Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins & the endocrine system

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    I Pippat have been reading some of the postings and agree that there is an endocrine connection. FMS is a neurological and endocrine illness. For those of you who read my posting regarding FMS being a neurological illness rather than rheumatological .... I mentioned that I was in remission from FMS during and for some time after my pregnancy. In Chapter 1, Norman Cousins says: "I knew that the full functioning of my endocrine system--in particular the adrenal glands--was essential for combating severe arthritis or, for that matter, any other illness." "A Study I had read in the medical press reported that pregnant women frequently have remissions of arthritic or other rheumatic symptoms. The reason is that the endocrine system is fully activated during pregnancy." .....So, what are we to be doing to help our endocrine system? Cousins used large doses of i.v. vitamin C among other things, like laughter. His story dates to 1976. His illness sounds very similar to FMS. His story and others like Lorenzo's oil, etc. give us hope that together we may find the answers to the health and wholeness that God intends for us.
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    I don't know anyone who would either. Maybe a doctor who specializes in chelation therapy. However, one can take large amounts of the powdered vita c. One starts with say for instance 1/2 tsp. & slowly works up. The body will keep all that it can use. When the body begins to get diarrhea then one should back off some. At least thats as I recall. I don't know if it's all that simple for our healing. Nevertheless, I've reminded myself to take it more often myself since I've been pondering the endocrine connection in relation to FMS. I pulled out my copy of the book & wanted to share his statements. Especially since I have known there must be a connection between my Pregnancy & remission. I thought that I was healed and was very disappointed, to say the least when it came back. I have told every Dr. I've seen; hoping they would tell me why: They only say: "Yea, well that happens sometimes." We don't know why. Also am going to read more sources regarding endocrine health treatments. Read the book Anatomy of an illness if you get a chance; your public library should have it. It's very popular and interesting! He gets well!
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