anatabloc and a person just said Fred would not put his reputation on the line if he didn't believe in it. I'm sure he's getting paid, but who knows....he does well I'm sure on the PGA circuit.

    There is Phil Michelson I see on TV who endorses Enbrel for his psoratic arthritis... does he get paid? Again, who knows, probably...all these "jocks" get paid for their endorsements...
  18. jaminhealth

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    she's been taking Anatabloc now 5 days I think...she deals with skin cancers, always getting them cut out and now on a chemo drug for these cancers, and also deals with idopathic neuropathy in her feet. The grape seed ex is helping her feet and she's off neurontin now since on grape seed ex.

    She said today, that her knees are not hurting since on Anatabloc...whether she will continue or not, I don't know at this moment.

    Bottom line, people with chronic pain issues may or may not try this supp, I've had chronic pain for too long and it's really helping me....

    And my sleep is greater too. But, it can be a longer term supp for MANY or MOST of us....all depends on pain levels and how many pain meds people want to take....or get off some of those pain meds....
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    while talking to Donna on the Heath Board about Coconut Oil and pain, etc....she mentioned she deals with Costo, I don't have that I know of, but in recent year(s) I've had some rib pain and since on Antabloc that pain is gone for the last few weeks or so, so it must have been inflammation.....

    I've heard enough hear talk about rib pain.
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    Thanks for the info in Anatabloc. After your recommendation, I ordered Anatabloc online.

    I've been on it for about 1 month now . . . and, my pain level is not nearly as high as it was.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . and thanks to all on this board who are so willing to share.

    Very Soft Hugs,